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Jan 28, 2017

CareRise INDEX



CareRise is a resource that offers on-site, unlimited support to the insured client and also provides independent risk audits and analysis utilizing the latest technology

It is with great pleasure that I write this note to you today. Since writing the first business plan for CareRise  in April of 2000, it has been a dream of mine to bring something special to the healthcare and insurance industries, a package that would solve a massive problem – that problem being the medical malpractice crisis that was affecting all types of healthcare Providers, nationwide.

Today, going on 15 years of operation, our focus continues to be on empowering our clients with the maximum in support – enabling them to achieve universal levels of success. By adhering to genuine, personalized service and world-class technology, we (and our clients) have been fortunate to make this happen.

The healthcare industry remains challenged in all facets of meeting their own business plan objectives, coupled with the continuous changes of healthcare regulatory compliance.

The insurance industry remains challenged in attempting to provide the finest in coverages for their clients, as well as take some effort in assisting them with overall safety solutions for their properties.

The bottom line is that we are all about helping people, our healthcare professional clients, and providing our aligned partners with the successful results they expect to receive from CareRise .

We remain honored and privileged to provide these solutions to both industries, and now, providing service offerings to other agencies through strategic alliances.

Our sincerest thanks go to our clients, aligned partners and the CareRise team for making this concept of mine a reality of today.




Jan 18, 2017

Influencer Marketing vs Facebook Ads

Nov 9, 2016

Influx Instagram Review

Don't Get Banned Buying Instagram Followers!
There are endless services out there offering free Instagram followers or likes even comments. It may be enticing for a new business that is having trouble gaining a following to try some of these services but in the end it will only lead to heartache. So with this Influx Instagram Review we will discuss why Influx Social is the REAL ANSWER for followers and leads to REAL RESULTS!
What these companies do is create 100,s of thousands of FAKE Instagram profiles with made up names and bios and when a customer buys followers they are delivered these bot accts. Sure your follower total will go up but not a single one of them will ever engage or buy anything making them useless. Instagram may also BAN your acct as this practice is against terms of service.

Putting Your Reputation on the Line 
There have been multiple reviews of Buy Instagram Followers websites recently and the results show it does not end well for those who purchase these services. It’s easy to fall prey to a site that’s guaranteeing you likes and followers if you enter your Instagram login credentials, but be warned – sites that ask for this sensitive information are sure to be using it in ways they aren’t telling you up front. Check out Influx Instagram Review to get the latest benefits and tricks to grow your acct by over 5,000 targeted followers per month.

A Deterrent For Real Followers
If you’re using Instagram for your business, your reputation is the most important thing going for you when trying to establish a name for yourself. Most Instagram users are savvy to the fact that you can buy fake followers and will be on the lookout for fake profiles littering your page. They will notice a post that has 54 likes and 0 comments yet the account has 13,000 followers. These stand out like a sore thumb and believe me people notice these things and make decisions based on them. A possible customer may say to themselves "if they are willing to buy fake followers for Instagram what else may be a facade behind the scenes?"

Losing Followers During a Purge
Instagram has run purges in the past with the intent to delete all of the fake profiles. This results in the expulsion of millions of fake followers. So those who built up fake followers wake up one morning and notice the 20,000 followers they had is now showing 300. Plummeting to their organic number, a tiny fraction of the inflated following they’d grown used to, and they lost the money they’d spent.

Permanently Banning your Account
The biggest risk factor of buying fakes is having your Instagram channel that you love and have worked so hard building for yourself or your business, PERMANENTLY banned! According to Instagram rules, if you buy fake followers to appear bigger than you really are, you are in violation of the terms and conditions set for by Instagram. Also, you are in jeopardy of walking the line of false advertisement which could have you face all sorts of other issues. More people are falling victim to scams and more users are wising up to the deceit. If your Instagram profile is riddled with zombie bot followers, you need to start building real followers before the next Instagram purge. The best way to do this is with Influx Social and be sure to read the Influx Instagram Review

May 22, 2016

INFLUX automates your Instagram marketing efforts with REAL results

Social media management is important for your brand

We’ve all know automation sites for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that can make managing social media 100 times more effective. But what about automation sites for the social media heavy hitter: Instagram? 
For brands, it’s just as important as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in communicating with consumers everywhere, so it came as no surprise when automation for Instagram gained popularity. One in particular is Influx Social, an automation site that allows users to automatically like photos, follow people based on hashtag or another accounts followers, and schedule posts.

