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Nov 13, 2015

How To Get Your Facebook Business Page Verified

 How to Get That Verified Checkmark

How great would it be if you could get YOUR business the long sought after verified checkmark by Facebook?

The badges will help people find the right and authentic accounts for local businesses.

Verified Pages will also show up higher in search results which is a HUGE advantage over your competitors.

Also when searching for a page in the Facebook search bar it will show the verified checkmark to the user so they know it is the correct business.

I was able to verify my company's Facebook Page using the steps below.

Check it out here Iboom Media Verified Page

Believe it or not as I brought this to all of my clients that fit the requirements not a single one knew that they were able to get this done.

All of them knew about a verified page and the famed Facebook verified checkmark but were simply unaware how to go about getting one.

Follow these SIMPLE steps and say hello to your verified page!

Click Settings On Top of Your Page.

You will then see a tab named Page Verification then Page Not Verified.

Click Edit where it says Page Verification.
You will then see the following instructions.
At first it is best to try your business phone number. 
The one you already have listed on your Facebook page and is listed publicly.

Simply enter your number in the box below and add any extensions if necessary as this requires a live person to answer the phone to receive a 4 digit code. 

Once you have received the code enter it in the box below 

 Once entered you will see your page is under review.

If successful you will now see Page Is Verified for the tab Page Verification.

This new feature makes it easier for local business pages to gain trust with consumers and fans.

This helps with duplicates and multiple entries for the same business. Businesses can make it easier for people to make sure that they are finding and communicating with the right Page and know they are doing business with exactly who they want to.
Additionally if it was a choice between 2 businesses 1 with the verified badge and one without who do you think gets the business?

Local page owners could also verify with a business document, so long as the official document has the company’s name and physical address.

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Nov 5, 2015

Get On Wikipedia



By Justin Matthew 

If you run a business or have accomplished something notable you may logically think about getting it onto Wikipedia. As far as online PR goes this is the grand prize. Not to mention the massive SEO benefits.

A Wikipedia page can be the deciding factor between you getting coverage and you getting ignored. Not only that but from a business standpoint when speaking with larger prospective clients (I am talking over 100 million in sales) It is one of the 1st things they ask to see. 

Forget about all the KRED or KLOUT awards etc. They want the WIKI!!
That’s why it’s important to have a Wikipedia page. Because once you do have one, you’re able to help control what is said about you.

Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most referenced research tool. It has more traffic than Twitter and LinkedIn. Wikipedia links show up on the first page of Google search results as much as 97% of the time. Your online strategy is incomplete without Wikipedia.




Wikipedia is a tough cookie. Rules are complex,  and contradictory; this takes a lot of patience; the  style of Wikipedia is different from anything marketing professionals are used to.

How do you get a Wikipedia page? A topic must be notable with coverage  in reliable sources independent of the subject. Sources can't be self published material either. For example blogs etc Every statement must be substantiated. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can go in there and create a page, but 99,999 out of 100,000  it’ll be deleted before long, usually because the page won’t meet Wikipedia’s “notability guidelines”.

What matters is getting the page to stick once it has been entered into the system. And how you get that page to stick is by meeting the notability guidelines of the site.
So once you’ve figured out how to get that page created, you immediately have to deal with wondering if it will be delete.

How many living people have a Wikipedia Page? 

Take a look at this link here the answer more or less is 735,119 living people. SO about 1% based on global populations. So once you get one you can be a 1%er!

A few tips on staying published.

Must use neutral language.  Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, the entries shouldn’t read as self promotions. Think News, Weather & Sports asking for just the facts. That’s all that should go into any page on Wikipedia, not just yours. And facts are neutral.

If you look at my Wikipedia page you can see I kept it so very simple at 1st. It hard not to self promote when the reason your trying to get on Wikipedia is for being known or achieving something.

Where everyone fails most when it comes to creating a Wikipedia page that’s going to stick is finding sources that Wikipedia would say are credible. Most people do not have a lot of credible sources out there. The only way to fix that is with patience and trying to reach out to companies that you think might have an interest in your story or latest app etc.


