Apr 8, 2014

How To Count Total Social Media Shares of An Article

How To Count Total Social Media Shares of An Article

Justin Matthew

Well, there are several tools available online that will help you in counting your article’s social share among many popular social networks and bookmarking website. 


Shared Content is the most popular service bloggers, internet marketers and advertisers use to track performance of their article, review and campaign on social network. 

This web tool is very simple and easy to use. All you need to do is just enter your webpage’s URL to the search-box provided at 

This tool will automatically scan the URL at various social networks and tell you how much shares, tweets, +1, etc. your article got.

It tells Facebook likes, shares, comments, Twitter tweets, Google+ +1s, LinkedIn shares, Pinterest Pins, Delicious and StumbleUpon bookmarks.

 How Many Shares

How Many Shares is another similar web tool that lets you to check out social popularity of any webpage by entering its URL.

When you enter URL of any article at the provided text-box, How Many Shares open a pop-up window telling you how many Facebook Likes,Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, Twitter Tweets, Google+ +1s, LinkedIn Shares, Stumbles, Delicious bookmarking has been done for the article/URL.

Here are my results for my main domain ( you can do it for each article.

 Share Tally

Very powerful. In comparison to other social shares counting tools, it provides social share statistics from many other services, while telling you social shares from most popular social media and bookmarking websites too.

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon shares, you can also check shares on Reddit, Buffer,, Hackers News, Pocket,  and many other services.

 Mercenie Social Share Count v1.0

Another very simple though powerful service to count social share of a website.

This service covers very few but all important social media platform and bookmarking websites that you are primarily concern about.

Just enter your article’s URL and click on “Check” button, Mercenie Social Share Count will automatically count your article’s activity on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

Also use Mercenie /seo/moz-checker/ for Domain Authority, Page authority and more.

Enjoy these tools as I have and it will show you where you need to improve!

Apr 6, 2014

How To Gain 1,000 Google+ Followers

How To Gain 1,000 Google+ Followers

If you have been included in my Snowballcircle in the past then you already know that over time you will gain thousands of new followers on google+.

For example take a look at this one

The Most Reshared Circle In Google+ History

Take a look at the ripples

View this Link Click the play button

From the circle above I gained 2800 followers in 1 week.

Now you have a chance to see the same action below is my newest circleshare. In 1 week I will be adding everyone that added, plussed, reshared and commented.

Once you are in you stay in. What is the value of 1,000 followers? What about 5,000?

Well don't worry about it just follow the simple instructions be added for free!

The circle already has over 110 reshares so the next one will be even bigger. I will be doing the next share in 6 days. So take action!

Also as seen below my profile is ranked 166 all time in Cream Of The Crop

SO this is a good family of circles to be a part of.


How to Get Viral Traffic to Your Blog

How to Get Viral Traffic to Your Blog

It all starts with the“Perfect Pin.”Interest is very different than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It took a few months of trial and error, but  finally realized I needed a marketing plan specific to Pinterest and its unique set of users. 

Pinterest users have a different psychology when pinning than
when they are posting on the other social media platforms. You have to tell your story differently than you would on Facebook or Twitter.

In my first experiments I set out to design pins that would generate the most interest, and we focused on how to push/promote it across the Pinterest landscape to drive massive amounts of traffic back to
our target websites.


Is the top converting social media site, with 50% higher conversion rates

Drives more traffic to your website
Has more than 2.5 billion page views a month
Has 70 million users and is gaining international

In 2013, studies showed that Pinterest interest Marketing” has become something of a buzzword in the industry. 

The Perfect, Traffic-Driving Pin

There had to be some kind of theory or technique behind the perfect pin—something that made one pin a total success, while another would be lost minutes after hitting the boards.

My strategy

Meaning: you can use these secrets yourself to help your pins stand out in the Pinterest feed, get tons of repins, and send thousands of new visitors to your site.


Only things that are “remarkable”  in some way
will be spread to others. 

Do you think your pins are falling into this category?

There are two main takeaways from this concept:

First, present the content of your pin as a Hot pink aligator. Make it
something that people don’t see every day—something that makes
them stop and say: “Look at that! I must tell all my friends!”

Don’t let fear stop you from posting things that are only mostly
unique. Your goal should be to make content that is remarkable. 
This may seem like one of the hardest elements to master when you’re working on creating the perfect pin, but it is extremely important.

Try this experiment for yourself: open up any category on Pinterest
and note which image you find most interesting without scrolling
down at all. Ask yourself why this image piqued your interest. Was it because it was something you had never seen before? 

People pin things to their boards for a couple of reasons:
They want their followers/friends to see the awesome thing
they discovered.

They want to remember/buy/do what they see in there later, so
they pin it on their own board as a method of filing it away.

