Jul 7, 2017

How To Use A Facebook Value Based Lookalike Audience To Increase ROI

How To Use A Facebook Value Based Lookalike Audience To Increase ROI

It has been over 5 years since making my 1st facebook ad. It was a catastrophe thinking back on it now. I didn't have a tracking pixel so no way to gauge ROI, no custom audiences and had no idea at the time that worldwide targeting was useless. Luckily I have come a long way since then and so has facebook.

The cornerstone for many facebook advertisers is the Lookalike audience. This is when you upload a customer file and then Facebook’s algorithms will try to find the people who are most similar to the people in your Custom Audience.

It is more effective then interest only targeting and a great way to increase ROI.
Facebook has been on fire recently with new ad features and they just took steps to make lookalike audiences even more powerful.

Facebook Value-based Lookalike Audiences

With the addition of the “customer lifetime value” feature, lookalike audiences can now target only those users who have attributes like of the people who will deliver the most value to your business over time or the most profitable.

Think of it like this. Someone who purchases from your store a single time during a Huge sale or contest pales in comparison in value to someone that buys products on a monthly basis.

So given a choice between the two who would you want to target? Many people make the mistake of just thinking creating a general lookalike audience will solve all their problems. Maybe one or two users might buy in but it will most likely fail to create long term profits and a lot of repeat business.

Facebook’s new value-added lookalike audiences reduce this wasted spend and increase the efficacy of your ads overall.

Determining Lifetime Value

Before you can create this audience you need to figure out who your valuable customers are.
value may mean different things to different people so that will be on a case by case basis.

For example for some businesses the most valuable customers are the ones who make repeat purchases or subscription products.

Or is it those who spend $1,000 on a single purchase or people who spend $100 every two month?

Once your most valuable customers are isolated take the list and add a value column. Put a value of 1-infinity on the value of that customer.

The higher the number, the more important Facebook considers that customer.
It will then target users with similar characteristics in your ads.

Set Up A Value Based Lookalike Audience.

Create a Custom Audience with a customer value data column

No one said this would only take 5 minutes. I just went through a list of over 300k buyers for a customer and it took me 6 days to isolate and assign value to each.

Once you’ve assigned values to each of your customers, you can start setting up your value-added lookalike audiences.

Go to your Facebook Audiences page

Click the “Create Audience” dropdown and select “Custom Audience

Select “Add customers with current and predictive value attached

Accept Facebook’s Value-based Lookalikes Terms

Upload your customer file

Choose to upload your customer file as a file (.txt or .csv) or copy and paste it

If you choose to upload, click on “Upload File” and select your customer file.

If you choose to copy and paste, do so in the “Paste your content here” field

Name the audience.

Click on the “Select value” column dropdown.

Select the column in your uploaded list that you want Facebook to use for customer value 

Choose the geographic location of your lookalike audiences, as well as the size you want to target.

You want to be sure Facebook understands the data in your uploaded customer file so it will create the most effective lookalike audience possible.

Here are a few tips that will help.

Don't just create a list of your highest value customers, be sure to include a full range of customers, from low to high value. 

The reason being is Facebook’s algorithms will get more data to differentiate good customers from bad ones

Use dollar values only and avoid using other numeric values such as rankings or ratings

Don’t use negative values to signify undesirable customers as Facebook won’t count those

Use a single currency throughout your columns to avoid any confusion about your data

Used properly ROI can be as high as 1000% 

Maximize Return Using Value-based Lookalike Audiences

As seen in the image above if created properly you may enjoy MASSIVE returns on ad spend.
Just last month I was able to turn 28k spend into 112k return or 400% ROI.

It is a lot harder to see ROI that high as you spend more so that shows you the value of this new feature.

The whole key to success with facebook advertising is experimentation.
I am a huge fan of creating different audiences for different goals.

For example if you’re promoting a blender, create a file that assigns higher value to customers who previously bought similar products or even products that go hand-in-hand with your new one.

Facebook’s value-added lookalike audiences are highly advanced but still take the time to test, measure and analyze your lookalike campaigns.