My 1st piece of press came back in 2011 from the San Jose Mercury Times when I was managing the Youtube Channel Householdhacker. What works out great for me is Householdhacker is one of the most successful channels in the world and they have their own Wikipedia page. So I made sure back then that my name was mentioned on their Wikipedia page planning all along to eventually have my own. Take a look at the Householdhacker Wikipedia

As you can see my original mention which got my name in the system and would ad value later when I needed to use it.

The more of those credible sources that you have, the more likely it is that your page is going to stick because those outlets are credible and you’ll have plenty of information to source your facts from.

There are other places that count as quality sources of information, like IMDB, and there are some obvious exceptions to the traditional media rule like The Huffington Post,or making a notable list in your field of focus maybe an interview from The Daily Dot. Remember if they themselves already have a Wikipedia page it can only help you if you are mentioned in an article by them.

I would say you don’t even want to bother going near Wikipedia until you have at least 5, solid, credible sources. Then you can fill in those other 5 with links to your own website, some blogs, and other things that might not necessarily get your page to stick on their own, but help fill out the information that you have if you have enough sources to get the page accepted.

Do not used anything biased. So while your site may be ok, your friend’s site or a business that you own whose website is writing about you may not be. Be sure to get transcripts of any interview that you do that’s audio or video based. Taking those transcripts and posting them on your site with a link back to the original is important for a couple of reasons.

For the terms of Wikipedia, being able to directly quote the interview will help you present factual, and credible, information that will aid in the creation and sticking of your page. So if you haven’t been doing it in the past, start documenting and transcribing the multimedia interviews that you do now.

 You can always try Wiki-PR to create and maintain a Wikipedia page for you might I mention at a very large fee and that is no guarantee.

Remember try not to write an article about YOU yourself!

You can hire someone on fiverr or have a friend do the task and make sure they create an account and even make some edits on other Wikipedia pages. This looks a lot better then if all of a sudden a new account was made and then BOOM 1 hr later your page was published with no other history!

Nov 3, 2015

There Are No Social Media Experts Or Gurus!

What really makes someone a social media expert



In the 4 years I personally have been grinding my name into the social media universe I always found it irritating when half the people I would run into claimed to be a social media “expert”?

Scan Twitter and LinkedIn, and you’ll see what I mean. With the incredible rush of big business or any business into the field people are slapping themselves on the back and trying to increase their marketability by proclaiming their “mastery.”
Take a look at this nonsense!!

Here’s the reality “You are not a social media ‘guru’ if you have the ability to create a Facebook business page, Twitter account, and have a couple of social media apps on your smartphone. 

Also you are not an expert because you purchased 10,000 fake followers from Egypt and you certainly aren't an expert if you call yourself one.

So, what qualifies someone as a social media specialist? 

Have you implemented and researched full scale campaigns
Have you constructed full-scale campaigns focused on strategically expanding a client or employer’s social media presence? 

Within that framework, did you do the painstaking research necessary to thoroughly understand the content your audience needs?
When something went wrong did you have alternative plans of action to take immediately? Are you able to answer the clients questions about social media and make them understand this is not a 3 week deal and their business will not triple up in sales?

True social media professionals not only do this research, but also have tested numerous scenarios in a variety of situations and analyzed the results. What’s most important about social media is that given the rapidly changing environment literally every few weeks you have to challenge your self constantly to see whether they’re still relevant.

If you are into social media and you are calling yourself a ‘guru,’ do you really understand what you are doing, and can you really deliver results?
I will go toe to toe with any "guru" or "expert" anytime and invite them to tell me what exactly did they accomplish to earn that title.
You see if it was as simple as achievements and accolades well then I would be KING GURU!!
Now yes all I have achieved NO DOUBT helps my case when speaking with a client but this was simply done by incredibly hard work and motivation. This was done so I don't have to compete with the "social media experts" out there anymore.

