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Jul 2, 2014

How To Get Record Engagement

How many Hashtags?

Thx to IBoom Media

A thin majority of hash tagged posts use only 1–2 tags, and 10% use 10 or more. This strongly contrasts with Twitter and Facebook’s pat­terns. This is likely due in part to the difference between the networks' posting formats.

1-2 51%
3-5 29%
6-10 10%
10 plus 10%

Twitter tags

1-2 87%
3-5 12%
6-10 1%

Facebook Posts

1-2   84%
3-5    13%
6-10   2%
10plus 1%

I use charts from every site and compile them together then average it all out.

Interactions per Hashtag on Instagram and Twitter

 .My data showed that on Instagram, posts with 1–2 hashtags received the most interactions, and posts with no hashtags received the next most.

 Like this IG post here

On Twitter, posts with 3–4 hashtags received the most interactions, followed by posts with 1–2 hashtags, and none, respectively.

You get the point. Based on all we know, hashtags are not only becoming more popular with brand pages on Facebook, and remaining popular on Twitter – there’s probably a good reason why.

Twitter – when is the best time to Tweet for engagement vs. clicks

Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends

  Click-through rates are generally highest on weekends, as well as mid-week, on Wednesdays.

When we look at the time of day, retweets have been shown to be highest around 5pm.

For click-throughs, the best times seem to be around noon and 6pm.

There are lots of Twitter users who primarily use a mobile device—rarely loading up Twitter on their desktops. Twitter did an interesting study of these users and found that they are 181% more likely to be on Twitter during their commute.
They’re also 119% more likely to use Twitter during school or work hours.

So in conclusion tweet with 1-2 hashtags, Tweet on Wednesday or the weekend at 5pm for click throughs noon and 5pm on Wed. and weekends

Facebook – find the best time to post your updates








Engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays.

Another study found that engagement was 32% higher on weekends, so the end of the week is definitely a good rough guide to start experimenting with.

The best time of day to post on Facebook is Saturday, with stats ranging from 1pm to get the most shares, to 3pm to get more clicks, to the broader suggestion of anytime between 9am and 7pm.

So Facebook

post on Thurs and Fri the best day being Sat at 2pm

Blog posts – what time should you hit publish on your posts?

So let’s take a look at when to publish blog posts.

  • 70% of users say they read blogs in the morning
  • Mondays are the highest traffic days for an average blog
  • 11am is usually the highest traffic hour for an average blog
  • Comments are usually highest on Saturdays and around 9am on most days
  • So Post your blog on Monday ay 11am, then re share it Tuesday at 9am and once more Saturday at 9am.

Facebook, Twitter Pinterest during the week.

Facebook           Shares 9am-11am, 12pm   Twitter 10am-12pm          Pinterest 3pm, 8pm
Clicks 3pm-5pm    3pm-5pm         8pm-10pm

Most sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn happens in the morning, when people get to work.

Pinterest users have the most activity in the evening hours when readers both share and click content as they’re winding down after work.

Aim for the peaks every week.

We also looked at the peak of the week to see what day and time had content engagement spikes in an average week.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Clicks & Shares Thursdays,


All time most popular tags on Flickr

All time most popular tags on Flickr

Who said tags don't make a difference?

200,000 views in 1 day!

These are the most popular tags used on Flickr use them how you wish!

animals   architecture   art   asia   australia   autumn   baby   band   barcelona   beach   berlin   bike   bird   birds   birthday   black   blackandwhite   blue   bw   california   canada   canon   car   cat   chicago   china   christmas   church   city   clouds   color   concert   dance   day   de   dog   england   europe   fall   family   fashion   festival   film   florida   flower   flowers   food   football   france   friends   fun   garden   geotagged   germany   girl   graffiti   green   halloween   hawaii   holiday   house   india   instagramapp   iphone   iphoneography   island   italia   italy   japan   kids   la   lake   landscape   light   live   london   love   macro   me   mexico   model   museum   music   nature   new   newyork   newyorkcity   night   nikon   nyc   ocean   old   paris   park   party   people   photo   photography   photos   portrait   raw   red   river   rock   san   sanfrancisco   scotland   sea   seattle   show   sky   snow   spain   spring   square   squareformat   street   summer   sun   sunset   taiwan   texas   thailand   tokyo   travel   tree   trees   trip   uk   unitedstates   urban   usa   vacation   vintage   washington   water   wedding   white   winter   woman   yellow   zoo

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Jun 30, 2014

Get your business great local search results.

