Dec 29, 2015

Why Every Business Should Have An Influencer Marketing Campaign in 2016

Justin Matthew

One of the hottest marketing trends for the coming year is something called “influencer marketing.” 
Social Media influencers are people who have a large social media following and are able to influence their followers 
purchasing decisions with their content.

Take a minute and think about it have you ever read a great blog article and the person in the article was talking about this great new technology and you went out and bought it?
influencer marketing has worked on you. 

Take it to the next level using it for a retail business? Here is how anyone can get started and as always in my articles I will supply actual real world examples!

At 1st I would go over the goals of the upcoming campaign. Just getting more friends to like your page is not going to cut it. 
You want to drive real-life actions traffic that visit the site and actually make a purchase. 

Now you need to really search for social influencers in your particular niche. You can use hashtags or keywords to do this. 
Spend some time on social media searching for bloggers or YouTube stars who meet these criteria: 

1) they have a big following, 

2)their followers are in your target market, and 

3) their content is relevant to what you sell.

Kred & Klout is a good tool for quantifying someone’s social influence.

For example lets say you needed some next level branding ideas on your next campaign. Go to in the search area type in branding. You will then find the top experts as chosen by klout on this topic.

So let's say I went with number 6. DBD International

Well after reaching out to me on twitter we started working together that was 14 months ago and has led to massive business for us both and social media grandslams as summed up in these linkedin recommendations!

Recently David was on with Mark Fildelman and Grant Cardone and gave me a very important shoutout!

Just from that YouTube video alone my company iBoom Media has picked up 3 new clients.

So I can speak from experience on both sides of this equation! There is no better tactic them by first by posting relevant comments on their blogs, retweeting their tweets, even sharing, liking or commenting on their their Instagram pics. 
Go to their facebook page and share some posts then make some comments. Nothing obvious but truly comments you would make and posts that you agree with.

At some point you will get on their radar! Take me for example when I see someone doing this to get my attention it takes me back 3 years ago when I was doing exactly the same thing!
So if that person is persistent enough I actually will respond and work with them on a few ideas.

At a certain point (perhaps they have responded to a few of your comments) you need to get more aggressive and actually make direct contact. Reach out with an email specifying how you’d like to work together and why you think this could benefit both of you.

This would be an example of exactly that! Many of you may recognize the name Jeff Bullas.  Here are some of his online achievements.

Achievements include:

#1 ‪‎Content Marketing‬ Influencer from 6M+ daily web updates in 2015 by Appinions

Ranked #1 Global Business Blogger

Listed as the #1 Content Marketing Influencer by Onalytica – 2015

Ranked #8 on Forbes” The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” – 2014

Top 50 Favourite Online Marketing Influencers on – 2014

Ranked #1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally in 2014

Included in the “Top 100 Social Media Influencers – 2015 ranked at #7

Featured in’s “20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter” – 2015

Listed in the “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” 2013  on at #11
Published in the New York Times

Huffington Post – “Top 100 Business, Leadership and Technology Twitter Accounts You Must Follow“

Author of my first book which is on several best selling lists on Amazon – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media”

LinkedIn’s – 25 Social Media Experts You Need to Know

Ranked at #11 on the “Top 50 most retweeted people on Twitter” by Mid Sized Marketers: Study

My blog receives over 5 million page views per year

The blog is read in over 200 countries worldwide

Twitter followers number over 320,000

Finalist – Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010

Top 10 Social Media Blog Winner 2102 - Social Media Examiner

Social Media Blog Winner 2013 – Social Media Examiner

International speaker at seminars conferences including Italy, Turkey, Kuwait, USA, Finland, Australia, India and New Zealand

Presentations have been viewed on Slideshare over one million times  is currently ranked in the top 50 marketing blogs according to’s 
Power 150 Rankings

According to, is ranked #4 as a global marketing “Influencer”.

Klout Score of 81

So when I 1st started down this road Jeff Bullas was 1 of the few I looked up to in the industry it has always been a goal of mine to work with him. Well I waited until I felt I had accomplished enough myself before reaching out and finally did!

That led to 8 Top Instagram Accounts Markters Need To Keep Their Eye On & more upcoming projects!

Be direct tell them exactly how you think they would be a perfect fit for your project and what you can do for them in return and how this will benefit both parties. Don't give up if you have to reach out 3,4 maybe 5 times.

Here are a few ways I used to get influencers to work with me and how people got my attention to work with them.
Wait until you see your social influencer of interest go into full promotion mode over a new campaign. When they do JUMP ALL OVER IT. Start asking anything I can do to help? Of course they will answer this will make them money or help achieve their goal. Expect nothing in return just put your head down and fire away!
This usually did it for me in fact I think it was like 8 for 8!

You can always send free samples of your products for review.
I always see people say offer to write a guest post for their blog where as I just went ahead and did it! Just like that and sent it in or promoted it myself enough until they saw it. They respected this

Send products to use in a contest or giveaway. Anyone loves this because it will only increase the love their followers already have for them and at the same time give you brand awareness.