This allows you to tweak your strategy and improve your ROI even more.

If you have questions feel free to email me at Justin@jmhhacker.com
Or Follow me on Twitter @jmhhacker

Jun 27, 2017

FACEBOOK ADS: Retargeting viewers to boost sales


Success Story

Retargeting viewers to boost sales

The online appliance store paired advanced targeting with offer claim ads to increase awareness and 
sales of its JUISIR & Thermocook kitchen products, resulting in a 4.2X overall return on ad spend.

overall return on ad spend

return on ad spend from website Custom Audiences

lower cost per acquisition

Since launching the campaigns overall revenue spiked over 33% and nearly a 40% gain in unique users over the prior 28 day period.

Their Story

Froothie is one of the fastest growing global brands focusing on health and wellness products, 
with over 100k Facebook followers and growing. 

The exclusive distributor of Optimum – one of the most trusted kitchen appliances brands in USA 
and around the world.


Froothie began from a small, simple idea to supply fruits, vegetables and equipment to local cafes 
and juice bars. 

As business grew they developed a stronger and deeper passion for promoting healthier food and drinks to people and came up with the idea of getting more people involved in creating “Froothie”: 
A healthy smoothie drink movement. 

As our idea evolved and grew, it has become our mission to help every household embark on a journey to put their health first, making healthy food and drinks readily through our strategic partnership with Optimum Appliances – a globally recognised blender and juicer company that produces some of the best kitchen appliances on the market.

Today, our mission is simple and clear: Helping people lead a healthier lifestyle through using our 
exclusive range of quality kitchen appliances by Optimum. We share our knowledge and tips on healthy living through workshops, YouTube videos, our blog, various media outlets and strong strategic partners in USA and abroad so you can eat healthily in a quick, easy and fun way.

Fueling a movement

Froothie wanted to increase online sales by promoting its brand and products to customers on Facebook.

Targeting previous website visitors and past engagers of video posts who didn't visit the website worked great. 

It had a significant contribution to the overall return on ad spend performance and it didn't take
a lot of work because they were using custom audiences.

Revisiting potential buyers

Froothie ran offer claims on selected sale items to previous website vistiors or people who previoulsy
interacted with a video post, making them aware of the sale and that they had a certian time 
period to purchase before the sale was over.

The ad featured a short video’of the product in action.

Froothie optimized the ad by adding interests based on each product ensuring it reached the right
people and targeted it to a 1% lookalike audience that was based on people who had previously visited the products specific URL

Next, the Head Facebook advertiser Justin Matthew retargeted link ads to 2 separate audiences:
People who viewed at least 50% of the video but didn’t click through to the Froothie Website
People who visited the website but didn’t make a purchase

Justin then developed these audiences using the Engagement Custom Audience tool. 

For the first audience, Justin chose to build a list of people who had engaged with its Facebook ads. 

For the second, Justin used the facebook pixel on its website to create a list of people who had visited.

A “Shop Now” call-to-action button directed people to the Froothie website where they could purchase thier own Juisir at the new SALE price..

Products used

Offer Claims
Conversion Tracking
Custom Audiences
Lookalike Audiences


Drive Online Sales

Their Success

A powerful RESULT

FROOTHIE'S month-long campaign, which ran during May & June 2017, returned the following results:

4.2X overall return on ad spend
9.5X return on ad spend from website Custom Audiences
43% lower cost per acquisition for ad viewers retargeting campaign

Justin Says:

"Facebook has become one of the major sources of revenue for Froothie because it offers the ability to build deep,  emotional relationships with consumers on a massive scale. 
Plus Facebook's advanced targeting that lets you deliver tailored messages to different types of customers."

Jun 5, 2017

My Secret to 76,000 Instagram Followers

My Secret to 76,000 Instagram followers

Top 100 Hash Tags And    MySecret to 76k followers

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33. #food (+)20,958,874 photos
34. #instagramers (+)20,893,231 photos
35. #like (+)20,648,502 photos
36. #friends (+)19,999,127 photos
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99. #like4like (+)8,294,197 photos
100. #instacollage (+)8,114,982 photos

These really work and amazingly, wait until you try it! I am JMHHACKER on Instagram and have 75,000 followers and average 1129 likes per photo and 56 comments. GO to STATIGRAM.com I use it daily..

