May 7, 2017

10 Qualities For Social Media Success

I must say even if you have these traits you have to use them like a bodybuilder works on his body. It is a competitive, crazy cutthroat world out there. A Place where friends are made as well as lost. Relationships grow while other die. In some cases many would go back in time and never would have even taken the path s the sacrifice is FOREVER.


1. Drive

Determination to work harder than most and make sure things get done. Pride yourself on seeing things getting completed and you take charge when necessary. You drive yourself with purpose and align yourself with winners.

2. Self-reliance

You can handle responsibilities and be accountable. 
You will have to make the hard decisions and stand by them. 
To think for yourself is to know yourself.

3. Willpower

You have the strength to see things through--once you commit you are ALL IN. When you want it, you make it happen. 

The world's greatest achievers are those who have stayed focused on their goals and been consistent in their efforts. You could literally be most talented sales closer in the world but the guy with 10% of natural talent you had makes 20 times the amount of calls....He wins. 

When I first passed my series 7 to sell stock I was the youngest guy in the office and one guy was truly just a dick day in day out Mr. PATRENZIO....So I made a silent pact with myself. To pass him in total gross revenue in 3 months. Ended up doing 10 times that he quit shortly later. My point use it as fuel!

4. Patience

Now this is a tough one for me. I hardly have a lick of patience and find myself getting angry at a woman getting 9 bucks an hour because she forgot my milkshake. 

Or co workers things that come naturally to me makes it
my problem as I should take my time explain every detail and follow up.

If you are willing to be patient and once you grasp there will be achievements and failures in everything the key is to not  take them personally would be a detriment. Sometimes I do and it sets me back weeks as I feel a client should never leave. Luckily it is rare.

5. Integrity

This for me is right up there with #1 I spent 7 years building my reputation online and sure not every client can be perfect but when something goes wrong don't blow up the bridge instead do the least thing the clients expects offer a full refund and ask them for a month to earn the business back
Honesty is the best answer for everything you do; integrity creates character and defines who you are.

Once it is known ya that Justin or Paul he is a bit of a free spirit BUT WOW he kills my ROI and social accounts. Also he apologizes when he is wrong instead of hiding.

It is a win win situation as number 1 the client is getting his funds back for the prior month and getting the next month free. It all comes down to time management the only time I lost clients is simply if I did not spend enough time on them.

6. Passion

One again a HUGE part of my success if you want to succeed, if you want to live, it's not politeness but rather passion that will get you there. 

Life is 20 percent what you experience and 80 percent how you respond to it.

Imagine a guy like Tony Robbins he probably does 100 of those seminars a year heck say 50.

I saw him not long ago and let me tell you the man inspired me and it seemed as i it his 1st time on stage he was so energetic , that energy carries over to others.

7. Self-confidence

You trust yourself. It's as simple as that. 
I truly believe based on the research I have done, the accolades received dealing with some of the best minds in the industry and beings successful in every venture I try is just my mind set
You can't let personal life stress invade your work. Use it as a release instead.

8. Optimism

There is much to achieve and much good in this world, and you know what's worth fighting for. Optimism is the strength for making a better future--unless you believe that the future can be better, you're unlikely to step up and take responsibility for making it so.

9. Connection

You can relate to others, which in turns makes everything reach further and deepen in importance.

This is also a great one for me to a fault almost make myself to available so you need to find a happy medium.

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10. Communication

Pay attention to the communicators around you. 
Most important, you hear what isn't being said.
You will start to see the real reality of certain situations which may give you huge headaches later. 
If you want trust and respect then work on communication

No one plans on being mediocre; mediocrity happens when you don't plan. 

If you want to succeed, work on these traits that will make you successful.

Another one I struggle with is being humble I don't even know I am not being humble at certain times.

I do believe it comes from being in the stockbroker environment at 19 years old so we were taught to talk BIG.
Luckily that is the opposite of my heart.

Courageous and determined. Faithful and fearless. 
That is who you are, and who you have always been.
When you are having lunch with a client that happens to be worth 100 million dollars and you are just starting out in life and you Think he will look down on you if you pull up in a 2008 Honda?
You might have it backwards he may think you are  genius and someone that saves and invests their money.

Do those 10 things and I guarantee your life will improve and your income might double, triple or even more.

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Apr 13, 2017

Gain Thousands of Followers on Instagram FREE with Checkmate Social Media

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Gaining followers & increasing engagement is what so many companies or marketing experts say they can achieve in just days and only if you PAY NOW! 

