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Aug 29, 2015

Top Marketing Firms To Keep Your Eye On

Top Marketing Firms To Keep Your Eye On.

Written by Justin Matthew
Categories: InstagramInstagram marketing, instagram advertising, Marketing

If your company received a recommendation as one of the top 8 to keep 
an eye on in social media & it happens to come from one of the most highly 
regarded content marketing blogs in the world, how would you feel?
More so what if that same person had the following achievements below??

Thx for making this article a hit!
Nearly 2,500 views in 36 hours

Achievements include:

#1 ‪‎Content Marketing‬ Influencer from 6M+ daily web updates in 2015 by Appinions

Listed as the #1 Content Marketing Influencer by Onalytica – 2015

Ranked #8 on Forbes” The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” – 2014

Ranked #1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally in 2014

Included in the “Top 100 Social Media Influencers – 
2015 ranked at #7

Featured in Inc.com’s 
“20 Digital Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter” – 2015

Listed in the “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” 2013  
on Forbes.com at #11

Published in the New York Times

Huffington Post – “
Top 100 Business, Leadership and Technology Twitter
Accounts You Must Follow“

Author of my first book which is on several best selling lists on Amazon – 
“Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a 
Killer Blog with Social Media”

LinkedIn’s – 25 Social Media Experts You Need to Know

Ranked at #11 on the “Top 50 most retweeted people on Twitter”
 by Mid Sized Marketers: Study

My blog receives over 5 million page views per year

The blog is read in over 200 countries worldwide

Twitter followers number over 320,000

Finalist – Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2010

Top 10 Social Media Blog Winner 2102 - Social Media Examiner
Social Media Blog Winner 2013 – Social Media Examiner

International speaker at seminars conferences 
including Italy, Turkey, Kuwait, USA, Finland, Australia, 
India and New Zealand

Presentations have been viewed on Slideshare over one million times

Jeffbullas.com  is currently ranked in the top 50 marketing blogs
 according to Adage.com’s Power 150 Rankings

According to Kred.com, jeffbullas.com is ranked #4 as a
 global marketing “Influencer”.Klout.com of 81

Well I was alerted by twitter there may be an article to check out

Well I founded a company called IBoom Media about 18 months ago. 
Like any firm we needed to find the right people to put around the core. 
We did this and almost immediately saw success and I mean SUCCESS.
It got to the point where we had to put incoming clients on hold we 
simply couldn't  hire and train fast enough. We pride ourselves on REAL
FOLLOWERS with REAL RESULTS. SO many out their purchase fakes 
which will ruin a brand. Well Jeff's Blog did a check up here.

SO we had a 98% real result compared to Justin Bieber 45%

We got that all worked out and got on with it we now enjoy roughly
70 clients some requiring every service possible from 10 to 20 networks,
targeting, ads, content creation, posting basically everything. 
Then we have some that may just want to focus on instagram and twitter

Now the one odd part about IBoom Media is that we have never
 needed a sales team. Prior to IBoom I had managed one of the 
largest YouTube channels in the world Householdhacker and made
contacts but more so over 10 months I sold 17,000 fiverr gigs and
took home 100,000 dollars. So imagine  the contacts I made during that time! 
Actually that reminds me an article was written early on about that HERE

But then in we are a company in the hottest industry in the world 
where the competition is out of hand so you need credentials like that 
at a minimum to even stand a shot.

SO that brings me back to a man named Jeff Bullas. If you are 
involved in social media in any serious manner you know exactly
who we is and if you don't learn about him fast. I personally am 
one competitive & driven guy  but he has achievements on his list
I will never even sniff (most likely) Although I am proud to say we
have the same Klout score and my Kred influence is a tad higher!