Ok great first off take a look at this many people have no idea they cant get 5k, 10k or even 50k views on a flickr post that also has clickable URL back to your main instagram!

I pick up an extra 500 followers a month that way!

Check out my account to see for yourself this was done in 30 days as far as the followers I got! I have the proof with the picture from iconosquare with likes and followers. I gained 1100 followers a day even now.

Just an average photo of likes in 20 minutes

Here you go, Ok All of this works takes a little time each day 30 to 90 minutes on your side there is no magic bullet but my method is 20 times faster and a higher ratio of people follow back.

Work 20-30 times faster than anyone else’s method.

OK so I set up my account and in 30 days had 9,900 followers and 60 days 20,000. An extra 400 come in daily to this very day for 40,000 as of writing this.  Here is how I did it.

 I search for hash tags like friendly, LIKE, ADD, FOLLOW SMILE HAPPY NICE LAUGHING as they seem to have a good outlook on things and follow back more often, I viewed their followers always view someone’s FOLLOWERS not who they are following and always check to make sure they have more followers then they are following.

What I mean by ratio is if they are following 2000 people see if they have less than 1000 followers. If they do follow their followers.  ie following 2700 but have 1000 followers. Then follow 200 of their followers that is the limit then find another person and do it again. The average nationally is 9 percent follow back while mine is 78 percent quite a difference. Let it sit overnight then the next day if you want to unfollow you can I personally do not and my account has blasted off!

16 apps that will raise your Instagram game

Now that Instagram is moving toward a Facebook-like algorithmic feed, creating photos that stand out just became a lot more important. And as great as the app's built-in filters and editing features are (there are 40 now!) they aren't nearly as powerful as the ones you can get from third-party apps.
Third-party apps for creating and editing photos and videos usually offer more tools and precision over the look of your posts, which, in turn, can bring in more likes.
To help your posts stand out (and hopefully gain a bunch of new followers and likes), we've cherry-picked our 16 favorite apps that can take your Insta-game to the next level. Most of them are free, too!

For black-and-white pics: BLACK and Camera Noir

Instagram used to have an amazing black-and-white filter called Gotham, and it was perfect for creating noir-style photos. Then Instagram ditched Gotham for no good reason and replaced it with Inkwell. Moon, originally a video-only filter, is the other built-in black-and-white filter.

We've been searching for a good black-and-white photo app for years, and BLACK, an iOS-only app, is a solid one that tries to emulate black and white film with filters. There are presets for film like the Kodak TRI-x 400, Fuji Neopan 400 and Ilford HPS, to name a few.
The app is intuitive to use — swipe left and right to apply different B&W filters — and it lets you tweak shadows with a fade tool, control tones and contrast with a curves tool, and customize and apply vignettes. You will have to pay $0.99 to access these advanced editing features, though.
Camera Noir ($2.99, iOS-only) is also another well-reviewed B&W camera and editing app.

For selfies: Facetune and Perfect365


On some Android smartphones, the camera app comes with built-in "beauty" modes to help smooth out your skin, resize your eyes and distort your face. The results can be terrifying if used to the extreme. The iPhone's camera app has no such beauty feature.
But if you're the selfie junkie, FaceTune ($3.99 on iOS and Android) is a highly recommended app that can airbrush your skin and whiten your teeth in a pinch.

Perfect365 (free on iOS and Android) is also a feature-rich app to tweak your selfies. According to US Weekly, Kim Kardashian and her sisters use the app to edit their selfies before posting them to Instagram. So, there's that.