There are many strategies, methods and articles on the subject it is impossible to find the right person for the job. You can choose to purchase fake followers from one of a million websites offering them or by joining a follow for follow network where your account gets added to a list of 10,000 other accounts and everyone follows each other. You can even purchase shoutouts from large accts and grind out new followers that way. Want to know the value of those systems? ZERO. That is what makes Checkmate & Gram Profit so unique 

I have been in marketing literally HALF my life or 19 years, so yes A LONG TIME now. How the hell did that happen so fast? One thing I learned in that time is always look at someones track record or what past/current clients have to say about the level of service provided.

If the person or company is the real deal it will be easy to confirm through testimonials, reviews or even just looking at that persons OWN networks.

What I love is when I get spammy DM's promising me 10's of thousands of followers in weeks or even months with a full proof system then I check that accts stats and see they have 2000 followers OR 1 million followers with each photo getting 10k likes BUT 1 or 2 comments! 

That is a dead giveaway that they purchased fake followers and fake likes!

That is why it is so important to check up on the company or person who offers these services. So the real question is WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Why is my system so much better then the other guys? First off I have over 93 client testimonials and these are people you can look up and message to confirm. Because as we all know people buy fake reviews also! My system has been hailed #1 by the likes of Crowdfire, CoPromote, Fiverr, Fanatics Media even Forbes did a small write-up. Not to mention my 93 client testimonials!

Let's say you don't want to take their word for it. FINE. How about you simply look at my personal accts then be the judge.  Over a 30 day period  Aug. 16th to Sept. 14th 2016 I was able to earn over $24,000 in 26 days! Nearly $1,000 a day. Read below and literally do this for yourself.

Try Gram Profit Where you will be serviced by one of the top social media managers in the country. ME. 

(JMHHACKER) Top 100 Marketers In The World #33 

Made nearly $1,000 a day using my own Instagram System.

I have helped create the best service to date that has not only skyrocketed my own followers but ALL of our clients at 
Checkmate Media. The results have been so profound and I have been getting 10 requests a day. 

We have a full service management system through the use of Empire.Kred, Facebook groups and Google Plus Communities. Then in addition I have a team of 7 Checkmate assistants whose sole function is to work on 10 accounts each everyday, 7 days a week.


I have been in the social media game now 7 years. I started by managing the YouTube channel Householdhacker, you may have heard of them with over 4.6 million subscribers today. I went on to become THE VERY BEST SELLER on Fiverr. (A micro services site with over 3.3 million sellers)  

Within 6 months I became the TOP seller and was even coined the FIVERR KING with over 300 new orders every single day.

Here is a look at 20 days worth of orders. Over $14,000 dollars and I averaged roughly $20,000 per month for over 18 months until I decided to start my own agency. I bet your thinking (WHY WALK AWAY FROM 20k a  month?) 

When you are getting 200 orders a day & have already outsourced as much as possible & still can't finish all the orders something had to change.

I show this not to say look what I did, but to really let you understand when I say I have done it all, I really have. 
I actually do know the BEST methods to succeed on social media and have backed it up time and time again.

Check out the amount of interaction I received on this recent photo using our method of actual human engagers.

So back to Instagram and Gram Profit.   
Automation tools generally will help reduce the time needed everyday to carry out the tasks of what it takes to really become an authority on Instagram, BUT that is not what we do here. Social media is all about interactions, and human beings that will interact with potential followers 24/7, day in day out!

Whether it is posting your photos on our special Pinterest board with 40,000 followers, or TUMBLR with 20,000, and then our special Google Plus community with 4,000 hyper engaged members. 

Google Plus Instagram HUB  with 100,000 members, then share to numerous FLICKR accts this one gets 2,000 views per post, or from there we  tweet it out to over 10 Twitter accts that combined have 2 million followers. ALL interested in Instagram.

Finally we also share your posts in are numerous Facebook private groups. (Some with 100,000 members.)

Here are what clients say.


My acct JMHHACKER which is now 11 months old went from 9,000 followers to 10,300 in just 5 days. Not only that but prior I averaged roughly 220 likes per photo with 6 to 10 comments. 

During the 5 days on the free trial my likes per post Doubled to over 500 likes and comments tripled easily to 18 to 30. The surprise bonus was all of my photos were getting engagement even the very 1st post!