Get your business great local search results.


Guaranteed Presence

You're in control of your basic listing information with Guaranteed Presence

1. Appear in the most possible local searches.

 Makes sure your listings are present with the correct information.We will add  listings, and update  fields like name, address, phone number, and categories across our network. Change your information anytime and it will update everywhere.

 IBOOM On Scoop.IT


Look awesome, keep customers informed, and drive more results from local search

 You get control of your information on dozens of critical local search sites. You get to enhance your listings with photos, descriptions, and specials so you stand out from the pack. And you can track your local search results.


Control your listings

IBOOM puts you in control of your own listings.



Amazing Local Search Results that you can see

With IBOOM, your business will stand out from the crowd in local searches everywhere. Adding pictures, descriptions and promotions to your listings can help them rise up in the rank, and make them look great so more people pick your business when searching.

IBoom is the only company with the man power and experience. Plus you can see what people are saying about you with ratings and review monitoring!


Stand out and look great with Enhanced Listings

Add Photos, Descriptions, Promotions, to your listings on each site. Let your customers know about specials, new products, important announcements, changing hours, or anything else.


Produce awesome local search results you can track


  Track local search performance with full analytics

Track your impressions and profile views at the local level by partner with full analytics on your local search performance. See which specials you run drive you more traffic, and watch if you get a lift from filling out your listings with rich content.

IBOOM web reputation provides listings on local search properties listed below and much more.

Control your listings

IBOOM puts you in control of your own listings on each site in our network. You can add photos, descriptions, promotions (and more), to show up on your listings everywhere, all from one single account.

Your Computer Is Waching You

                 Is FaceBook Spying On You?


 When are we going to stand up? How sad this country is coming and docile.

If you use Facebook and found yourself momentarily feeling either better or worse in early 2012, an algorithm may have caused your shift in mood.


A study revealed that Facebook for one week in January 2012 worked with Cornell University and the University of California-San Francisco to test the emotional reactions of nearly 700,000 users to pieces of content. 

The users weren't notified of their participation showed  people who read fewer positive words were found to write more negative posts, while the reverse occurred when consumers were exposed to fewer negative sentiments.

"The reason we did this research is because we care about the emotional impact of Facebook and the people that use our product," Kramer wrote. YOU BELIEVE THAT??

"We felt that it was important to investigate the common worry that seeing friends post positive content leads to people feeling negative or left out. At the same time, we were concerned that exposure to friends' negativity might lead people to avoid visiting Facebook."

Meanwhile, Facebook's  1.2 billion users seemed to have become OK with a lot of the interest-level data collection that comes with the advertising that makes the site free for people to utilize. But manipulating their emotions appears to go too far.

BOTTOM Line is this 98% of people using Facebook act like they might care but they will be right back on that same day day, Not my girls and not me if this wasn't my career.

Let;s face it Facebook owns YOU.

Are you another slave???

Get this to has many people as you can makes me sick...

Jun 29, 2014

How To Master Google

 How To Master Google

Justin Matthew

This article will be very short. 

These 8 articles result in 4,400 views a day every single day.

I let the proof speak for itself.

Get On The Popular Page On Instagram
237 million results 4th spot

  Going Viral ON Gplus

  3 of the top 7 out of 42 million
     How To Get Viral Traffic Using Gplus
     Oh Wow The Entire Page!
   Making Money On Fiverr Twice Number 1
         Secrets To Instagram
        60 million 9th Spot
       How To Count Total Social Media Shares Of An Article 
       231 Million results
      4th Spot
                  Top 8 Free SEO Tools
                 13 million
                 1st spot after ads
                 Free SEO Tools Viral
                 1st Spot after ads
Thx to IBOOM Media For all the SEO/Social Media team. Best in the country.!

How You Can Get 10 Million Views On YouTube Using Pinterest

 How You Can Get 10 Million Views On YouTube Using Pinterest

Ever wonder how some Youtubers always go viral....and I am talking EVERY SINGLE TIME!!?

Well as I was business manager of one of the largest channels in the world for nearly 3 years I can offer you some tips.

If you think you are simply going to upload a video of you and your buddy shooting each other with a potato gun and it is the next big thing on the internet you might as well pack it up.