Whatever their reason, your goal is to create the kinds of pins they
will want to share on their own boards so their followers will have a
chance to see it too.

Now you may be asking, “That’s great and all, but people pinning my images does me no good. How do I get them to my site?” 

Mystery is an important part of The Perfect Pin Formula because
your goal is to do more than increase the number of repins. You want people to engage with your pins and actually click on your content.

Put some mystery in your image instead of revealing everything. You need to encourage people to click through to your site if they want to find out more. There are a few ways you can accomplish this with certain types of content.

Of course, getting involved with a useful and valuable board will
require some planning and effort. In general, there are three
different ways to get involved.

There are people and agencies with Pinterest accounts that are on
several group boards. If you work with them they can help by either
getting you an invite to the boards they’re on or they can simply pin
your content to their group boards.

Get invites from the group board owners
Start your own group board(s)

This can be an involved process that requires a lot of effort to contact and build relationships with board owners. It starts with you following the board you want to join and doesn't end until you can show the owner that you have something of value to offer.

There is one other way to identify a group board. 
On the account profile page, where their entire list of boards is presented (, there is an icon that appears next to the board’s name that shows you it is a group board. 

It is a simple image of three heads clustered together:

Where can You Find Group Boards?

group boards can be hard to find. It’s even harder to find boards
that consistently host quality content and are relevant to your
industry. Pinterest simply doesn’t have a way to let you search
for specific group boards. You can relax though, because once you do
find them, your work will get a lot easier.

Simply scan the board profile page and spot the icons on the different
boards, like so:
group board icon

Method 1: Manually (we still use this method)
Look for pinners in your industry/category with tens of
thousands of followers.
Once you have a list of potentials, look through their
boards page and see if any of them are relevant to your
content and have the group board icon.
Record the board’s name and URL so you can come back
later and request an invite.
Click on the +[number] icon next to the seven
contributor profile images to see the complete list of
Open each contributor’s profile and see if they are
members of any other group boards. (People who
are already a contributor on one group board often
contribute to several more.)
Record any group boards you find and then look into the
contributor profiles in the new group boards you found.

Here is 1 of my many group boards that I created


Also search Pinterest by keyword for me jmhhacker. Results are thousands of pins sourcing back to jmhhacker

As you can see I am shown results and can see which pins did well.

 Use Board Deck (this is a free directory)

Go to and sign up for free. Board Deck
is simply a directory of Pinterest group boards by category that
you can sort through quickly.

Are there 1,000 or more pins on the board?
(This shows that the contributors are actively pinning.)

Are there more than 30 contributors on the board?
(This gives you an idea of your chances of getting an invite.)

Are the pins on the board being repinned 10+ times each?
(This tells you that the followers of the board are active.)

Getting an Invite to Contribute to a Group Board

Once you have built a list of possible boards, it’s time to request
invites to become a contributor. There’s a simple and effective
way to go about it, and it involves respecting the board’s creator
and showing that you can offer something very valuable.

With that in mind, be sure you read the board description before you
send any requests. This is where the owners will often explain how
they would like to receive requests.

Remember that you have to become a follower of the board first and the owner has to follow at least one of your boards, or they can’t add you as a contributor. Of course, following them is important, because it is a good way to show you are truly interested in what they’re already offering.

Using these methods here a a couple examples

These 3 pins below brought in over 25,000 views to my blog.

Here is the original blog POST
That led to 20,000 views from 1 pin.
See the power now?

What are your pinterest methods? Have they worked?

Apr 5, 2014

How TO Stumbleupon Massive Traffic

 How TO Stumbleupon Massive Traffic

Keep this short and sweet and let the photos do the talking.

For 2 years 1 thing has been consistent Google was number 1 for overall traffic to my blog or Google plus. 

Until I decided to actually spend time and put an effort into stumbleupon. As you can see below my traffic increased over 300% for the day.

Now if you think it is as simple as just clicking the social button picking a topic your wrong.

 But I will at least mention it is worth your time to go fool around. That is what I do constantly try new methods and systems. Anyone can hit the social network stumbleupon button this was a little more advanced.

This was a dominating performance by stumbleupon.

So to link your content to stumble upon make an acct and profile.


THE Screen above is what you will see go head and choose YES safe for work. 

Them type in the headline and a brief paragraph on the article and some tags. Then simply pick the category and BAM done.

ALL I will say is I found additional ways to use the scoop it link and it got me 6,000 views today so I am pretty excited as I expect 12,000 today!. GL and  USE STUMBLEUPON!

How To Ace Your Social Media Interview.

How To Ace Your Social Media Interview.

Social media has taken over my life I won't even exaggerate. What is odd about that is my entire life I was out 5 nights a week, gym in the am just always outside. 