I really couldn't believe it. Literally I couldn't so I went as far as to look at who was following me, liking my posts even followed up with comments. All LEGIT and targeted.

Take a look at this very recent photo on an account that is only 3 months old!

Already 10,000 followers with photos receiving 400, 500 or even over 600 likes with as many as 40, 50 or over 60 comments each.

A post shared by Justin Matthew Media (@justinandcarina) on

So bottom line I went ahead and streamlined CHECKMATE & Gram Profit and after my first 30 days I had grown to 13,200 for a gain of 4,200 NEW followers. My average daily engagement also soared over 500% and I even hit 2 posts with over 1,200 likes and 45 comments. Keep in mind that was in just 30 days!

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I am able to see daily gains or losses and then make adjustments with my team and go after new targets! This ensures about 3k new followers per month. Look it is not easy but that is why it is a service in demand!

So as I mentioned before I have tried every tool that has ever come out for instagram perhaps many of you have. They never last long because automation is against Instagram TOS. So I finally figured out a full proof system it is called (MAN POWER) 

This is really the primary difference between Instagress, Social Envy, Instazood and many others. We have real people manually following and commenting. Unlike those other services, this keeps you compliant with Instagram’s Terms of Service. And Checkmate can add more complex services in the future – tasks that ONLY real people can do.

The Checkmate staff manually go through all of the targeting options that you define. Once they identify ideal targets, they start following, liking and (if you want) commenting on photos based on the filters you set.

Bottom line bot tools can be effective but sometimes like pictures that were inappropriate.

I could go on and on and I could show you over 100 examples but to keep it simple I have added 5 accts that I use my own system on.

1st and foremost my very own Company account

IBOOMMEDIA                   32,600 Followers
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Apr 10, 2017

Did Your Brand Go Viral? Small Brands That Made It Big

Did Your Brand Go Viral? Small Brands That Made It Big

Viral content is the proverbial “pot of gold,” coveted by everyone engaged in online marketing.
But what are the odds of the little guy doing it?

When global brands go viral, it's not a huge surprise.
They have agencies & marketing teams standing by to handle
every situation when a campaign goes viral.
Can a small brand still hit on marketing gold by mistake?

Here is a look at 5 brands that went viral and how they handled it afterward.

1. HouseHoldHacker

HouseholdHacker is a YouTube channel and website that posts videos of various "hacks", or quick solutions,
to common everyday problems. As of April 2017, the channel has 4.6 million subscribers and over 668 million views.
The group is primarily known for its 2007 hoax video which claimed one could charge an iPod battery using an onion and Gatorade. The video fooled normally reliable sources, and drew the attention of the MythBusters among others.

The video, which claimed to demonstrate how one could recharge an iPod using little more than Gatorade and a white onion, was an overnight success. The video drew the attention of The Unofficial Apple Weblog, which reported it as fact.

Within its first week, the video had been viewed over 4 million times.
The success took the channel by storm and landed the video with over 10 million views.

The Household Hacker setup for charging an iPod

By the following November, the video had been viewed more than 7 million times
 (currently over 10 million) and attracted the attention of ABC News, who asked
"Can an Onion Charge an iPod?" ABC put the video to the test, but failed to obtain the promised result. Reporter Emily Friedman remarked "this appears to be an iFraud.

The Appeal

The iPod onion video fooled a number of normally savvy folks, or at least had them
trying the technique out for themselves, which has led to several theories as to
why it was so appealing.  Anna Solana of La Vanguardiaspeculated that
it was the "science" itself that attracted the viewers, remarking that
something so magical "freaks" people out and makes them want to believe.

Ten years after The HOAX video HouseHoldHacker is stronger then ever
 with over 668 million views and multiple videos with over 20 million views.
Visits on Dr. Oz. Leno and Conan to name a few never hurt either.

2. Old Spice.

Back around 2010 Old Spice’s original “Questions” campaign racked up more than
25 million views overall. What were they doing?
This had never been done in the advertising space and it spurred tons of imitators.
The originality is resonant, and it fit perfectly with YouTube’s demographics.
The video itself had a little bit of everything,
and was hilarious to its target demographics (i.e., millennials), so it’s only natural
that they wanted to share it with their friends.

3. ALSA (The Ice Bucket Challenge)

One of the most successful viral campaigns of all time is the ALSA Ice Bucket Challenge.
When you have Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates with other celebrities
 dumping buckets of ice over their heads how don't you go viral?