Influx helps you gain followers without the bots

Influx is the best instagram automation site, by helping users attract attention to their page. many people buy followers, which ultimately does nothing for likes and comments, since those are typically robot accounts. Now, with Influx you can increase followers, likes and comments as well, making a page more visible than before.
In order to begin increasing visibility, users must first create an account and give Influx permission to access their Instagram. Once set up, customers have immediate access to some pretty awesome features.

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!

Automate your likes and comments based on #hashtags

First is the option to automate Likes, Comments, or Following, based on specific hashtags and other specified Instagram accounts. Automation can be further customized with all of the various control settings, ranging from activity speed (how fast your account works) to auto-stop, which allows users to set limits for when they want automation to stop.

Follow the people who follow the people you follow

But the best feature, especially for business owners, is their monumental Super-targeting option. With this new option, people can target a relevant audience by following, liking and commenting on the photo or video, of people who follow pages that are similar to yours. 
Let’s say someone wanted to start a real estate business, instead of finding random people online, Influx would allow them to select any real estate firm, executive, or agent, and target everyone that follows them, or that they follow. Instead of wasting time trying to find the right people, the people who care about real estate in the first place, Influx does the hard work for you and puts them at your fingertips.
Fantastic marketing tool.

 Less then .99 /day for marketing?

Once the selections have been customized, the only thing left is to press the start button, where it begins to run for the allotted amount of time, tracking the number of likes, comments, follows and unfollows Influx has done on your behalf. Users can stop automation at any point.

5 Day Free Trial

Excellent site for business owners, startups or anyone  who doesn't have the time to manually increase traffic, but value their brand. See what Influx can do for your social media branding, and check out their 5-day trial. I’ve been using it for 2 months now, and have gained 6,800 followers, and I’m not even selling anything! 

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!

Apr 6, 2016

Twitters New Message Button For DM's

In 2015 Twitter DM's rose 60% along with private tweets up over 200% in the second half of last year alone.

Increasing the character limit turned out to be a winner no doubt!

See Mail Icon Above

So  due to of all this Twitter brings us a New Message Button to Quote Tweets via DM! 
Now its very simple to share a tweet in a DM  you just click on the message icon at the bottom which will then take you to the DM tab. It makes the process of sharing tweets privately and easier to connect.



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Posted by Fanatics Media on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Users have been able to share tweets via DM since 2014 but the new process makes it easier to link people to more direct communications.

I used it just today by choosing a tweet I knew certain people would be interested in. This one HERE:  

 Including the originating tweet itself.

Twitter is no doubt looking to showcase its direct messages and strengthen up with new options to keep up with competitors

Twitter’s new Message button will be available today on Twitter for iOS and Android – you’ll need to update to the latest version to get access to the function.

 Oh by the way while your thinking about twitter.

WIN $1000 FB Ad Credit via Advocate program

Mar 26, 2016

Gain Thousands of Followers on Instagram FREE with Influx Social

Gaining followers is one of the main goals that we all want to achieve on Instagram. There are many options you can choose, whether it is to purchase fake followers from one of the million websites offering them or joining a follow for follow network. 
You can even purchase shoutouts from large accts and grind out new followers that way. 

So the real question will this system and tool make you money? You be the judge this is the past 30 days Aug. 16th to Sept. 14th 2016.  Over $24,000 in 26 days! Nearly $1,000 a day. Read below and literally do this for yourself.

Try free for 5 days and sign up: Influx

I have found the best tool to date that has not only skyrocketed my own followers but ALL of our clients at iBoom Media. The results have been so profound I am finally going to let my secret to slaying it on instagram out of the bag.  Influx Social.

I have been in the social media game now 5 years. In order to be successful and outperform my competition it forced me to be the best and exhaust every possible method. In fact before I founded my own social media marketing firm iBoom Media I was actually a seller on fiverr. Within 6 months I became the TOP seller and was even coined the FIVERR KING with over 300 new orders every single day.