So when you come across someone selling a system because they are an expert does it help if they have a Wikipedia page or numerous write ups?
If so and its that simple then I guess I can retire an expert today.
OK Imagine I am one of those "experts" out there selling my services and I sound real slick but not only that I have the mentions below to back it up. Now I am proud of my awards and will always share them with pride.

KRED Influencer of the month among other awards.
Top Social Media Influencer Worldwide. 
Many Claim the title Few back it up
(Discover who's who in Social Sales Influencers. This is a list of thought leaders and practioners of social sales worldwide) Rank #4


Klout Score Top 0.1% 83 HERE 

2nd Klout Score Top 0.1% Score 81 HERE

Episode 002 : The Vacation Show + Justin Matthew: 
Social Media  on @TuneIn #NowPlaying HERE

Top Seller All Of Fiverr. In 1 year Made 200,000 Dollars. HERE

Scientific Tuesdays,” the show hosted by Dylan Hart with business manager Justin Matthew is a HIT! READ HERE

Airing every Tuesday on the YouTube channel Household Hacker, Judging by the numbers it’s working.  
An average episode of Scientific Tuesdays gets the same amount of viewership as a cable TV Law & ; Order or anything on Adult Swim, but is done with less than half the budget. Yes folks that is over 3 million views per episode.

Meet The World's Most Social Leaders: 
Rank Top In The World HERE

Florida's Leading CEO's HERE

OK so does all of that make me an expert? Many might say yes if you accompish enough in any one industry whether its social media or basketball some people are ceratnly awarded respect.

What I have seen happen though is very unforatante. Now because of the success this field is having you have kids coming out of the woodwork throwing up a website and charging 5k for their expert opionion. I have personally found that 99% of all these gurus are full of complete hot air.

I can't tell you how many of my clients had a social media team for 2 years and when we get the account I have to ask if they have ever done any social mdia markting because it is that AWFUL.

From buying fake likes and followers to calling a small business and telling them if they don't do this they will be out of businss in weeks. It has gotten pathetic.

 A skilled professional is someone who’s creating more content for their brand than they are sharing. Tasteful, research-backed content is the signature of someone who knows what they’re doing.

I'd rather die than call myself a “guru.”
Last, no matter how much success I experience, I would never be caught dead calling myself an expert, king, legend, guru, or juggernaut. Why? Social media is always changing. 
There’s no way to truly master any platform. Now granted when your trying to make a name for yourself a little self promotion is fine but JUST BACK IT UP!
That's what gives me peace knowing that it takes true dedication week in week out month in month out to stay on top of what is happening.

The moment you call yourself a social media “guru” is the moment you’ve claimed to understand it all. That’s impossible.

WHAT WE ALL NEED TO GET BACK TO AND UNDERSTAND is it’s about transparency. 

It’s about not lying to your customers, and thinking that when you’re caught you will make some new "method" or "update" up. 

It won’t work and you’ll lose. Customers will say adios because they can. They can go wherever they want now -- it doesn’t matter how loyal they were in the past.

 It’s about using the tools to market to an audience that wants to help tell your story, because you’ve been awesome at providing them with the service they deserve. The hours you pour in at night to truly understand your customer and services. 

It’s about relevance and substance. I see so many social media teams make 22 tweets 14 FB posts and 4 instagram uploads when they have a 20% coupon off whatever it is. It’s about finding out where your customers actually are, and going after them there. If you’re tweeting all your discounts, and none of your customers are on Twitter, well then your just an idiot. 

Marketing involves knowing your audience, and tailoring your promotions in specific bursts to the correct segments. “Social media experts” don’t know this. 

Have you seen the big nationwide commercials now that say "Get your own social media expert to build you a Facebook fan page for FREE!", Guess what the public or YOU fall for it! When all that work doesn’t convert into new sales, they’ll simply say, “Well, we’ll just post more.”

Don’t be that guy. Real marketers know when to market using traditional methods, social media or even word of mouth. 