This is a good one! Make a special deal and offer a percentage of sales to anyone that uses a code you provide when visiting your store.

Another way to really grab someones attention is take a look at ALL of their networks and find the weak spot. Perhaps they are a powerhouse on twitter but on instagram you can hear crickets chirping.

I did exactly that for none other then Empire Avenue now known by Empire.Kred. After reviewing their networks I noticed for being everything social they did not have a pinterest or tumblr acct and instagram was on life support. So I created the networks spent time posting and building them then submitted to management at Empire. They responded alright! By hiring my 1st company I founded MSM where I picked up a TON of online respect which led to dozens of more clients and to the founding of my current company iBoom Media!

Article HERE: Empire Avenue Lives On Many Social Levels

Pinterest I created here

Tumblr HERE

Instagram HERE

I had to give myself a shoutout right!?

Check it out! HERE

After each marketing campaign working together be sure to track the results. You can use Web and social media analytics tools to see how many new visitors have been driven in or use in-store codes to track the number of in-person visitors inspired by the influencer. 

Building relationships with key influencers can pay off in many ways. Keep those relationships going and both of you can achieve more brand awareness, credibility new customers and so much more! In fact many of the influencers I was working with when I was just breaking in the game I surpassed long ago and now I help them as they did me when I needed it the most.

Ever wonder how social influencers create the massive networks they do for for themselves? 
When I 1st created my social media acct 4 years ago I was in awe of people like Jeff Bullas (mentioned earlier) who seemed to have an unattainable amount of followers on twitter (currently over 400,000) Or Grant Cardone who was everywhere! For example an astonishing 350,000 identifiable followers on Twitter
and strong followings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google + where he has almost 500,000 followers.

Two things are remarkable about the numbers.

The first is the scale. Jeff Bullas has a pull or reach that is roughly 10,000 times more powerful than that of the average Twitter user.
Grant's reach (or social pull) is 7500 times greater than the average Twitter user’s.

The second is the fact that we can identify those people by Signing up with a social measurement service like Klout, Kred, and track your progress as your business becomes more involved online. 

Klout, for example, will measure your activity with a score of 0 – 100, and provides a platform in which to share content from other 
influencers. To put it in perspective Bullas has a Klout score of 82, Grant a 83, David Brier a 72 and myself an 83. Using these tools will help you further build your network as well as learn where you stand with your audience.

Building a strong presence on your blog and on social media will help your business stand out as a leader in your industry. As you make stronger connections and provide useful and helpful content your leads will become more interested in what you have to offer. This type of influencer marketing will continue to become more important especially as consumers rely more on their mobile devices to find information and make purchases

This is creating more opportunities for a more individual form of capitalism where the person, is the new capital rather then the corporation! 

To get a better handle on that I will try to explain what having a strong social following means for a business

My name is Justin Matthew (Jmhhacker) and I have a network size of  over 500,000 Followers.

Twitter   Nearly 200,000 Followers

Jmhhacker 114,000 Followers
iBoom Media  50,000 Followers
Jmhhacker Inc  9,200 Followers
Kred On Pinterest 24,000 Followers

Google+  131,000 Followers 22 Million Views

Justin Matthew                    100,101 Followers  18,500,000 Views
Justin Matthew Consulting  31,000 Followers 4,000,000 Views

Pinterest  31,000 Followers

Tumblr    14,000 Followers

Instagram Total  Over 200,000 Followers Combined

Instagram 1   18,000 Followers
Instagram 2   28,000 Followers
Instagram 3   12,000 Followers
Instagram 4   60,000 Followers
Instagram 5   17,000 Followers
Instagram 6    35,000 Followers
Instagram 7    5,000 Followers
Instagram 8    14,000 Followers
Instagram 9    6,700 Followers
Instagram 10  8,400 Followers

Blog               45,000 hits per month
Blog               15,000 per month
WP Blog      15,000 per month 

Medium        10,000  Followers

Youtube        10 videos average 40,000 views each
                            and a few other smaller networks

My focus on networking for business purposes began in mid 2011 as I was transitioning out of the finance industry and into the business management side of YouTube, social media was beginning to make waves as a subject in the broad marketing world.

At that time I had ZERO social media experience and did not even own any facebook or twitter accts. As I began to make professional contacts through YouTube, my network began to grow and I saw it necessary to create these networks just to keep up

It wasn’t until late 2012 early 2013, that I started focusing my networking on influencers. That’s when I went from 1,000 social contacts to 50k 100k etc. At Vidcon and playlist live in the fall of 2012, I decided to target the power players, get introduced, ensure they knew who I was and who I was working with, (Householdhacker ,one of the top youtubers in the world) with 3.5 million subs & that I knew my way around.

Since then my content has been targeted and purposeful.