The campaign had raised more than $220 million for ALS organizations worldwide.
Awareness of the disease rose and it reached the fifth most popular Google search for all of 2014.

One of the thousands of videos

Key Takeaway They Looked Outside Their Target Audience

By shooting outside of their target demographic and trying alternative marketing
 tactics (video) that might normally take a backseat to more traditional fundraising
 efforts(galas, email marketing, etc … ) A.L.S.A. was able to bring in millions in
 one-time donations,raise brand awareness, and gain an overall contribution baseline
 of 25 percent. I'd say that's enough incentive to shake things up in your next campaign.

4. Remember James Frey (A Million Little Pieces) On the Oprah Show?

Frey had an explosive product launch in 2005. His book, A Million Little Pieces
was catapulted to overnight success after being named on Oprah's television book club.

Two million copies were sold. It topped the New York Times Best Seller list for
15 straight weeks and  was published in 28 languages by 30 different publishers
all over the world.

Just months afterwards it was revealed that his memoir was more fiction than fact.
Frey was dropped from his publishing house and he was hit with lawsuits from many readers.

Takeaway It's Never Too Late to Refresh Your Brand

Frey still writes books, Even Oprah apologized for how she turned on him so suddenly.
While he enjoys renewed success, Frey maintains a life decidedly out of the spotlight.

The lesson here?  make sure your marketing isn't full of lies, and be
prepared to stand by your content.
It's also never too late to reinvent yourself and still have a successful career,
even after a bad viral moment.

5.Dollar Shave Club

Talk about EPIC! At 1st I didn't get it OK so a subscription shaving service?, "
But with a single video, DSC flawlessly spoke to shaver pain points, and
announced to the world that they were ready to shake up a previously forgettable industry

They shoot the video in a single day for less than $4,500. It crashed the company's
servers 90 minutes after it went live and catapulted the company to become the
second-largest men's razor seller in America.

Viral Best Practice: Don't Be Afraid to laugh at Yourself

With over 22 million times, a 1.1 million subscribers and growing.
They earned a $615 million valuation in 2015, and in 2016 they were acquired
by Unilever for $1 billion dollars cash.

It's nearly impossible to know what will go viral, and trying will
usually come across as forced and uncomfortable.

Research your target audience and figure out how to expand that audience,
and create campaigns that are thoughtful, actionable, and relevant.

Be prepared for the chaos that could follow. It's always smart to have
 a PR plan in place should the worst (or the best) happen.

If you do have a hit don't expect the next video to be just as successful just
Continue to create content that your audience wants to see and stay consistent.

Be Sure To Follow Me On Instagram, Twitter Or Facebook.
Visit IBOOM MEDIA for all your social media needs.

Apr 8, 2017

UK entrepreneurs top 100: The most influential business founders in the UK on social media

Add caption
Racing To Take Number 7 Spot Is American Justin Matthew (JMHHACKER)

From Richard Branson to Justin Matthew (JMHHACKER)

These are the most influential business founders in the UK on social media

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or have spent years building a business, 

you could do worse than to hear the stories of those who've been through it all before.

So we've put together a list of the UK's best and brightest at building businesses to

 get you inspired - from those who are near the beginning of the process, to some of

 the UK's most experienced entrepreneurs.Our entrepreneurs list is based on active

 users of Twitter and their Klout scores, which takes into account various metrics

 from Twitter, FacebookGoogle Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare and 


Apr 5, 2017

The Top 100 Marketers On Twitter

The 100 Most Retweeted Marketers in the World

Who are the most retweeted marketers in the entire world?

METHODOLOGY: In this new analysis, we queried Buzzsumo’s data tool for influential marketers. The list comes from a metasearch that returned 11,000 influencers, ranked by an algorithm that includes 16 different influence metrics including retweets, Twitter lists, Google PageRank, Moz’s website domain authority and page authority and more.

WHY ISN’T SO-AND-SO ON THIS LIST? First, they had to be a marketer. The question, “Who’s a marketer?” isn’t as easy to answer as you might think, because a lot of people market in the course of their work, and a lot of experts occasionally opine about marketing, without truly being an expert in marketing. And some authors who’ve spoken about marketing at times surprise us by saying they don’t consider themselves marketers or marketing experts.