But we are talking about a man who has been #1 Content Marketing 
Influencer by Onalytica – 2015,  
The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent” – 2014 
Ranked #1 Content Marketing Influencer Globally in 2014.
Included in the “Top 100 Social Media Influencers – 2015 
ranked at #7 Featured in Inc.com’s “20 Digital Marketing 
Experts to Follow on Twitter” – 2015 Listed in the 
“Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers” 2013  on Forbes.com at #11
and let me just stop there because I could fill this entire article!
For more on Jeff Check it out HERE

Thx to the mention on the article that only accelerated thing more and we were ready!

Out of the 8 instagram accounts to follow and more or less keep the brand on your radar we we #3

As referenced from the article

.IBoom Media

To become a successful social media marketer, it takes a lot of hard work and it is never an easy job.

This Instagram account gives you inspiration dosages that you need to get on with your job as a social media expert and give you tips as to how you can further hone your social media marketing skills and strategies.
Check them out @iboommedia

SO Jeff THX IBOOM owes you one if you would like to contact us at IBOOM MEDIA check us out online on our homepage or google.

To be included with the likes of the companies below is an honor!

Kim Garst

Known as a social media expert, Kim Garst has a lot to offer in her Instagram account.
When you follow her, there are so many interesting things that you can learn from a social media expert herself. With the photos she share on her account, you can inspire yourself to strive hard and work more. You can also get valuable information as to how social media can help small businesses.
Check her out: @KimGarst

5. The Social Agency

This Instagram account is quite interesting especially since there are so many images that can help you to be a more effective social media marketer. Whether you are looking for inspiration messages and tips, the @thesocialagencyllc is one account you should not miss to follow.
Check them out: @thesocialagencyllc

6. Emily Lagrange

This account is from a personal user who also happens to be a social media marketer. In her account, she provides quality and useful social media marketing tips through photos. Yes, you wouldn’t believe that but when you visit their account, you will see lots of infographics teaching techniques and providing different tips about social media marketing. They are also updated with the latest trends which make it easier for you since you can just look at the image and you don’t have to read long texts.
Check her out: @emilylagrange

7. Socinova

For easy to follow tips, you should follow @socinova. This account offers simple and easy to understand social media tips that marketers can use for their projects and business. The account gives concise and direct to the point texts that are very easy to comprehend yet can deliver good results. Socinova also has nice and inspiration photos to inspire social media marketers today.
Check them out: @socinova_

 8. The Crush Agency

This Instagram account gives really simple messages and tips through creative photos. Through their page, you get to see nice photos with powerful messages and other essential information that any social media marketer should know and should have.
Check them out: @thecrushagency

Read more at http://www.jeffbullas.com/2015/05/01/8-top-instagram-accounts-marketers-need-to-keep-their-eye-on/#S90ghCOeGlmJFxLC.99

Aug 22, 2015

Get RSS Feeds For Every Network!

RSS feeds are a great way to supply information from your other networks, without having to login to a network grab an article or link then go back to the network and post it. 

To get you started, here’s how to get RSS feeds from some of your favorite services.


RSS feeds for Known

I use known quite a bit as you can get an RSS feed for lots of things

The feed URL for all public things published from your site looks like this:


Or you can use this one:


Let’s begin with an obvious one. 

You can get an RSS feed for lots of things in Known. 

Just about everything you publish will have a feed you can connect

The feed URL for all public things published from your site looks like this:


Or you can use this one:


Feeds for specific types of content follow these patterns:








If you want a feed for a specific hashtag that you use give this a shot!


If you want a feed for a specific hashtag that you use, try this pattern:


And if you’re looking for a feed for content published by a specific user on your site, use this URL pattern


So basically, you can add the extension ?_t=rss to almost any URL from Known, and it will generate a feed.

RSS feeds for Instagram


Webstagram use to supply this feature but no more.

Instagram doesn’t provide an RSS feed of your images, but you can generate a feed by relying other service that get the job done

To get an RSS feed of your photos (or photos etc)




http://instagrss-mgng.rhcloud.com/[instagram user ID]

My personal accounts Instagram RSS FEED


So 2 of mine are

RSS feeds for Pinterest

Pinterest does provide RSS feeds for your pins.
To get a feed of your pins add your username to this URL:

https://pinterest.com/iboommedia/feed.rss I added mine iboommedia

Mine is https://www.pinterest.com/iboommedia/feed.rss.