Finally, it’s about knowing your customer, and making sure your customer thinks of you first. 

Do you know your audience? Have you reached out to them? I’m not talking about “tweeting at them.” I’m talking about actually reaching out. 

Asking them what you can do better, or asking those who haven’t been around in a while what you can do to get them back. It’s not about 10 percent off coupons or “contests for the next follower.” 
Be smarter than that. Play the long game.

Every day I speak with at least 5 of my clients sometimes for 20 minutes sometimes an hour and half. If I can't catch them on the phone or miss their call I write a one hour email detailing EVERYTHING and I mean everything that is going well or bad. Then I offer options on how we can fix it and improve. Oh and I do this well as good as anyone and you know why? I really do care.

Next time you are looking for help in this industry look for the guys like me not the  22-year-old who says, “we’re going to do this social media thing because it’s cool and you need it. ready to get started?

Just don't hire these guys!!

SO if you ever want a REAL social media team contact us at Iboom our credentials are unmatched and we have the happy clients willing to speak for us to prove it!

Iboom Media

Oct 17, 2015

The Elephant Whisperer By Dr. Lawrence Anthony

The amazing Thula Thula baby elephant rescue

By Jamie Joseph

The herd presents the baby elephant with the snare to the Game Reserve Manager. "Nature cannot be tamed," says author Jamie Joseph. "But trust between species can be earned." Photo / Thula Thula
The herd presents the baby elephant with the snare to the Game Reserve Manager. "Nature cannot be tamed," says author Jamie Joseph. "But trust between species can be earned." Photo / Thula Thula
By the time Friday rushed in, seven days had flown passed since I'd started my assignment at Thula Thula Game Reserve in South Africa, and already my gypsy ways were battling with an unfamiliar feeling of belonging. It's not just the people I'm becoming attached to, but the elephants too, an incredible herd of pachyderms that has attained legendary status since the release of The Elephant Whisperer, written by Lawrence Anthony, who so suddenly passed away in 2012.

Not long after my arrival, Francoise Malby-Anthony, Lawrence's wife and charismatic owner of Thula Thula, had mentioned to me in conversation that it had been a long time since the elephants had visited the area surrounding the safari lodge, so I was surprised to hear trumpeting when I was drifting off to sleep at about a quarter to midnight.

I jumped up, slowly opened the door of the chalet, and scanned the pitch black night.
Clearly I was the only person awake, but a stone's throw in front of me were a dozen pairs of animal eyes, maybe wildebeest, maybe bushbuck, it's anyone's guess.

I sat down on the deck chair and began listening intently to the trumpeting which was coming from the east, not very far away. The elephants were calling out, a strangled cry that came from a place of anguish, and sitting helplessly in the dark I began to feel like a clamp was squeezing my heart. I knew something was very wrong, but there was nothing I could do.
A helicopter transports veterinarian Mike Toft to rescue a baby elephant that was caught in a snare overnight. Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
A helicopter transports veterinarian Mike Toft to rescue a baby elephant that was caught in a snare overnight. Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
The next morning at first light the helicopter pilot flew in with veterinarian Mike Toft, and I was at the runway to greet them with Vusi, Game Reserve Manager, and Zelda, Operations Managers. The son of proud mum Marula, the youngest in a family of 29, was caught in a poacher's snare, and the snare was wrapped around his precious five week old face, missing his eye by millimetres. Every hour that passed was another hour that the baby would be starved of his mother's milk, and the herd was growing increasingly agitated.

After a very short debrief, the chopper took off in search of the herd, with us following behind at an explosive pace. A couple minutes later members of the Thula Thula security team were on our tail. Vusi was driving, and Zelda and I were in the back of the open truck. I stood up to get a grip of the bullbar just as the 4x4 suddenly hurtled around a corner, lost my balance and came crashing down.
"Your knee!" shouted Zelda beside me.

"My camera!" I shouted back, panicked it might have broken in the fall. By this stage the blood was pumping so fast through my veins I think I was temporarily immune to pain. I jumped back up, grabbed hold of the bullbar with my left hand, and held the camera in my right.