For time-lapses: Hyperlapse and Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile


Hyperlapse (iOS-only) is hands-down the best app for creating time-lapses. The app's appeal isn't just that it lets you speed up and slow down video from 1x to 12x the normal speed, but its fantastic use of software image-stabilization is also a standout. In place of expensive gimbals and other hardware stabilizers, Hyperlapse uses data from your iPhone’s gyroscope to measure and remove frames that are shaky and create a video that's smooth.
What you get is cinematic-like video that often looks like it’s been captured with more expensive gear:
Android users are out of luck with the official Instagram Hyperlapse app, but there are alternatives like Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

For short looping videos: Phhhoto and Boomerang

There are tons of apps that you can use to create short animations and videos that loop. Phhhoto (iOS and Android) is one of the originals, and unlike other apps, intentionally creates lo-fi "moving pictures." Here's one in action:
For higher-resolution looping videos, Instagram's official Boomerang app (iOS and Android) is also really fun to use:

For silly and weird posts: Giphy Cam and Enlight


Giphy Cam lets you combine video and images with canned GIF animations (like the dolphin on the left) into one new shareable GIF. The center image shows some of the editing choices and the last image is shows how precise positioning can make the whole image look more realistic.
Who says Instagram is all sunsets, symmetrical buildings and selfies? It can also be a place to be silly...if you want it to be. Giphy Cam, an "incubator of all your worst (and best) GIF nightmares" as Mashable chief correspondent Lance Ulanoff called it, is the perfect app to create goofy video posts.
The app generates GIFs, but you can import them directly into Instagram as videos and edit them further.

Enlight ($3.99, iOS-only) is made by the guys behind Facetune and was named as "the best all-in-one photo editor" by Apple in 2015. While it's a feature-packed photo-editng app that might as well be called "Photoshop for iPhone," the app's Mixer, Painting, Urban, Sketch and Effects tools really make it outstanding, turning photos into creative pieces of art.

For powerful editing: Snapseed and VSCO


Google's Snapseed is one of the best free photo-editing apps available for both iOS and Android. It comes with a huge selection of editing tools that are more powerful than Instagram's built-in ones and the filters — especially the High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing — are exceptionally great.

VSCO, for iOS and Android, is another popular camera and photo-editing app; it has the added benefit of a thriving community in which to share your photos to.

For adding text and doodles: Typic and SnapPen


While it's generally frowned upon to "ruin" your Instagram pics with text and doodles, sometimes they can help express emotion in a photo. Though there are free apps out there, we like Typic ($2.99, iOS-only) for adding text and stamps, and SnapPen ($0.99, iOS-only) for adding quick doodles. They're both simple and straightforward to use.

For collages: Layout and PicStitch

Instead of posting two pics of your food, a selfie and a pic of the restaurant you're in as four separate posts, consider consolidating them into a single post using a collaging app.
Instagram has a lovely collage app called Layout (iOS and Android) that helps you create different photo layouts.

The venerable PicStitch (iOS and Android) is also popular with 245 different layouts and a built-in photo editor.

Now back to getting followers again.
STAY AWAY from following people that have 1000 or  5000 followers but only follow back 100 or 200 they will not follow you back.

You will have a very high chance they follow back IF YOU LIKE ONE OR 2 OF THEIR PICS THEM FOLLOW THEM YOU WILL GET LIKES AND FOLLOWERS I DO IT EVERY DAY and I get a ton of IG action...stay away from the big fish people with over 5000 followers their followers are not as likely to follow back until you yourself are a big fish HA funny how that work.

Also to triple your chance they follow back like one of their pics. Remember in a few days you can just unfollow everyone but you will still have your followers.

VERY IMPORTANT to set a daily minute schedule whatever the case do it daily or until you hit your personal goal and also don't pass the rate limits. So for 20 minutes a day do this and in 1 month you will have thousands of followers YES I have confirmed this with over 100 people

The method I am telling you to do speeds this up times 20-30 trust me.
I simply followed them one at a time as many as I could each day I set a time every morning at 6 am to 615am.

I did this every day for 15 minutes a day and the followers started coming in. In fact they come in to this day. Remember IG set a new rate limit when you hit that limit go from following people to just liking peoples photos until the rate limit is lifted 5 minutes or so then start following again.

I hit the popular page with my own  account 3 times which is great have photos with 4400 3800 and 3400 likes and over 200 comments each.