WHO THE HECK IS X? This list of the most retweeted marketers in the world contains names you’re probably familiar with. But there are also a bunch you may not have heard of… which you should expect. If this were just another list of somebody’s favorite gurus, or another U.S.-centric author list, you’d see the same old people from five-year-old blog posts.

The fact that there are new up-and-comers here is good for the industry and an indicator of accuracy. We’re excited to discover these new (to us) voices and look forward to learning from them!
Here’s our list of the top 100 most retweeted marketers in the world, as of November 27th, 2016.
# 1
Maria Johnsen 
A hyperpolyglot #SocialMediaInfluencer Ranked #6 #DigitalMarketingInfluencer in the world | Author | Founder of @goldenwaymedia
# 2
Shane Barker 
Influencer Marketer| Consultant #ForHire ******Influencer & Brand Wrangler****** Download my FREE Influencer ebook
# 3
Seth Godin 
Author, blogger, a lifetime of projects. This is a retweet of my blog.
# 4
Marsha Collier 
Author 48 books: Social Media Commerce, eBay, Online Customer Service. Forbes Top 10, Futurist, Founder #CustServ chat, #techradio tech podcast. StarTrek nerd
# 5
Dio Favatas 
Digital and Social Media Marketing pro. Growth hacker, content marketer and curator, tech junky. Big data fanatic. I cook, I travel, I explore the world…
# 6
Donald Miller 
I help frustrated businesses clarify their marketing message through a 7-part framework. StoryBrand helps you get seen, heard and understood.
# 7
Cynthia Johnson 
Entrepreneur, Speaker and Columnist Focused on Personal Branding and Digital Marketing. I’ve got 5 minutes, let’s connect
# 8
Yasamin Beitollahi 
Marketing Strategist, @HuffingtonPost Contributor, Advisory Council @WomeninMarketin, Public Speaker, Inspired by great people
# 9
Phil Rickwood 
Social Media Enthusiast, Providing Tips and Tricks for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin & Google+. Marketing Strategist and Article Writer.
# 10
Tinu Cherian Abraham 
Dreamer, Social Ninja, Public Relations, Marketing, News Junkie, Political Opinionator, Compulsive Retweeter, Outspoken & Opinionated Aam Aadmi on social media
# 11
Avinash Kaushik 
Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day | Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google | Co-Founder, Market Motive
# 12
Jesse Harmon 
Current marketer | Former football player | I tweet about #marketing | #DiabloPride #GoDogs #GoPanthers #BoltUp #Undrafted #NFLAlumi ’04| tweets are my own
# 13
Miguel Angel Trabado 
Marketing Professor & Co-Director of the Master in Digital Marketing at ESERP Business School. Speaker at IESE. Head of Regional PPS Western Europe at Henkel
# 14
Amy Lupold Bair 
Mom, Social Media Marketer, Global Influence founder, Twitter Parties creator
# 15
Emily Thomas 
PR | Keynote Speaker | Travel Photographer |@SocialMediaWeek @HuffingtonPost & @LevoLeague Contributor| Marketing Strategist | Storyteller
# 16
Sam Hurley  
People Connector  Social Influencer Entrepreneur Believer in Kindness Ranked #1 Digital Marketer  Interviews featured on @Inc, @FastCompany & @sewatch
# 17
Alvin Lindsay 
Internet #Entrepreneur – Sharing Tips for #Onlinebusiness. The latest news, reviews on #SocialMediaMarketing and #digitalmarketing Loves god family & football.
# 18
Rand Fishkin 
Moz founder, author, blogger, husband to @everywhereist, tiny Techstars investor, & feminist. I tweet 30-40X/week about marketing, SEO, technology, & startups.
# 19
Jose Javier Garde 
“#DigitalMarketing #SocialMedia, #PersonalBranding #SEO, #SalesManagement , #Marketing, #B2B, #Strategy.
# 20
Ryan Hodgson 
Aussie in Seattle. Passionate about #contentmarketing #socialmedia #travel #instagram: VP of Integrated Marketing at @YeslerB2B
# 21
Isabelle Mathieu 
Social Media Strategist & Evangelist • Facebook Marketing Expert • Top 10 European Influencers ~ Salesforce • Top European Marketer ~ Hubspot