 View Video    2.5 million Views

What I am about to share with you is simply 2% of the overall work involved to help get the edge over everyone else and possibly hit the front page of Youtube or get on the front page of Reddit.

You see while I was business manager I was also the social media manger and writer. So it was my job to come up with the perfect title, keywords and make CERTAIN that once that video was uploaded it was everywhere on the net.

WHY? The more places you post it the more chance you have for it to be found then shared so on and so forth.

Not to long ago we did a 6 piece set on one of our smaller channels HOUSEHOLDGAMER which at the time only had 25,000 subs. Keep in mind HOUSEHOLDHACKER has 2.5 million subs.

So we didn't have the automatic firepower to go viral.

This is one example of what you can do to help get that extra push!

 View Video
 1.3 million Views

So if you don't have Pinterest by now number 1...WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! Pinterest has brought us at least a few million views lifetime maybe 20 million. 

I remember 1 particular video was repinned 4,000 times and had 1,300 likes it roughly equated to 800,000 views. SO GET PINTEREST!

This is a small example of what I am talking about

Follow IBoom Media's board Social Media Tips on Pinterest.

We did a 6 video SkyRim set that ended up getting 10 million views on a channel that had 30,000 subs at the time. A big part of that was using Pinterest (and many other networks) to help launch those videos right off the bat.

Be sure once you upload you Pin, Post to Reddit, Embed in a blog, Tweet, Post to Google+, share to your Facebook page, post to LinkedIn, Scoop-it heck even Stumbleupon DON'T HOLD BACK!

Take a look below for yourself and never underestimate a single network. With all the competition these days you need to use every network you can! GL

I would like to thank IBoom Media for all the back office support and SEO/Social Media teamwork on all our projects. If you are ever in need IBOOM is the company to see.!

I wish you luck in finding social media success like I have!

Justin Matthew
Partner IBoom Media

Jun 27, 2014

What Makes A Good Social Media Post

Everyone knows that social media is very dynamic. It can be a struggle to keep up with all the different social networks. Developing current posts that provoke engagement is something many people have a hard time with. You probably know the feeling of excitement after creating what you think is a perfect post, and then the frustration that comes when nobody likes, comments, or shares it. 

Well don't worry- those days are over. At iBoom Media our team has lots of experience with making social media posts that work. You can let iBoom handle the tediousness of making your posts. Under the direction of Justin Matthew, a social media pioneer, iBoom Media knows what it takes to make a great Social Media Post. I'll go through and show you some Instagram examples of what makes a good social media post. These examples are from one of our clients, AddieUP. 

Funny Content Can Make Good Social Media Posts

Let's face it, everyone likes a laugh. This post in particular got 270 likes. Here's why:
  • Everyone likes a good fail pic. Makes us feel less stupid.
  • If someone is scrolling through their feed, and you can get them to chuckle, you'll usually get a "like".
  • Pictures that point out things, in this case the red circles, usually draw some attention. It makes people stop scrolling through their feed to figure out what is being pointed out.

Company Posts

Usually people follow you for a reason. They have an interest in your company. This is especially true with followers found by iBoom Media. iBoom targets people with specific interests in your company or products. This post generated 73 likes and 42 comments! Reasons for success:

  • Content is about the product. People like the product and want to know more.
  • It has good tags.
  • The text with the post includes info about a deal going on for people to save money.

Current Event Posts

People like to see things about what is going on currently. News posts or posts about current events tend to do pretty well. Here's why this post got 249 likes:
  • The FIFA World Cup is a huge event. While it is going on, everyone is talking about it.
  • The text with the post is brief and asks a question to provoke engagement.
  • The timing was right. It was during the first week of the World Cup.

Showing Your Company is Involved

Showing your company is involved in the community or current events will usually generate some interest and engagement. This post got 74 likes and 29 comments! Reasons why this post did well:
  • It was about the Kentucky Derby, a current event.
  • The text explained that the company was a part of the event.
  • Being sure to respond promptly to comments usually generates more

Inspirational Posts

Inspirational posts, motivational posts, or anything that can make people say "awwwwe" tend to generate some engagement. This post got 252 likes! Reasons for success:
  • People like things that inspire and motivate. Images with text usually do well for this genre.
  • This post had good tags and the text that went with it included a coupon code.
  • Make sure the inspiration/motivation has to do with your business/product. AddieUP deals with focus and energy, so it related.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few examples in just one of the social networks iBoom Media handles. They handle all the posts, getting followers, responding to questions, and more. If you want to see your business take over the world of social media, let iBoom Media be your tool to do it. iBoom creates and maintains accounts for your business on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest to name a few. Let iBoom Media take care of your social media, and your posts can start getting the interaction you need to help your business take off!