ALWAYS Share your photos on other social networks. These include Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr, and Posterous. If you don’t have accounts for those social networks, start one up today. Share on Google+ communities and Instagram FB Groups once again this is all done WITHOUT the use of an automated tool.

SEE HERE www.iboommedia.com/justin

I tend to share every photo on every possible network.

For instance, I post daily deals solely on Twitter I share a on Twitter to push that fact we’re on Instagram.

Link to your web.stagram somewhere from your website. Most of us strongly push Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but if you’re serious about Instagram, then link to it as well…especially from your mobile website.

You can Pin gplus tweet and many other features!

Be sure to blog that you are participating on Instagram. Also think about using Instagram photos on your blog occasionally and link to your profile or Instagram itself.
 Follow “Suggested Users” by clicking “@(YourAccountName)” tab and selecting “Find Friends” then ”Suggested Users”. Following users that have similar interests as you may encourage them to follow you in return. Just following everybody will gain minimal followers.

Make sure “Photos are private option” is off. It should be by default. This is a no-brainer. Obviously if you wish to gain followers, your photos should not be private.
 Invite friends. This is a no-brainer too. Invite your friends, customers and followers of other social networks. You can do this through Instagram. These are the people most likely willing to follow you or your business. We now invite a handful of customers each day. I have 5000 FB friends 2800 have instagram you can connect your FB and follow all your FB friends in 1 second they will follow back

Only post your best pics. Quality is better than quantity. Try to make each picture interesting, engaging, mysterious, and colorful, with unique angles or just plain funny
 Thoroughly describe your images. You can comment on each picture so put some time into the writing.
I used nature flowers beautiful color blue and this got 1485 likes in 15 minutes

Use hash tags, especially popular ones. Popular tags include #sky, #cat, #dog, #flower and #sunset. Tagging your photos with these hash tags, when appropriate, can increase the odds of your images being seen by others.

Copy hash tags from “Notes” app. After you’ve used Instagram for a while, you’ll notice specific hash tags you’re commonly using. Keep them stored in “Notes” so you only have to copy/paste into Instagram. You can add the most popular or effective hash tags to the list so you don’t forget to use them. Be sure to only use hash tags appropriate for the photo being shared. This is an important step in helping you remember to use effective hash tags for each post. Hash tags will attract likes and follower’s if your posts/photos are worthy.

Engage by following others and commenting/liking. By engaging with others, you will likely attract some followers, especially if your photos are interesting. Commenting on a persistent basis will help tremendously in attaining followers. Commenting on popular photos works very well, but be authentic with your comments and not advertorial.
 Geotagging is important like hash tags, geotagging  provides another data point that can be used to categorize and display content. On Instagram, each defined location has its own page, which includes a map of the location and any photos taken there.

Announce your profile in an email blast to current friends followers etc letting them know you’re now on the photo sharing app.
 Add Instagram to your website too. Don’t just emails blast the fact that you’re on Instagram. Be sure to add Instagram on your website somewhere like you might do with Facebook and Twitter. If you have other social network icons floating around your company website, add Instagram too.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Update: The following are more tips I’ve added after using Instagram for a while.

Keep up with Instagram’s blog and participate with the numerous photo contests. One person to follow in particular is Instagram team member, Jessica Zollman ( @jayzombie) who holds a contest every weekend where everyone tries to snap a photo concerning a specific hash tag. Participating in the contest each week will gain you popularity and a few new friends.

Don’t be afraid to comment on popular photos by celebrities, but be genuine with what you say. If you have nothing to really say, then don’t.
 Use “likes” a bunch! People will return the favor and possibly start following you. You can use “like” liberally, but don’t get TOO crazy with it or people may actually stop following you. Instagrammers appreciate when you “like” their photos and generally return the love.
 Only follow those you care about or enjoy. I promise that you will enjoy Instagram more this way, and you’re more likely to continue participating and building your own circle of friends if you’re having fun.

