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Hundreds Of Paving Contractor Leads Monthly By Simply Optimizing Your Google Maps Location

Updated: Jul 13

Google Business Profile Optimization for Contractor Leads begins with 5 basic steps. Once we have correctly put them all together it creates a non-stop daily flow of interested leads that not only call in but do business!

  1. Website – The site must be built around the keywords the customers are searching for online. Once we gather that data it is then time to build the website, Facebook page, Instagram and perhaps YouTube Channel.

  2. Target Geographic Area – We want to target areas of at least 500,000 people

  3. Geography – Include neighborhoods, towns, county and state names on all the web pages.

  4. Google Business Profile– Align Your Google listing and Maps with the website and all online content. This includes the company name, address, phone, photos, and videos.

  5. Building Your Online Authority and Reputation – Google measures your local authority by who links to you. The more quality sites that link to you, the more exposure you have. so the next step is to create articles that media sites publish on their sites including USA Today, Fox, ABC, NBC, and many nationwide media sources. Finally we also create blog sites, videos, pdfs and slideshows that are all keyword relevant.


Take a look at these local Google Business Profiles. Most business owners just take the listing for granted and view it as a free account. They are not aware that your GMB listing may gain exposure for potentially thousands of Google searches per month if ranked on the 1st page. Aligning your Google Business Page and website is a must for maximum results.

How Your Customers Search Online

Your customers don’t search for single keywords such as garage floor epoxy. In fact, there are hundreds of different ways people search every day for concrete resurfacing or garage floor coatings. Keywords are the key to everything in Google search results and ranking. When you are coming up with your most searched keywords for paving companies, there will be a list of keywords that you want your business showing for.

For instance, using the example of “paving companies near me,” the businesses that are showing at the top of the results have indicated that they want to show up when people in a designated geographic area search that phrase. The keywords can be as specific as needed, but shouldn’t be so specific that a slight variation would stop your company from being shown.

In addition to the keywords that you want to show for, you will need to create a list of “negative keywords” meaning words that you don’t want to show for. For example, if you want to show for “asphalt paving near me” but not “chip sealing asphalt paving near me” you can include the phrase “chip sealing” in your negative keyword list.

Case Study: Increase in Contractor Leads for Garage Flooring

Our concrete flooring company client, who provides polished concrete, epoxy, and polyaspartic coatings, received 2,000 visits per month. Of those 2,000 visits, 1,965 visitors all searched something different. Only polished concrete got 10 visitors out of 2,000.

To reach more visitors, you need exposure for hundreds, if not thousands, of keyword results. Your Paving Company Needs To Show Up Everywhere!

In order to have a successful paving company, you have to generate quality leads for the lowest possible cost. A part of the process to doing this is showing up all over Google. For this client, a combination of Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, showing up in the Google Maps 3-Pack and more has helped him grow his business. If you find a firm that knows what they are doing thus can be done for a drop in the bucket based on the results you get. Take a look!



The Core Keywords in the concrete garage floor market are:

  • Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

  • Garage Floor Polyaspartic Coatings

  • Garage Floor Concrete Resurfacing

  • Garage Floor concrete Painting

  • Garage Floor sealer/sealing

But there are many more than just these main 5 keywords.

Garage floor keyword variations may include phrases such as single bay, 2 car, 3 car, 4 car, SUV Garage, RV Garage, Tandem, Oversized, Attached, Workshop, Pole barn, Parking Garage, Sheds, Barns, Airplane hangars, commercial, industrial.

Coating keyword variations that potential visitors enter include keywords such as paint, painters, coverings, refinishing, coatings, finishes, epoxy, polyaspartic, sealers, contractors, installers, companies, non-slip, bright, low maintenance, colors, price, cost, decorative chips, flakes, chemical resistant.

Problem-driven searches: Your customers are searching with questions. They search the who, what, why, how, best and when. They also search by comparison.

How to Get Exposure on Google for Hundreds or Thousands of Keyword Searches

  1. Articles – we create a keyword-rich article every month.

  2. Media – Each article is submitted to sites such as USA Today, Fox, ABC, NBC, Google News and hundreds more.

  3. Videos – Simple slide show videos are submitted to YouTube and Vimeo.

  4. Podcast – Articles are converted to podcasts and submitted to podcasting sites.

The Key to Leads from Google = Build Your Google Footprint

Monthly promotions provide massive exposure. Results continue to grow over time. Here’s a sample article from USA Today:

What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying

“We had our best year ever working with Paver Launch. We finally cracked $2 Million in business this year!” George, Palm City Paving

""Justin and his team at Checkmate are the best. They are quick to respond to any and all website and marketing needs. They are our go to in taking our business marketing needs to the next level.” Carla, Jensen's Paving

“So far so good two weeks in priced about $300,000 worth of work did $9000 last week got $9,000 on the books for this week off the campaign!” Henry Horton, H&H Paving

“Superior customer service with proven results! We would recommend Justin and team to anyone looking to increase new business. Thank you very much!” Kevin Newlan, White Wolf Striping

“Checkmate Social Media has been the best choice in marketing that we have ever made for our company! Thanks Justin!” R. Murtaugh, Murtaugh Paving

“Highly recommend for all your online marketing needs! I couldn’t be happier with the website…” Lonnie Davis, HD Seal & Stripe LLC

"I am super happy with your program! I just closed a $20,000 Church parking lot sealcoating job! Keep up the great work! You guys did exactly what you said you were going to do." 😊 Frank Alzueta

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