To get a feed from a pinboard, add .rss to the end of the board URL like this:

The feed for one of my boards is at https://www.pinterest.com/iboommedia/amazing-photos/.rss/

RSS feeds for Pinboard
Tons of ways if you use Pinboard to save bookmarks.

To get an RSS feed of everything that you’ve saved add your username to this URL:

http://feeds.pinboard.in/rss/u:iboommedia/ My Username again Iboommedia

To get an RSS feed of everything that you’ve saved with a specific tag, 

add your username and tag to this URL:


If you want to view more options for feeds from Pinboard, check out the “Feeds and Syndication” section of their how-to page.


Go to website www.flickr.com

Then go to photostream, to the right side you will see a more tab click it then finally drop down to it

Then scroll to very bottom left and click the following bottom in image.


Once you select RSS FEED Photostream will get your RS FEED 

Like so


Aug 13, 2015

Top 410 Social Media Influencers In The United States

Hi all I just received a very special email from let's say NSU Study and other organizations. Basically they knew my Klout, Kred and Klear.com stats along with 409 others. 

They want to "explore factors driving influence across a taxonomy that examines audience engagement, platform communication styles and content effectiveness. 

Due to your social reach and that of 409 others in the United States details of your inputs will not be disclosed and all of your responses will remain anonymous".

I will just let you read the email below but I will remove certain letters 
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: James B
Date: Thu, Aug 13, 2015 at 10:13 AM
Subject: Your Social Influence Research Contributions to NSU Study
To: "J@iboommedia.com"

Hi Justin:

As one of the leading social media influencers in your field, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in our study of factors driving social influence by completing a 12-15 minute self-administered survey that helps us validate your influence persona.

If interested, simply click the link below to submit your results. Please make sure to include the following or update your current influence scores below. We are not endorsing these measures as empirically valid indicators of influence. We are merely applying the scores as these 3 measures are used to qualify a homogenous sample of digital and social media thought leaders. 

·                                  Klout Score: 80

Survey: http://frbes-/Social-Media-Influencers

Spearheaded by professors at XXXX XXXXXXX University’s XXX College of Business, the study is intended to explore factors driving influence across a taxonomy that examines audience engagement, platform communication styles and content effectiveness. 

Due to your social media reach, influence and reputation and that of 409 others in the United States details of your inputs will not be disclosed and all of your responses will remain anonymous.

                           Kred Score: 973 Outreach Level 10/10

This is 1 of the many features of www.klear.com I quite like it actually and spent an hour on it today instead of my normal 10 minutes on a new site.


In exchange for your completion of the survey, my colleagues and I will provide the following:

  1. Free access to the completed study’s results. Your category within the study’s taxonomy and overall ranking across a list of 410 thought leaders in the field of digital marketing and social content (the list includes influence rankings by Klout, Klear.com & Kred where candidates show high endorsements for digital and social content marketing) Will be very useful for accreditation and may be used in high level national publications. 

    Survey Questions

    An evaluation of your influence persona from content assessments made by 3 marketing scholars in the field


 Since survey data collection will expire on August 21st, we are asking for your input     over the next 10 days. Please let us know in this email if you:
  1. Plan to complete the survey (but at a later date before August 24th)
  2. Submitted your results
  3. Decline the offer to participate in the study
Thank you,


So what do you think who are the 410 people? Why were we chosen? What is this all about!!! Why did I post it as an blog aricle!! HAHA who knows but I had fun.

By the way check out my social media agency IBOOM MEDIA to say it is skyrocketing would be an under statement. I am who I am and it all seems to work!