Here is a look at 20 days worth of orders. Over $14,000 dollars and I averaged roughly $20,000 per month for over 18 months until I decided to start my own agency. 

I show this not to say look what I did but to really let you understand when I say I have done it all I really have. I actually do know the BEST methods to succeed on social media and have backed it up time and time again.

So back to instagram and Influx Social. Automation tools generally will help reduce the time needed everyday to carry out the tasks of what it takes to really become an authority on instagram. What it really does when you find the right tool is make you wish you had found it earlier! Social media is all about interactions, and Influx Social will interact with potential followers 24/7, day in day out! 

When 1st try a new tool the 1st thing I do is st up a dummy account and push it to the limit to see how far I can go. Usually this results in a banned account obviously but now I at least know my limits.
Th 1st thing I realized using Influx Social was that these guys thought exactly like I did! They already figured out the highest number of possible actions and then offered me a plan to take advantage with 3 different speeds FAST, INSANE and LUDACRIS. The speed in which influx works is a full 3 times faster then ANY other tool.

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!

After I tried the 5 day free trial I was hooked. 
My acct BornPositive which is now 11 months old went from 9,000 followers to 10,300 in just 5 days. Not only that but prior to using Influx I averaged roughly 280 likes per photo with 6 to 10 comments. During the 5 days on the free trial my likes per post Doubled to over 600 likes and averaged 25 comments. The surprise bonus was all of my photos were getting engagement even the very 1st post!

I really couldn't believe it. Literally I couldn't so I went as far as to look at who was following me, liking my posts even followed up with comments. All LEGIT and targeted.

So bottom line I went ahead and ordered Influx and after my first 30 days I had grown to 13,200 for a gain of 4,200 NEW followers. My average daily engagement has soared over 500% and I even hit 2 posts with over 1,200 likes and 45 comments.

I immediately negotiated a deal for an enterprise package for my clients at iBoom and that was 2 weeks ago. I had more client calls this week then the past 3 months combined. Everyone of them asked have you seen our instagram? 
Did you find a new instagram strategy? 
Can we add more instagram accounts to our package? 
I think I had maybe 10 calls a day the last 8 days in a row and it was the good kind!

I could go on and on and I could show you over 100 examples but to keep it simple I have added 6 accts that I run to Influx and I will share them here for you to check out if you want.

1st and foremost my very own Company account iBoom media's instagram is even on this system

iBoom Social Media    15,600 Followers
BornPositive                25,300 Followers
JustinMatthewiboom   14,000 Followers
Taketwo78                   25,200 Followers

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!

So those 6 accts have almost 150,000 followers between them and in just 2 weeks have gained  over 15,000 or  2,500 NEW Followers each! Engagement up well over 300% per photo with what I personally love comments and it has led to a ton of new business for my firm.

So why is Influx special? 1st off the designers and programmers had a marketing mind when creating it and that is RARE! They created Influx to Follow, Like, Comment and Unfollow based on your targeting and then ONLY engage with the accts that actually are active every day! So for example lets say you targeted people following Sports Illustrated. Well they have 824,000 followers. Most tools would just start following any of those 824,000. 

If you take a look at Sports Illustrated you will see they average around 7,000 likes per photo and a few dozen comments. Influx only targets THOSE users which guarantees when you get a new follower you can bet that it is the MOST active and engaged user from your target specializations. Let me tell you the difference this makes is immeasurable. Basically put it this way 100 New Followers from Influx is equal to 1,000 New Followers done any other way. 

In order to gain new followers in Instagram, you need to engage with someone then hopefully get their attention to check you out, and at the end follow you back. With Influx you are only engaging with he cream of the crop the people that Like, comment and make purchases all the time! 

Prior to Influx I was using a service called Instagress and ya sure it was fine no complaints but I simply did not know what I was missing or my clients for that matter. The speed of Influx alone beats out instagress 3 times over. Put it this way it is like the difference between an NFL team to a high school football team.

Go SIGN UP and use it for FREE for 5 days. You don't enter any payment info at all.

What I like about Influx is you don’t need to rent a VPS or have your home computer on for 24 hours a day, you can login from anywhere  via desktop browser or even mobile browser. Simply go to Influx Social and add your Instagram account.

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!