How I use each of the following networks.


Provide the best quality content I can through experience and actual evidence so I can back up everything I am saying.


Gives me the power to reach a very large audience of people already interested in what I have to say and they can share with their friends.


Where people validate what I do, what I have done and who I am.
I have been a member of LinkedIn for 3 years. I have a network size of 5000+ and I have over 30 recommendations from current and past colleagues and clients. I publish content to linkedin pulse.
The growth of this network has been 100% organic and every week I have 100 or more invitations to connect

A way to get more personal with people via my personal Facebook page, business page and private groups.

Also after running 10's of thousands of facebook clients for my firm I am able to reach EXACTLY the audience I am looking for regarding the content at the time.


Similar to all of the above but enables me to connect with many that do not hang out on the other networks and believe me having the Google+ button plus 1'ed and shared helps big time!


For special occasions so that way when I do upload a new video it gets attention and views


It can open up a world of opportunity for your brand. It has been named the “king of social engagement,” citing the fact that top brands’ Instagram posts generated a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21 percent. That means Instagram delivered 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook, and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter.Nuff Said!

The advantages to business from having a large following and achievements.

Credibility is the big thing. 
CEOs of some companies will call or email me personally. I am talking companies with as many as 5,000 employees but generally 20 to 100.

Marketing managers of brands who pay a bit of attention to Social 
Media will phone or return an email. 

Micro-celebrity does have some benefits. 

Being recognized and given a head start on credibility is one of them.

It is now to the point where my personal assistant fields our leads on a daily basis

So if there is a firm lets say they have a 10,000 monthly budget a plan but need to choose the firm to represent them.
All things being equal the phone calls the prices etc it then goes to credibility and past performance.

So then the client asks for anything that might help them make a decision. One firm is completely confident the other scrambling for anything that makes them look good.

I throw this together as 4 years of blood, sweat and tears about to payoff...

Top CEO Influencers On Social Media

.CEO Leaderboard

8 Top Instagram Acct Marketers Need To Keep Their eye On

KRED Influencer Of The Month

The Secret Weapon 10 Marketing Experts Use To Increase Conversions  #8


Digital Marketing Show Power 100

Top 10 Klout Experts #6

Social Influence as seen in Kred Whitepaper

        Grant Cardone and David Brier Have A Secret Weapon

Top 23 Most Influential People On Value Of Exceeding Expectations

Top Social Influencers

Top Florida CEO's

 City AM Top 100 Entrepreneurs 

Fiverr King

So if you were the potential client and this was your baby and if it failed you were finished. Who would you choose all things being equal and my firm had the above achievements and firm #2 had 1, 2 or none?

Having an engaged network provides agility in brand awareness and time to market with new products or business ventures.  
Ability to establish authority. Because of the reach a solid network provides, it’s easier to establish authority in a specific topic or content area. This of course assumes you have knowledge and real authority on the content area.

Trusted Voice: Our ability to walk the walk, not just talk the talk helps us close deals and earn trust of new 
clients based on proven methodologies. Once again credentials and achievements!

Hang with the right peeps. 
It’s important people new to social media hang out with people who are going places. Don’t sit on your lonely Facebook
 page wishing someone would “like” and talk to you. Instead get out there and engage.

Network crossover

I have found that people that follow me on Twitter  try to connect with me elsewhere. — I want high quality connections, not
just passing acquaintances — but I have a fairly low threshold for who’s worth connecting to. I like being connected to a lot of people. It helps you drive more action when you need to.

I intentionally cross promote across my various social channels. At times, I’ll tweet out a permalink from a Google+ post to bring
 more people over to my Google+ profile. Or with a permalink of a post on my Facebook fan page to twitter, tumblr and even embed a post in my blog

For someone starting out  Invest your efforts in connecting to real people, one person at a time. VERY IMPORTANT Make sure you’ve got substance to stand on. You can be popular and know everyone, but when they start reading your materials, asking you to speak at events, look at your experience … if there’s little there to speak of, you’re going to be just another follower to them. 

For me I had 2 things early on.  I wrote and directed over 30 viral YouTube videos for HouseHoldHacker , had a writeup from the DailyDot and was even in a few of the videos so that was
instant credibility and also shortly after that became the top seller on in only 6 months.

Without substance your just another follower
You must Be active every day, share quality content, engage back, and proactively friend/follow new people every week! Stick with it it can be done! Remember I did it in just 3 years and now run a firm with 20 staff and over 100 clients!

Remember no one can speak louder on your behalf then client recommendations/testimonials GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN! Do whatever it takes to make the client happy. If you do all of this mentioned in this article you WILL be successful I guarantee it!

Recently I was interviewed on the Create Your Own Life Podcast and I share all the methods I used to go from creating my 1st social media accounts to founding a social media firm with 20 staff and 100 clients! I think you you want to listen to this one!

Check it out HERE

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