Sign up with CROWDFIRE APP to make it even easier for people to find and follow you. This service offers an easy way for people to follow you outside of the actual Instagram app.
Use Instagram analytics services like Statigr.am to help put things in perspective with all kinds of historical data concerning your account. Statigr.am shows which of your photos have received the most “likes” over time, and which ones received the most comments. Try to look for consistent trends in your most popular images and try to capitalize on those strengths moving forward. Plain and simple: This service gives amazing insight and understanding of your Instagram account.

Be humorous with your comments. Everyone appreciates a good laugh and if you’re consistent, it will lead to more followers.
 Offer tips and advice. I started sharing mine in comments- which lead to more likes and eventually will lead to more followers.
 Thank people. At the end of the day, be sure to send thanks to everyone who commented on one of your photos. For instance, you would type something like: @jmhhacker  thanks for your comments! This is not only considerate but also represents social at its finest.
 Be genuine. Instagram is my favorite social network right now so I ask everyone to be genuine, have fun and snap away!


Another way to gain more followers on Instagram is to hold a photo contest. Give away an SHOUTOUT movie tickets or something and require contest participants to follow you to qualify. You may have to do some legwork to market the contest, but it’ll be worth your time. I gain a TON of action from doing this and you grow even bigger
Before hosting photo contests, you may want to participate in them first.

Also THE KEY Use Hash tags that is a key on your own photos,
Tagging your photos makes them easily found. Picture of the sun use very popular hash tag #sun, that photo will show up alongside thousands of others on the page for that tag.
Webstagram provides the top 100 tags. Make sure you use them!! The most popular hash tag on Instagram currently is #tweegram #iphoneography, Other popular tags include #sky, #cat, #dog, #flower and #sunset. Tagging triples the odds of your images being seen by others and followed


To get the most new followers on Instagram is following those that have a good ratio like I said they follow 3300 but have 1400 followers then follow 200 of their followers. DO not try to follow someone’s that has 3000 followers and follows 300 Once you have built up a large following feel free to go for bigger accounts.  It will call the other's attention to your profile they'll likely follow it. If you set a daily 10-15 min period of time to  follow the type of person I described you will get a 20 times higher chance of a follow back speeding up the process for you immensely.

REMEMBER only follow people on the followers list of someone’s account. Once you have your own followers click one pull up their followers and click away you will find people stick in groups and will follow you back..
Another tip go to the popular page and follow the people that are liking or commented on the popular photos that means they are online right that second and will see you follow or like their pic. Thye will most likely follow back they do for me!

Like and Comment on Other Photos ya it is easy to say but most of us do not do it. Try it out be amazed at the results

One of the easiest ways to grab tons of followers is to "like" a ton of the photos whether they are in your existing feed or outside your network. If you have a compliment or comment to make, take a sec and do it, taking the few seconds it requires to comment on another user's photo can drive new viewers to your profile. I did all this and got 27k in 30 days you must put aside a time each day to do this like 5 to 515 for example and do it until your number of
followers are attained it won’t take long I can tell you that as I have done it for myself and 9
friends. People will follow you back they just will. Have a few photos taking obviously on your profile and you will be good to go.

Have you used http://hashgr.am/
 it is incredible!!! Simply put in any word hit enter and all photos with that tag word on instagram pop up. I do mean any word at all, cat, girl, klout, even baseball card type it in and bam pictures pop up for that word.
Hash gram is the best way to discover and share what's happening on Instagram.

Formed in 2011 at designed a simple web-based "no app required" search and share utility for Instagram. Since then, Hash gram has grown into a real-time discovery platform used every day by people all over the world.

Hash gram respectfully complies with the Instagram API Terms of Use.
The #tag
Tags are descriptive metadata assigned and associated with each image posted to Instagram. Adding a few content specific hash tags to your caption allows users to search and share images on Hash gram based on their interests.


So really to be frank if you simply go to anyone’s followers not someone to big, once again, but I prefer good ratios and just follow them watch as people start following you back as they do go to that persons followers and continue do this process until you are satisfied...you can also UNFOLLOW people later one if you wish on webstagram or gramfeed if you want a great ratio...