# 22
Narcis Radoi 
Top 0.1% #DigitalExpert specialising in #DigitalStrategy #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #SocialMedia and ethical #GrowthHacking. People call me ‘Nachos’
# 23
Sandi Krakowski 
I help small biz owners attract swarms of targeted clients, make more money & live a dream life! @Forbes Top Social Influencer @entrepreneur Top Marketer
# 24
Pramit J. Nathan 
Marketing Consultant, Author, Speaker and Trainer; Specialize in Branding and Perception Management. I also tweet at @IamPramit (
# 25
Mari Smith 
Social Media Thought Leader | Top Facebook Marketing Expert | Globe-trotting Speaker | Author | ‘Mari like Ferrari’ |
# 26
Jose Ramón Martínez 
“Se original, no importa si gustas más o menos, cuando te copien estarás muchos pasos por delante” Blogger, Marketing viral, Social media, SEO
# 27
Krishna Chaitanya 
Working as a #DigitalMarketing Analyst, #SEO #SEM #EmailMarketing #Growthhacker #Startup #Socialmedia #Influencer #ppc #Mobilemarketing, #SMM #Topinfluencer
# 28
Bo Woloshyn 
Partner in WOW New Media Inc… Love the challenge of designing and executing high-impact new media marketing communications!
# 29
Ann Handley 
Head of Content at MarketingProfs; author of the WSJ bestseller, Everybody Writes. I’m waging a war on mediocrity in content marketing.
# 30
Andres Silva A. 
Proud Father. Speaker. Author of Conextrategia. Marketing Professor. CEO & CMO at Founder
# 31
George Ludwig 
6Builder is a content marketing automation suite that drives new customer acquisition via #Twitter. I’m the founder. I’m also @GeorgeLudwigBiz and @georgeludwig
# 32
Ann Tran 
Branding & marketing l Forbes Top 10 l #LuxuryTravel writer-Public speaker l Strong #SocialMedia presence
Justin Matthew 
Founder @iboommedia & top 10 in #influencermarketing
# 34
Reg Saddler 
Just a guy who loves #SocialMedia, #Tech, #Science & #Travel. The force behind @Bookchat_ and @ZaibatsuPlanet #DigitalMarketing #Infosec
# 35
Amit Panchal 
Digital Marketing Consultant, Foodie, #GAIQ Certified, CoFounder @Blood_Monk, #Blogger, #NaMo Supporter, Royal Enfield Rider
# 36
Kandi O’Connor 
COO, Web-based Marketing Resource Management and Marketing Fulfillment Services.
# 37
Anabell Hilarski 
Emprendedora Blogger Impact Media Group Panama  Marketing Bitcoin #Marketing #Bitcoin #Panama
# 38
Ernesto G Bustamante 
Especialista #SocialMedia #DiseñoWeb #WordPress #SEO #Marketing. Director de Arte y #CommunityManager. Profesor en el Máster de #MarketingDigital de @aulaCM
# 39
Juan Carlos Mejía Ll 
Consultor, docente, conferencista, escritor y blogger. Social Media, Community Manager y Marketing Digital. Cuéntame tu necesidad:
# 40
Katie Jasiewicz 
I’m a home cook, blogger, recipe developer, photographer, crafter (I blog about that too, @SewWoodsy), yorkie owner, & Marketing professional.
# 41
Melonie Dodaro 
LinkedIn Expert | Keynote Speaker | Social Selling | Author of #1 Bestseller The LinkedIn Code | Digital Marketing @ Top Dog Social Media
# 42
Michael J. Schiemer 
Frugal Entrepreneur | Digital Marketing Manager @Seasons_Market + @EastSideEntRIMA | Social Media @GloriaGemma | Author & Publisher |
# 43
Luis M. Villanueva 
SEO – LINKBUILDING – CONTENT MARKETING. Formo parte de @seoplustv , @internet_30 y @iDay_Spain
# 44
Marji J. Sherman 
Christian. Writer. Social Media Pro. Wyoming born. []_[] @ShermanSocial #smm #contentmarketing
# 45
Gregory Ciotti 
Marketing @helpscout. Contributor to @Inc, @Entrepreneur, @FastCompany, and more.
# 46
AJ Ghergich 
SEO & Content Marketing Expert. I Tweet Industry News That Is Actually Worth Reading!
# 47
Dharmesh Shah 
Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot inbound marketing and sales SaaS and startup blogger at
# 48
Jeff Bullas 
#1 Content Marketing Influencer, Social Media Marketing Strategist & Speaker, Forbes Top 10 Social Media Influencer, #1 Global Business Blog.