"It's still working," I gasp with a sigh of relief, as I switched the camera from photo to video mode.
Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
"Elephants to the left!" Zelda loudly replied, and as I swung around I saw the herd thundering towards the road. I felt the car surge forward and managed to hold on while I filmed the elephants crossing between the two vehicles, missing us by just a few metres.

Unlock content and see the videos. Help us continue producing good blog content!

Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
Photo / Thula Thula
Photo / Thula Thula

Minutes later we arrived on the scene, and within seconds the snare was removed with magnificent precision. Lying there in a tranquilized heap, the calf looked very small and vulnerable, his little head bobbing with every breath he took. After quickly assessing the situation, the vet injected the reversal 'wake up' drug into his right ear, and we knew we'd have less than a minute before it kicked in.'

Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
"Let's go!" said Vusi who was on elephant watch. "The mother is nearby and could rush in at any moment."

Well he didn't have to tell us twice. The helicopter was already poised for take-off and we dashed back to the vehicle and hit the road in a cloud of dust. By the time we turned the bend the helicopter was long gone, and mother and baby were reunited. Vusi stopped the vehicle and we gave ourselves a minute to take it all in. I picked up my camera and zoomed in on the two figures standing on the hill.

As she towered over him I noticed that sweat from her stress glands had stained a line down her cheek, and she was gently caressing him with her trunk, in a comforting way as if to say, "You're okay now, my boy. Everything is going to be alright."
I swallowed hard and looked at Zelda, and I knew she felt it too; the overwhelming feeling of being witness to something so tender and profound.

The rescued calf returns to the protection of its mother. Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
The rescued calf returns to the protection of its mother. Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
The war on poaching has a way of draining the life out of those that are up against an enemy that never seems to die. But then days like these come along, and it's like a shot of adrenalin straight to the heart, and I've never felt so alive.

About an hour before sunset I went with tracker Siya and ranger Shandu to check up on the herd. They had once again returned to an area near the lodge, and when they heard the vehicle they all came sauntering over the hill and surrounded us in a surreal scene of gratitude and serenity. They munched away on the long grass, and last to emerge was Marula and her baby. He suckled on her, quenching his hunger, while the sun in the west painted the sky in a soft glow of pink. By now I had been out with the elephants at least ten times, but I'd never seen them this close and so relaxed.

Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
At 7pm we were asked to congregate at the Thula Thula bar because a radiantly proud Francoise had put a couple bottles of champagne on ice to celebrate her team's successful mission. And in a moment of mystical, the herd had moved to the entrance of the lodge, where they were able to welcome their rescuers and show their thanks with their graceful presence. And that's when all the pieces started to come together, but it is a puzzle that will never truly be solved, because some things are simply beyond human intelligence and understanding.

As Siya and Shandu explained it, they had actually discovered the snare on the baby around 5pm the day before, but they weren't entirely sure as they couldn't get a clear view. The herd was about thirty metres away from the vehicle when they called Vusi and alerted him of their position. As soon as Vusi arrived the herd moved towards him and presented the baby, shuffling him forward, while mother Marula (daughter of Frankie and granddaughter of Matriarch Nana) reassuringly put her trunk on her son's back. When Lawrence was still alive Vusi had worked very closely with him in the bush operations of Thula Thula, and the older elephants especially were comfortable in his presence.

The rangers also pointed out that the elephants had been keeping close to the staff house in the 48 hours leading up to the calf getting caught in a snare, even if the weather should have been driving them south. They believed that the elephants could sense in advance that something bad was going to happen, and wanted to be close to the people that they knew would help them.

Photo / Thula Thula
Photo / Thula Thula
Lawrence Anthony died on the 2nd of March 2012 while away on business, and every year on the 4th of March this once rogue herd of elephants make their pilgrimage back to the house he lived in, to pay their respects to the man who saved them from certain death. But what I was not aware of was that they had disappeared five days prior to his own death, and many of the people that work at Thula Thula believe the elephants sensed something bad was going to happen. At 4500 hectares the reserve is not massive, and so anything more than a day or two without sighting the herd is peculiar.