A feature I love is the Whitelist feature protecting special accts or family members from ever being unfollowed or engaged with. Just set it speed you want to follow or unfollow and then Influx will run on its own from there. I have not even touched the settings on a single account since I loaded them. 


Influx makes it easy to  grow and measure your influence,
understand and improve your presence on Instagram.

So all you have to do is focus on what really matters: creating awesome content!

Next simply add target accounts who are influential on the subjects you would also like to post about. Influx will automatically interact with their most engaged followers and attract them to your account. You have complete control over everything that happens. 


You get access to easy and detailed reports about your new followers, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Finding out which followers arrived through Influx is a feature I find useful.

Last enter some hashtags that Influx will monitor and once again only engage with the best users engaging with those hashtags!

As I always do I only share real results that I have had or clients of mine have actually experienced. I wish I could have read this article from someone else months ago but at least I found Influx when I did. You are reading it now. Take advantage of the 5 day free trial because I know it will be gone soon.

Right now Influx is offering ALL users a FREE 5 day trial no strings, no cc number simply go signup and you are off to the races. If you don't want to keep going it will simply stop after 5 days.

At the very least go get 5 free days and probably gain over 1,000 new followers and hundreds or thousands of likes. 

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!

Do me a favor find me online and tell me your results in a week! Email me at or tweet me @jmhhacker can't wait to hear them. Enjoy the ride!

Mar 24, 2016

Free Influencer Marketing Search Tool

Influencer marketing has rocketed to the top of every brands radar this past year. 

So where do you start in finding influencers for your product or brand? Finding the right person or team is the difference between selling out or closing up shop. 

One of the original online metrics for online reach Klout has a feature that was released in 2015 that shows top experts for almost any topic and does not even require an account.


Klout shows topics for every user and if that person has authority on that subject it will be noted with a yellow star. Topics without stars are just areas of interest for that user.

As seen below topics with yellow stars next to them means Klout has determined that person is in the top percent or even .01% of all users for that subject based on content, engagement and other factors.

So now anyone can find influencers and experts in specific topics.

Simply go to Klout and in the search area type in any topic of interest to see the top 10 experts for that category,

The results for topic Influencer Marketing


Combining influence and expertise together is the key to future brand success. 

One of the largest issues for companies using influencer marketing is they don't know who to identify as an influencer.  

With Klout experts you can  find expertise and identify the right influencers that you are looking for!

iBoom Media


Mar 6, 2016

Masters of Ingenuity

Successful entrepreneurs are masters of ingenuity.

Time and time again, successful companies and brands come up with creative ideas and solutions in order to keep the dream alive.

Using ingenuity results in being a innovator no matter what field your in or what your role is.

When it comes to business and especially marketing these are traits that make the difference between a good company and an exceptional one.

Try to inspire ingenuity not telling someone how to do something but show them what to do and encourage creative ideas

Nearly every idea requires a multitude of things to go right.

That is why ingenuity is probably the one single best

asset you can have.

If I had the choice between startup money or even a world-class education, I would still choose ingenuity over all else. 

Because without it, you cannot navigate in the ever-changing business climate and be responsive and with it, you can outsmart and out-innovate your competitors.

You can't put a value on imagination or creative skill.

Those are the attributes that help innovators find solutions 

where everyone else calls it quits. 

Like James Dyson who invented the industry-crushing Dyson vacuum cleaner. Few people realize he worked 5 years and developed 5,127 prototypes to get his concept to work. 
That is ingenuity, not just at the start but thought the process.

When a company faces a crisis it forces you to come up with brilliant ideas and move forward.

There is always hope when ingenuity is present.

I come across many business owners who have one

way of thinking or that their way is the only way.

That eliminates other possibilities that may be more

profitable or effective from being discovered.

It can create an environment of negativity or prevent creative thought. Having a surplus of money may actually cut you

off from other possibilities.

The key is to not only be ingenious when things are challenging

but to figure out how to also inspire ingenuity when things are great.

If you remember where you came from and stay grounded ingenuity will be alive and well!


Justin Matthew heads up iBoom Media providing leadership, perseverance, dedication, 
competence and entrepreneurial expertise.