Since really getting in deep I may stay home 2 or 3 days and not  leave. I am just letting all you budding social media managers this is your life and you better know what you are doing.

I AM STUNNED when I  take over for  a firm bad run my checks the previous "team" had bought them 120 bucks of fake followers or likes but got paid 5k a month. BLOWS my mind

Now I get hired by companies all over the country Texas, California Massachusetts, Miami, Lake Mary and Utah
Schedule....SCHEDULE!!??  Right no way. You see when you get a client I  immerse myself in EVERYTHING so I feel the ups and the downs.

What I have found is most everyone talks the talk they are a social media expert they have 23 ideas at all times they have already DONE what I am telling them etc. In fact about 3 years ago I was phoned by a guy at the same time another guy was also called.  Now 3 years ago I had no FB twitter etc Nothing. Anyway they asked me for a KLOUT score I didn't have a clue what that meant. The other guy had 48 and that was tat.

SO I made it my mission daily to learn everything about klout, kred and online influence. In doing so I win every award ins social media that you could ever want.
So as I said Many people talk the talk, but very few walk the walk. So I put this together because after having over 17 companies as clients they come up. This will put the  fast-talking people who know enough buzzwords to convince you to hire them as "social media experts." I was even tricked once and had a team member who did nothing but TALK TALK TALK never backed up a thing just full of it
Here some questions tat come up when looking to get into social media

I kid you not I have been asked to so my blog drafts.

You never want to look at published samples; but be ready to just have a backup. While.While there may not be writing samples of social media posts, anyone applying for the job should have articles or relevant memorandum to share.

What are some examples of how you have worked to sell your ideas.

For me a have a paper trail mile long of interviews and accolades so no problem for me.They ask this because if you have no accomplishments why would you get the ant>Social media is a collaborative marketing and communications function. How have you done it
Critical here are superior listening skills (as opposed to fast-talking skills). 

 They will want to know your social skills 

How did you accomplish this or that. How did you work with the press and get one of your clients products in TV etc etc

What's your client service experience?

Managing social media requires a good sense of how to do client service and customer service correctly. In my case I started Monopolize Social media and Own Social Media 14 months ago.

I have already built long term relationships with the largest spring break provider. the largest craft beer festival and home brewing competition in the world with Beer bacon music. Work with an electron cigarettes company 7's for 18 months a few before I started my company. 

I work with top dietary supplement companies in the US products are sold in GNC add clothing companies and even hats,

These are basic knowledge for anyone laying claim to a social media skill set. If you, the hiring manager, need the answers, contact me. If you're a job candidate and can't answer them: You're not ready to take a paid job in social media.

How would you deal with this situation?

 They may provide you with 2 or 3 examples on one or more social media challenges that need to be dealt with (or have been previously dealt with). 
These challenges should relate to your social media goals. Evaluate the level of sophistication of the response.

They will ask you to tell them what you think about the current situation

They will Share their social media plan and get live feedback. They want to see how you think on your feet

 Do you have experience in advertising?

DIN DING Lucky for me probably more then the guy interviewing me. Now if you don't have traditional experience in that manner perhaps you set up a event in college and get everyone ready or set up am event etc.

What types of references can you provide, who can address what you have achieved for them?

One again if starting out a but tougher but do whatever t takes to have something. I simply show my LinkedIn profile and over 30 testimonials. Luckily for me I have NEVER had to advertise all word of mouth

 How many hours do you think this requires?

You know the answer to this infinite. You can always be doing something ALWAYS. I work 90 hrs a week all self motivated and if I could work more I would. This takes possibly the biggest commitment for any job that exists. If you don't think so then you know NOTHING about social Media and i will continue to gain all the clients.

Mar 31, 2014

Google+ Shows Total View Count Of Your Profile and Content

Google+ Shows Total View Count Of Your Profile and Content

  • Ever wonder how many times your shared Google+ content has been seen? Starting today you’ll see a new number on your Google+ profile or page: total content views

  • When you look at your profile, you can see your total number of views. That means you can tell how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page.
    When you look at someone else’s profile or page, you can also see their total number of views
Here’s how it looks for 1 of my account pages. Roughly 12 million. If I was actually able to focus on my own profile that number may be 100 million.

So the total sum my profile page and posts have been viewed since Oct 2012 is now visible to all who choose to notice. 

Google didn't even make a noteworthy announcement about the update. On the help page they say “you now can tell how many times your content has been seen by other people, including your photos, posts, and profile page.” The page also notes that view counts “may not be exact, and they may not be updated in real time.”

Prior to this update Google+ analytics were somewhat limited having the “Ripples,” which display how a post is shared in the network.