Call it sixth sense, call it bush intuition, whatever one calls it, there is no denying that whenever Lawrence went away on business, the herd would always arrive at his house just before him to welcome him home. And if the flight was delayed, or Lawrence missed his flight, they would re-route, but they were always on his clock.

Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
Photo: Jamie Joseph / Saving the Wild
The bond that Lawrence shared with this wild herd of elephants will never be repeated, and as devastating as it was for the people that work at Thula Thula to lose their Mkhlulu, a man who was a father figure to many, life must go on. And there is perhaps no greater honour in death than for one's work to be continued with courage and dignity.

When we embarked on the rescue operation I was expecting a bit of a fight, and yet it could not have gone smoother. Looking back now I have come to realize that we were working together, as a team - elephants and humans - equally dedicated to swiftly ending the suffering of a family member.
Nature cannot be tamed, but trust between species can be earned.

And so moving forward, the baby elephant has finally been given a name. From now onwards he will be known as Vusi, joining the other members of the herd that have been named after the men and women that go to great lengths to protect them.

Jamie Joseph is the founder of Saving the Wild. She is currently based across various locations in Africa on a 14 week mission 'solving poverty saves wildlife'. Follow the journey on Facebook and Twitter.
For related content from Jamie, click here.

Instagram's New Trending Tags

Instagram announced back on June 23rd the new Explore page made to help users easily find the content that interests them.

The mobile app now has an Explore channel, which lets viewers check out Trending Tags or popular hashtags similar to Twitter's Trending Topics column. 

SO what effect do you think this would have on one of your photos? 

Lets say you wanted to hit trending tags for #socialmedia #social #socialmediamarketing #sociallife #sociality. What difference if any would this make to that post?

Let's find out because as with all my blogs I actually show you the results from 1st hand experience and believe that is what separates me from all the rest!

SO here are my final results as of 11:30 PM 10/17/15

As you can see well over 5,000 likes and 127 comments. 


As you can see I mentioned my goal was to hit #1 trending photo hashtag for #socialmedia.

Did I do this? Could it be pulled off?

So out of 1,227,504 posts I did indeed hit the TOP POST for #socialmedia

Check it out HERE

(Keep in mind these update frequently and depending on when you check my photo my or may not still be here.)

What is the Purpose of this feature?

It's no doubt  to encourage more engagement around the latest "BUZZ" on Instagram.
This will no doubt open the door for a new kind of advertising . 

They could be called "Promoted Tags," for instance.

Instagram's search bar is also 10 times more useful we can now find people,tags and places of interest to us.

SO if you go to your IG app right now and search for #socialmedia currently  my account is the 6th overall most popular including people,tags and places, under people the 5th spot and for the tag currently #1.


Big brands love the platform, and Instagram has been aggressively pushing sponsored posts. 
One of my many ad accounts was recently given the privileged so I gave it a go!


Instagram's ad business is BOOMING with more than 300 million users and counting is opening up to potentially millions of advertisers, with more ad styles and targeting tools.


Instagram now has posts will have Shop Now, Book Now, Download, Learn More and Sign Up links that take users off the app which leads to actual sales or traffic offsite.



Advertisers like me can reach users targeting interests from Facebook profiles!

Salesforce and Nanigans will start offering the option to buy Instagram ads to their clients, who already use the platform to plan and measure their social-media advertising.

Facebook has 2 million advertisers that are now potential Instagram clients, as well.

Back to the Explore page, with trending Tags

More then 70 million photos and videos are posted to Instagram every day.

There’s never been an easy way to find these moments.

They have revamped the Explore page to make discovery on Instagram effortless. 

The new Explore now surfaces trends as they emerge in real-time, connecting you to popular hashtags on the spot.