Justin has the rare honor of being recognized by industry insiders as well as leading CEOs, brands, entrepreneurs and startups. Specifically:

Business manager, director & creator Of YouTube content for channel  
Householdhacker with nearly 4 million subscribers.  
#4 on the top 100 UK entrepreneurs (along with Richard Branson) Via City A.M.
#1 power user on the Digital Marketing Shows Power 100 
KRED Featured Influencer 
Recognized as one of the top 23 most influential leaders in business today 
Ranked 83 on Klout and #5 expert worldwide
Recognized by social media guru Jeff Bullas as one of the   
TOP social media Instagram accounts to follow 
Featured Social Media Influencer for CoPromote

Coming from the venture capital world as an enviable and successful rainmaker, Justin’s entrepreneurial restlessness led him to become a top seller on Fiverr and then managing one of the top YouTube companies in the world (21st most subscribed channel) with over 3.7 million subscribers today.

A pioneer in the Social Media industry, Justin has over thousands individuals and corporations. Owner of JM Consulting Inc with 5-10 employees. Blessed with a talent for overseeing things, Justin played a critical role in Managing a YouTube channel for 2 years and closed huge contracts, not to mention he wrote and made videos and even promoted them.

In Justin’s own words, “Taking my experience from corporate sales, the discipline necessary for playing—and winning—the competitive sport of tennis, to helping manage a leading YouTube channel and all their social media puts me in a very unique position for our business model and our clients.

Mar 3, 2016

The Top 100 in Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not for everyone. It takes creativity, patience, research and most of all results! From the beginning social and influencer marketing have been used to raise awareness for your brand or topic and has been measured using reach, engagement along with impressions.
A customer while searching for a certain product or topic will eventually come across influencer content. An influencer is someone who has a certain expertise in a given topic with a highly engaged and sometimes very large audience.
Many brands now work with these influencers to help influence the reputation, awareness and ultimately sales for the company.
Marketers for the longest time usually bombarded consumers with paid ads, promotions and more to try to get conversions. With the explosion of the internet and social media consumers can now rely on online reviews, testimonials and word-of-mouth from others before making a decision.
Today brands really need to know who their target audience actually is then find influencers within that topic. For example say there is a YouTube channel with 4 million subscribers and the topic is D.I.Y. or Do it yourself videos. It would then make sense for a brand like Home Depot to partner with that influencer and come up with creative ways to promote a certain product or the company itself through the channels content.
Over the last few years influencer marketing has exploded and along with that so have new ways of measuring who the influencers are within any given topic. The influencers are based on content, engagement, credibility and expertise.
Recently Forbes made news with the following release 

Forbes Pushes Into Influencer Marketing

You can view that article in its entirety here: FORBES 

Many tools are now available to connect brands with these influencers and one of the best is Little Bird.

Here is a background on how Little Bird arrived on the scene.

In 2011, founders hatched a plan to help businesses unlock the valuable information in complex social data and create a new company from the ground up that helped businesses identify social media influencers.

In 2012,  Little Bird took flight with seed funding from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and other tech industry leaders. 

In 2016 Little Bird partnered with businesses everywhere that want to discover social media influencers and leverage social data for more efficient and effective marketing. 

Thanks to Forbes contributor and CEO of Fanatics Media, Mark Fidelman I found my way to Little Bird to test it out myself.

One of the features is being able to Map a New Network from a Topic using the following metrics: From a topic, a particular hash tag even twitter usernames or lists.

Little Bird then maps out the top results based on all that data, content and engagement with up to 2,000 influencers.

Here are the top 100 results for the Topic Influnencer Marketing using Little Birds technology.

Based on mu daily activities you get to recognize or even more so become friends with many that are experts in your topic of focus. That being said I can say the top results are definitely people I highly respect and deserve the given results.

From Neal Schaffer, Jeff Bullas and Ann Tran it is definitely exciting to be listed #7 along with my firm iBoom Media at #43!

So take a look at the top 100 people in Influencer Marketing and be sure to follow them on social media or add them to your twitter lists as the information they provide will help you stay updated on the latest and most important news in social media today!

Be sure to check out Facebook Group Fanatics Media and Google+ Community Influencer Marketing to stay up to date on the latest news and even contribute yourself!