Also see How to get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Social Media Shares On Your Blog!



Jun 13, 2014

The World Cup's Effect On Social Media

Use the World Cup to Your Advantage on Social Media

Best Social Network Company

So, it's time for the World Cup! You and hundreds of millions of people share the excitement. However, you should also be excited for the impact it is having on social media! The World Cup is generating more comments than the Super Bowl or the Sochi Winter Olympics. It is the biggest event in social media history! This is due to the way the world communicates. Four years ago during the last World Cup, Instagram didn't even exist and other social networks were not nearly as big as they are today. With all the changes in the way the world is using social media, it is hard to keep up. iBoom Media is the best social network company out there, and they can help make sure your company stays ahead of the game.

Top Social Network Company

Much like the World Cup is the biggest sporting event in social media history, iBoom Media is the best social network company in social media history! Let by social media pioneer Justin Matthew, iBoom has the experience and tools to make your company a demanding presence in the social media world. iBoom knows how to use interaction opportunities like the World Cup to get people talking about your business. Check out their website http://iboommedia.com to see why they are the best social network company.

Jun 10, 2014

Justin Matthew Evolving to Best Social Network Company

#1 Social Network Company

The world of Social Media is evolving.  Constant change makes it difficult to thrive in Social Media.  Luckily, Justin Matthew (a pioneer in social network) has evolved to a new company: IBoom Media http://iboommedia.com

Led by Justin, IBoom has gone straight to the top social network company.  The experts at http://iboommedia.com use countless social media tools and methods to make their clients have a powerful presence in social media.  

Best Social Network Company

Justin Matthew is the world record holder on circle count (google+ coming in at #3).  He also has experience as a manager of one of the top YouTube corporations and all of their social media.  He has taken this knowledge and experience to create the #1 social network company IBoom Media http://iboommedia.com 

Top Social Network Company

If you or your company are floundering in the ever changing world of social media, there is only one choice. IBoom http://iboommedia.com is the best social network company you will find. 
IBoom has risen to be the top social network company out there.  With the know-how of a social media pioneer like Justin Matthew heading the company, working with IBoom http://iboommedia.com is the chance of a lifetime for your company.  It is no wonder that IBoom is the #1 social network company.  Find out for yourself what makes IBoom the best social network company http://iboommedia.com

Apr 8, 2014

How To Count Total Social Media Shares of An Article

How To Count Total Social Media Shares of An Article

Justin Matthew

Well, there are several tools available online that will help you in counting your article’s social share among many popular social networks and bookmarking website. 


Shared Content is the most popular service bloggers, internet marketers and advertisers use to track performance of their article, review and campaign on social network. 

This web tool is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is just enter your webpage’s URL to the search-box provided at 

This tool will automatically scan the URL at various social networks and tell you how much shares, tweets, +1, etc. your article got.

It tells Facebook likes, shares, comments, Twitter tweets, Google+ +1s, LinkedIn shares, Pinterest Pins, Delicious and StumbleUpon bookmarks.

 How Many Shares

How Many Shares is another similar web tool that lets you to check out social popularity of any webpage by entering its URL.

When you enter URL of any article at the provided text-box, How Many Shares open a pop-up window telling you how many Facebook Likes,Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, Twitter Tweets, Google+ +1s, LinkedIn Shares, Stumbles, Delicious bookmarking has been done for the article/URL.

Here are my results for my main domain (http://www.jmhhacker.com) you can do it for each article.

 Share Tally

Very powerful. In comparison to other social shares counting tools, it provides social share statistics from many other services, while telling you social shares from most popular social media and bookmarking websites too.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon shares, you can also check shares on Reddit, Buffer, Scoop.it, Hackers News, Pocket,  and many other services.

 Mercenie Social Share Count v1.0

Another very simple though powerful service to count social share of a website.

This service covers very few but all important social media platform and bookmarking websites that you are primarily concern about.

Just enter your article’s URL and click on “Check” button, Mercenie Social Share Count will automatically count your article’s activity on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Also use Mercenie /seo/moz-checker/ for Domain Authority, Page authority and more.

Enjoy these tools as I have and it will show you where you need to improve!