Jul 12, 2015

How To Get Your Tweets Indexed On Google

There has been a significant increase in indexation of tweets by Google, from about 0.6% in February to 3.4% in June. That’s a MASSIVE 466% increase. Not just any old tweet gets chosen they are very selective on what to index, and benefits towards those with more followers and also  “authority” (To get your "authority" score check out Followerwonk‘s Social Authority 

I decided to show my personal account @jmhhacker as an example. I have a social authority of 70 ( Scores higher than 94% of all twitter accounts) A large part of the calculation are Retweets from the last few hundred most recent tweets which leads to more clicks.

Rather than just focusing on the stats of your own account Social Authority lets us gather other users' influence which gives us insight into the perfect audience. Those who are influential users who also have a high engagement rate (people likely to engage with your tweet. 

Using this method I am able to select thousands of users that fit my content filter again for the most active and highest social authority scores and engage them.


Once you build a target audience from this group now we have the people who are most likely engage with your tweet. The size of your network does not mean you have social authority. Most important  is a user's retweet activity. 

For example a user with 250,000 followers that tweets 20 times per day and averages 20 reweets per tweet would not be as influential as an account with 60,000 followers who tweets 25 times a day and averages 30 retweets per tweet.

Social Authority Scale

So most users would probably try to engage with the account that has 250k when in reality the account with 60k is the more powerful user

Indexation based on Follower Count

Obviously there is an advantage towards indexing content tweeted by people with larger follower counts:

As of June 2015.  Users with 1 million plus followers are seeing the most  indexation from 30% up to 50%. If you have fall under 10,000 followers you have (0.22%) or 1/5th of 1 percent that your Tweets would be indexed. (So keep building) Those with 10,000 to 100,000 followers have a 2% shot. 

The next slot 100,000 to 500,000 currently at a 5% indexation rate and those from a half million to a million followers (under a 10% indexation rate).

Twitter Indexation by Social Authority

Google is looking at more than just follower count to pick out what tweets they want to index.

Overall I prefer to use Social Authority as gauge for indexation. Check your social authority at Followerwonk.

Social Authority helps you find, optimize, and engage your Twitter audience. It's a 1 to 100 point scale that measures a user's influential content on Twitter.I t includes engagement level with a person’s tweets and finds influential tweets

Based on the data higher authority Twitter accounts much more likely to have tweets indexed by Google.

Now that we know what Google looks for when indexing tweets you can start building a target audience based on social authority and not just follower count.

Google Social Search

Now the question is have any of your tweets been indexed in a meaningful way? If you like looking for a needle in a haystack you could always view your twitter analytics for your most active tweets then search via Google with a few keywords. 

I prefer to use Google Social Search that allows you to search for content in real time. You can search for publicly posted info from nearly all social networks.

 Using this tool gives you a MASSIVE advantage in many areas and I recommend you start learning all the features.

What Is Google Social Search

Google Social Search is a special service that Google offers that allows you to easily find content created by your friends, family or others in your “social circle.”

Google social search will show where Google Social Search results appear, how to associate content you’ve created or shared with yourself and    who Google counts as part of  your social circle


To use Google Social Search, simply do a search while logged in. Listings from your social circle will appear at the bottom of the search results page, when Google deems them relevant.


Using these methods we have been extremely successful for our clients at iBoom Media.

What is iBoom Media?

iBoom media is a new standard of hard-core social media specialists, a team that was sick and tired of the smoke and mirrors of social media.

We see accounts on every network with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers but NO engagement! Many so called social media firms buy fake followers and even engagement. It may look good to the untrained eye but does nothing for money in your pocket!
That is where iBOOM comes in and blows the competition away.

iBoom is about what’s real:
REAL people, REAL likes, REAL followers, REAL engagement.
In short, real results. What targeted users that are actually interested in your service or products? 

Need to target a certain AREA of the country?
How would you like to target your competition’s followers?
How would you like to have sales come to you from your social efforts?

If you answered yes get in touch with us HERE today!