# 49
Syed Balkhi 
Award Winning Entrepreneur. Marketer. CEO of Awesome Motive. The guy behind @wpbeginner @list25 @optinmonster @soliloquywp @enviragallery @easywpforms etc.
# 50
Frederic CAVAZZA 
Marketing technologist / Speaker
# 51
Eric Worre 
Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Expert, Speaker, Trainer, Best Selling Author. Spreading value and helping people achieve their dreams.
# 52
Andy Stalman 
Branding. BrandOffOn. HumanOffOn. Marketing. Professor. Speaker. Writer. Married, with children.
# 53
Musa Tariq 
Eternal optimist. Londoner. Marketing Director @Apple. Previously @Nike @Burberry. I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious. Opinions mine.
# 54
Brian Halligan 
CEO @HubSpot, Author of Inbound Marketing book, MIT Sr. Lecturer.
# 55
Randy Hilarski 
“Marketer to the #Crypto and #Bitcoin World. #Panama is home.
# 56
Jeet Banerjee 
23 years old. Serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker & digital marketing consultant. (Founder @GotStatFuse, Founder @GoVisionary & Founder @DailyMondo).
# 57
Pedro Clavería 
Fundador #Marketing #Publicidad #Ecommerce #Startups. Pasiones: #Viajar y #Deporte Hice volar al hombre más pequeño del mundo en 2013!
# 58
Professional marketing writer and social media influencer for hire.
# 59
Jay Baer 
Author + speaker + Prez of consultancy & media company @Convince
# 60
Juan Merodio 
Marketing e Innovación Digital en la Empresa: Blogger, Speaker & International Advisor – Quién soy:
# 61
Karen Quintos 
Focused on technology helping people grow & thrive. Passionate about modern marketing, sales enablement & giving back. Komen & Penn State Smeal board member.
# 62
Rebekah Radice 
#CMO | Evangelist @PostPlanner | Top 10 #SocialMedia, Top 40 #ContentMarketing Influencer | Keynote Speaker | Social Media and Digital Marketing Writer
# 63
Raffaele Romeo Arena 
Web and Social Media Marketing Strategist. Founder of Social Media Marketing Teacher. Blogger and great passion for Greece.
# 64
Claudio Inacio 
Portugués, Graduado en Turismo y #CommunityManager. Consultor de #MarketingDigital y #SocialMedia Exfutbolista, viajero por convicción y Marketing de Corazón
# 65
Danny Sullivan 
Founding Editor, @MarketingLand & @SEngineLand, covering Google, Facebook, Twitter, SEO, SEM & all things digital marketing, search marketing and search.
# 66
Chalene Johnson 
Marketing Impact Opens Soon! || NY Times Best Selling Author|| Podcasters || Speaker ||Celebrity Trainer || Biz Expert
# 67
David Meerman Scott 
Marketing & Sales Strategist, keynote speaker, and bestselling author of 10 books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR and Newsjacking.
# 68
Tom Goodwin 
Marketing provocateur/Pain in the neck with good intentions.Head of Innovation @Zenith. Ftrd in NYT,Times,Economist,WSJ & Columnist for Guardian,TechCrunch&more
# 69
Miguel Florido 
Consultor y Profesor de Marketing Digital y Social Media. Apasionado del SEO y del Blogging. CEO de y Barbateño.
# 70
Sara Stewart 
I’m Sara Stewart. I run a cracking social media & marketing company and my 1st book is out this Oct.
# 71
Chris LoPresti 
Founder @FindTouchPoints. Bestselling author @InsightsTheBook. @Yale ’12. Always up to talk #data #analytics #marketing.
# 72
Atlanta Blogger, Brand Influencer, Media, and Traveler. I love sharing with the world great companies! LM Marketing LLC
# 73
Sharon Hayes 
Entrepreneur, Motivator, Domains, Email Marketing, Business Strategist, @reply 4 follow music news tech fitness coffee green REI travel sushi books smiles
# 74
Kevin Thomas Tully 
Sales and Marketing Enablement | Revenue Accelerator | Data Analytics | Speaker | CEO/CSO/CMO | @CreationAgency #SocialSelling #ABM
# 75
Michael Brenner 
CEO of @MKTGInsiders, Content Marketing Consultant, Marketing Speaker, Writer, Author, The Content Formula. Life is short. Do stuff that matters and has impact.