Mar 2, 2016

How To Become An Influencer



Influencer marketing is quickly becoming the most effective strategies to reach demanding consumers as grabbing their attention becomes tougher as more and more brands compete on social media.

Word-of-mouth is and always has been one of the best advertising methods as people rely on feedback or recommendations from someone they trust.

The injection of influencers on marketing campaigns gains more traction every day. As more data comes in influencer marketing is the ideal way for sharing your brand and gaining market share.

Check out these tips below on how you can become an influencer yourself.

Tips on how to become a social media influencer

Engage, interact and build relationships

Build a personal brand that is authentic and human. Don't be someone your not and you will find people respond to that!

Rise Above The Noise

Standing out means not trying to be everything to everyone.
Identify with something specific and go ALL IN on that topic with your content.
You will become a respected source and gain respect through your knowledge!

Create quality content, consistently

To become an authority on a subject takes not just quality work but a lot of it!
From blog posts to social media posts, podcasts or video
Use the platforms that most resonate with you and hit it hard!

Stay up to date

Posting unrelated info will not only cost you credibility but followers. 
Pay attention to industry news, read other people’s posts and actually reply yourself not just automated responses. Get to know who the major players are in your area and then you can initiate contact.

Create content for your followers not for you.
Try to be helpful by sharing and engaging most of the time.
Publish original content and finally mention what your company does.
Be sure to get in on what is trending
Be apart of the conversation when something is going viral. You have to be there to be able to influence it!
Become an expert in a certain topic

Be relevant, impactful and thoughtful.
Rather then becoming a jack of all trades become the go to expert in 1 or 2.
Focus on quality not quantity

A true influencer doesn’t worry about numbers but the value and the quality they provide to their followers.

Network at every opportunity

Always grow your scope and reach.
If you help someone just once they will remember that and recommend you to their friends.
Just provide value to them.
A good piece of advice, a useful recommendation or answer to a direct question.

Provide value for FREE
Don’t just pump out content, provide value and share a diversity of content. Share others content as  that sparks a conversation and keeps your audience interested.

Grow Organically

Don't buy followers and try to artificially boost your Klout score. It will always come back to haunt you especially with all the audit tools out there. Slowly grow your social media community over time and build up your content hub.

Join The Largest Online Community On Influencer Marketing
This is a community for the topic taking over everything! Influencer marketing. 
I have explained it below and we will all share content that can help each of us. 
Lets be a community of SUPER INFLUENCERS!

Social media has changed the balance of power between customers and brands because it allows customer reviews to factor into buying decisions. Due to that influencer marketing has become the topic of the past year. Especially with the onslaught of these influencers in almost every sector.

Influencer marketing is form of marketing that targets certain individuals with influence over potential buyers (their own followers) In the past, brands may have focused on popular bloggers and celebrities but today there is a new wave of “everyday” consumers that can have just as large an impact.

Currently, when a brand identifies influencers, they often look at number of followers that identity has on social platforms. Influence isn’t just having a lot of followers. It’s also driven by expertise, credibility on subject matter and the engagement between the influencer and his or her followers.

Michelle Phan who started a series of YouTube videos featuring simple make-up demonstrations has amassed over 6 million followers. Now L’Oreal actually co-branded a cosmetic line with her.

Leveraging your brand’s influencers begins with building relationships with your customer. Customers always post about brands on social media &brands should show some love! By directly interacting with customers, & even providing promotional discounts. As a result of this customer experience you will encourage more positive organic and authentic sharing about your brand.

Finally, in addition to improving your customer experience, a brand should also be aware of influencers who are actual industry experts with large followings. Agencies like Traackr, Mobile Media Lab and Laundry Service provide services to help brands connect influencers at scale.

Influencer Marketing finds people who can have a HUGE impact on your brand. A good strategy to help guide your influencer strategy, can bring coverage from top influencers which ultimately has been an important metric to help form successful digital campaigns.

3 algorithms are most important : reach, relevance, and resonance. That combination really hones in on true influence.

Stay on top of the conversations and trends influencing your industry, but become active participants engaged in shaping the space.

Industry influencers you didn’t know and using the right tools and data, you are able to create an engagement strategy that connects with them successfully.

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is–it is what consumers tell each other it is.” Influencers hold the power and it’ll be the brands job to cater to them.