So 2-4 hours total time put in whether in a day or 10 minutes a day for 30 days  will get you thousands of followers go longer you can hit 100,000 or more all up to you now. I am here if you have any questions the key is to have fun doing it as the new likes on your photos are coming in as non-stop followers are coming in when you see one of your photos get nearly 5000 likes it really is awesome!
To unfollow once you have followed many a quick and easy way is IGExorcist, a free service that allows you to determine followers who have not been engaged with you in recent times.

 Go to My service to have me personally manage your account or email me Justin@jmhhacker.com

ONE OF MY 1ST TOP SELLING FIVERR SERVICES. 400 Fantastic Reviews 0 negative

Make sure “Photos are private option” is off. Sign up with followgram.me helps people find you...there you go that should get you running for now! Need anything from me later on just ask me, take care appreciate feedback and a thumbs up!

Need anything message me, but i did this and it works like a charm remember only follow peoples followers and sometimes people that look like they shouldn’t have any followers then start doing it with your own I still had 8 followers come in today! Months later! Appreciate good feedback. I wrote this from my exact experience no PDF e book or nonsense like that; this is my experience and the results I got for me and for my friends. Now you can get those results.  

Special Bonus

How to get on Instagram’s suggested Users List
When you sign up there is a Suggested Users, IG users who the Instagram Team suggests you follow. Instagram launched the Suggested Users List last This feature is similar to the Twitter tool .

If you are on it you are set!). Being on The Suggested Users list means your follower numbers will suddenly surge and keep on rising by the hour.
You find the Suggested Users List, through your Profile, then Find Friends. The Suggested Users List is also presented to all new users when registering for Instagram
Here is what instagram looks for to make the list quoted from instagram themselves!
- A Suggested User posts beautiful, original content and brings a unique perspective to Instagram.
- Instagram is a photo-sharing community. In promoting Suggested Users, Instagram seeks to highlight members of the community with exemplary content and conduct in line with its Community Guidelines.

- Instagram is always looking for new and exciting content to surface. To present new users with a curated set of talented users, they continually review, add and remove users from the list The list will be designed to be refresh in an ongoing way rather than stand as today’s permanent suggested users list.

- Suggested Users act as community ambassadors, and help cultivate the larger Instagram community.
- Be careful. Instagram is a powerful tool for brands and businesses. They “welcome” collaborations between brands and users, but do not include users on the list whose photos could cause confusion over Instagram’s involvement in paid partnerships or brand endorsements*

People in the list should not use their streams for “business” if they want to remain in the list. You can read Suggested User Guidelines in Instagram Official Help Center here:

Some tips.
In the last few months I’ve heard a lot of different stories some other people got it after sending a mail to Instagram Team (explaining their “credentials” and proof of involvement within the app). Some applied directly through mail and asked to be part of Suggested Users Lists. Being active in Instagram communities’ development or leading yourself a cool project around Instagram can be a strong asset.
This is all my knowledge about the subject on Suggested Users List  GL.

OK so below I have the best times and on what day to post your photo. Keep in mind these times are Eastern timezone USA.

MONDAY  6 30 am 10 am 11am 6pm
TUESDAY 6am 8am 4pm
WED         10 30am 12pm 30 6pm 10pm
THURS     5 am 6 am 10 am 1 pm 1030 pm
FRI           10 am 12 pm (1pm BEST TIME)
SAT          6 am 2 pm
SUN         NOON 5am

SO IT IS CRITICAL to use hash tags on every photo which gives the photo a better shot at being liked and commented on by people that do not follow you. Here are the best of the best.

The top spot still is tweegram followed by love instagood iphonesia  photooftheday instamood igers me cute iphoneonly instagramhub you can read on from there!

My Followers. Check it out

Instagram’s main priority has been building a great experience on its iPhone app and Android — not on the web. 

But the photo-sharing service has become a  huge web destination anyway: Instagram’s website is currently receiving 38 million page views each day, adding up to 500 million page views per month. 

They’re especially interesting given that the Instagram experience is so tailored to users of the app , not viewers on the web. For example: If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can only look at individual Instagram photos people link to — you can’t click around on the site to see users’ full photo galleries or other personal profiles. 