Let's check out #Social Or Click HERE

Through trending Tags you can search the hashtag of interest to you and see the current most popular photos for that tag. So whereas the goal of every instagram user used to be to hit the popular page now you can hit the front page for any tag of your choice as long as it gets a good amount of likes and comments. 

If I remember correctly my photo hit the bottom of the page once it had 600 likes and 35 comments. Once it was on the page it simply EXPLODED from there. 

Still this increases your chances GREATLY of being seen and getting noticed by thousands or even tens of thousands of new potential followers.

Rememebr at 1st you may want to go after less popula tags so you can take those over 1st then as you grow your following and reputation start aiming higher.

For example it would be much easier to hit #socialmediamarketing then #socialmedia

Check it out HERE



Follow Me On Instagram HERE

To learn more about the all-new Search and Explore, check out the Instagram Help Center.

Instagram for iOS version 7.0 is available today in Apple’s App Store, and Instagram for Android version 7.0 is available today in Google Play

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I am also the founder and senior partner so you can reach out to me directly on one of my many social networks.

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Oct 10, 2015

Klout Recommended Experts To Follow

KLOUT: Top Experts

Recommended Experts To Follow

Check out the top Klout experts recognized by Klout themselves, including: 

Justin Matthew (Jmhhacker), Zbynek Kysela, Linette Freire Molina, Steven Krohn, Susan Gilbert and others.

I don't know about you but I am constantly looking for the best sources of news, insights, stats and opinions on social media influence. 

We have Kred & Klout as the front runners in measuring online influence. So from time to time I will be highlighting certain topics or communities to make sure we all stay up to date!

Even now years later I am checking my Klout and Kred and always trying to improve my influence. One thing I have always believed is being an online influencer is critical for being successful online. At least for me it as led to incredible rewards and a fantastic career.

A current look at  Klout stats. Everyday you can login to your Klout account and measure and track which networks are contributing and which ones need a little extra care. So for example in my case below foursquare is at 1% so that would be my weakest link.

For this 1st topic of interest I figure why not start with  the top 10 experts worldwide identified by Klout for the the topic Klout itself! 

I will try to get  social media, social business, branding, innovation, blogging, personal branding and digital marketing for future articles.


Experts by topic

Let’s clarify what Klout means by ‘top experts':
“Top experts represent those individuals or entities who have generated the most engaging content for a given topic in the last 90 days.”

I am a huge fan of Klout as a measure of influence, as I believe the recent buyout of Klout by Lithium for 200 million dollars provides valuable insights on thought leaders. 

I feel they are getting a much better read on social media profiles and the frequency of content. 

(Although some is no doubt automated) 

  1. Ranking of top subject matter experts per topic
  2. Comprehensive list of social media profiles per user
  3. Key topics of expertise per user  
  4. (For Example in the photo of my profile you can see what other topics Klout considers me to be an expert in) Business, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Google Plus, Influencer marketing and Klout. There are others infact up to 20 per person.

Top 10 KLOUT Experts 

Klout identified over 2,900 experts on the topic as of 10/10/15

You will find below the top Klout experts to follow on social media. VIEW The Top 10 HERE

Click on each persons name and be sure to follow them on twitter or learn what do they have in common to reach the top 10.

2.9K experts identified by Klout for this topic.
Top Experts 
Recommended experts to follow.









There will always be those out there that probably could have made the list and in some cases maybe deserve it. It is not a perfect science. But I do believe it is accurate. 

All the people mentioned on this list are well worth following on  social media -with the likes of  Steven Krohn, Zbynek Kysela ven I can drop some wisdom from time to time!

 Justin Matthew coming in at #7 :)

 I believe Klout most likely will always miss a number of authoritative experts who are less active, who interact on a limited number of social networks and who might not have large enough networks or time to simply get in front of enough people.



But that is the way it is with many things. Overall looking at this list of 10 and knowing half of them personally I feel pretty confident Klout has a great system!

Are you systematically using Klout to identify influencers and assess their strengths and interests? What about for your own?