# 76
Lina Wang 
Many career hats. MBA, Model, anchor, editor, dancer, painter. CEO of 8 Shots | Content Marketing Specialist | Digital Marketing Maven | Social Media Strategist
# 77
Randi Zuckerberg 
Speaker. Investor. Radio Host @SiriusXM. Best Selling Author @DotComplicated Dot @Missy4Prez. Exec producer Dot @SproutChannel. Former Marketing @Facebook. Mom
# 78
Jennifer Aaker 
General Atlantic Professor of Marketing, Stanford GSB. Author of The Dragonfly Effect.
# 79
Joe Pulizzi 
Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent) and Content Marketing World #cmworld. Author, #ContentInc. #orange
# 80
Zarko Petranovic 
Web Marketing | Blogging & Publishing
# 81
Matthieu ETIENNE 
Social media boy chez @PublicisConseil et mini blogueur. Publicité, marketing, social media… Ex BBDO, Havas, TBWA\. Suivez aussi @UnJobdanslaPub !
# 82
Patrick Strother 
Strother Communications Group ( Teach #PR and Campaign Planning at #UMN. #Education #Marketing #PR. Masters Swimming.
# 83
Kevan Lee 
Director of marketing at @buffer, the social media publishing tool for brands, agencies, and marketers. We’ve got a new podcast! (see profile link) ??
# 84
Ted Nguyen 
PR and marketing communications professional tweeting about intersection of news, food, fun, travel, adventure & other updates that hopefully move you.
# 85
Chirag Kulkarni 
Entrepreneur and Marketer. Co-founder of @tacoagency and @insightfullyco . Columnist for Fortune, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, & Huffington Post
# 86
Amy Porterfield 
I’ll show you exactly how to monetize your online marketing efforts and grow your social media fan base, grow your email list and boost your profits.
# 87
Chase Williams 
Digital Marketer | SEM/SEO Professional | Partner @marketmymarket
# 88
God First, CEO, Marketing and Promotions, Business Owner, #TeamFollowBack ,#TeamScorpio, #NF UNFOLLOW=UNFOLLOW #TEAMIPHONE #GNATION #TFB #F4F
# 89
Shailesh Tripathi 
Hi, I’m a Dad, Social Media Marketer, Computer Science Graduate, Blogger & a Cool Guy. I Follow Back too! #promotion #marketing #business #followback ??
# 90
Ciamhie Mc Digital 
Head of Digital at @Insight_PR | #SocialMedia | #DigitalMarketing | #OnlinePR | Communications Training | Keynote Speaker | Full time Digital Diva! Views my own
# 91
Pablo Sánchez-Luengo 
Máster en #MarketingDigital y #RedesSociales @eemebs / Máster en #Ecommerce @ecommaster / #SocialMedia & #CommunityManager en @achoquebueno
# 92
Ivan Gaixes 
Director de Marketing en @gowlook. Viviendo un sueño en un proyecto donde he podido combinar mis dos grandes pasiones: El marketing y la tecnología.
# 93
Nitesh Mishra 
Digital #Marketing Strategist @IndiaNIC & @configure_it A Mobile #App #Development Platform to build #apps with smart backend without coding. #appdev #tech #Biz
# 94
Stephie Rockwell 
#TheSocialButterfly – @RockwellGlobal #SocialMedia | #Branding | #Marketing #ExecutiveEditor of @embarkmag |#Entrepreneur #Foodie #Artist #CoffeeLover
# 95
Vladimer Botsvadze 
Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Most Influential Marketer in the UAE | Professor | Social Media Strategist | Fortune 500 Consultant | Mentor | Trainer | Speaker
# 96
Tim Burrowes 
Everything under Australia’s media & marketing umbrella. email
# 97
Chane Steiner 
CEO of Steiner Marketing LLC, entrepreneur, world traveler (31 countries), minimalist, libertarian, mma fan, real estate investor, beach volleyball & tennis.
# 98
Jake Sorofman 
CMO, Gartner analyst and digital marketer. Reader, writer, father, sailor, word nerd. All opinions expressed here are mine alone.
# 99
【ツ】Ron Callari 
Social Media Scientist who tempers magnetic marketing with a touch of digital Zen! – Nam Myoho Renge Tweet!
# 100
Mike Magolnick 
CEO of The Magolnick Media Company • VP Global Marketing • #StoryTeller • #SocialMedia influencer • #Author #Speaker #Entrepreneur • #DanceDad • #NavyDad