And it’s very possible that Instagram still has a lot of growth ahead. On Friday, the company launched the ability for people to share full-sized Instagram photos within Facebook and create Facebook albums of Instagram photos.
Meanwhile, the debut of Instagram for Android lead to a another big user growth spike for the service.

THE SECRET TO MY IG SUCCESS                                            

These are the previous top 100 tags
Snap a picture choose a filter and Bam that is Instagram. You can also label it with hashtags that fit the picture so people can look up what they want with those tags. Here are the top 100 in order.

Get in Now use these tags!

100 TAGS

1. #instagram3,578,071 photos
2. #iphoneography3,309,636 photos
3. #iphonesia2,755,090 photos
4. #photooftheday2,218,293 photos
5. #iphone2,101,814 photos
6. #iphoneonly1,922,760 photos
7. #jj1,839,235 photos
8. #instagood1,823,146 photos
9. #iphone41,820,464 photos
10. #ig1,642,313 photos
11. #sky1,636,673 photos
12. #igers1,403,424 photos
13. #love1,246,138 photos
14. #instagramhub1,201,737 photos
15. #popular1,022,493 photos
16. #instamood1,018,916 photos
17. #cat941,017 photos
18. #bestoftheday918,634 photos
19. #dog883,016 photos
20. #sunset859,636 photos
21. #cute852,185 photos
22. #clouds820,037 photos
23. #tweegram800,767 photos
24. #picoftheday794,187 photos
25. #photography775,750 photos
26. #igdaily761,868 photos
27. #nature761,440 photos
28. #food727,260 photos
29. #jj_forum716,248 photos
30. #webstagram709,250 photos
31. #10likes697,911 photos
32. #nofilter680,141 photos
33. #instadaily675,697 photos
34. #me673,155 photos
35. #girl663,613 photos
36. #sun624,503 photos
37. #christmas608,481 photos
38. #20likes606,958 photos
39. #beach601,995 photos
40. #flower588,580 photos
41. #instagramers563,389 photos
42. #tree541,384 photos
43. #blue510,996 photos
44. #statigram508,937 photos
45. #blackandwhite506,003 photos
46. #art504,434 photos
47. #beautiful496,577 photos
48. #ignation452,534 photos
49. #popularpage437,297 photos
50. #instago433,369 photos
51. #summer423,064 photos
52. #photo422,985 photos
53. #water407,773 photos
54. #30likes403,591 photos
55. #bw397,928 photos
56. #trees396,107 photos
57. #earlybird394,232 photos
58. #red393,178 photos
59. #igersmanila386,724 photos
60. #green378,428 photos
61. #teg375,945 photos
62. #light371,917 photos
63. #streetphotography357,061 photos
64. #gang_family348,693 photos
65. #nyc348,616 photos
66. #iphonography344,708 photos
67. #iphonegraphy341,530 photos
68. #baby326,806 photos
69. #flowers322,081 photos
70. #fashion321,506 photos
71. #happy317,306 photos
72. #sea311,961 photos
73. #iphonephotography304,695 photos
74. #night304,377 photos
75. #petstagram304,299 photos
76. #pink302,255 photos
77. #street301,435 photos
78. #music294,393 photos
79. #pretty289,584 photos
80. #japan287,651 photos
81. #iphone4s281,321 photos
82. #15likes280,179 photos
83. #smile279,986 photos
84. #50likes279,138 photos
85. #igaddict273,681 photos
86. #cloud273,443 photos
87. #architecture268,908 photos
88. #fun266,608 photos
89. #40likes265,060 photos
90. #white261,575 photos
91. #hdr255,234 photos
92. #friends253,702 photos
93. #foodporn250,749 photos
94. #puppy249,693 photos
95. #color248,044 photos
96. #black246,761 photos
97. #funny244,117 photos
98. #hipstamatic241,962 photos
99. #winter241,211 photos
100. #gmy240,326 photos

So That Is My Secret to 76,000 Instagram Followers