Nov 7, 2019

FREE SEO Tools To Improve Your Online Marketing & Ranking

 FREE SEO Tools To Improve Your Online Marketing & Ranking

Search engine optimization or (SEO)  is paramount to getting traffic to your web page and getting a better ranking in organic search results whether for local seo or national.
Here is a look at a few top FREE SEO tools that will give your website the edge.

Google Webmaster Tools

I personally don't think there is anyone else better to improve your SEO than google. It has easy access to key metrics  it even has live support for newbies.The arsenal of tools includes 'Fetch as Goole', which allows you to view URL's in the same way as Google does. 

This is a very simple way to detect and troubleshoot poor Search Engine Optimization. You can then modify your page accordingly and even review code to make sure your site has not been hacked.

Google PageSpeed Insights (Free)

Page loading speed has become one of the most important features of any website.
Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that checks the speed of your site and gives suggestions to improve it. Load times are critical for the front end user experience, and the back end analytics that Google uses to rank your webpage.
Simply enter your site or blog’s URL, click the “analyze” button, and it will automatically check the speed and overall user experience of your site and provide a score.
Here’s how the scores rank:
A score of 90+ means that your site is FASTER than most other sites.
A score between 50-90 is considered AVERAGE.
A score below 50 means that your site is SLOW.
To increase your chances of ranking higher in the search results aim for a score of 90 plus. The tool checks the speed of your website on desktop and mobile. You will find out fast if your website is fast, average or slow and it also provides solutions to improve your page’s performance metrics.

Google’s search algorithm places a lot of priority on how mobile-friendly a site is.
The Mobile-Friendly Test tool is designed to help determine if your site is correctly optimized for smartphones and tablets.
You just type in your site’s URL and a few seconds later  you will see whether your website is mobile-friendly.
The tool also offers suggestions on how you can improve any issues with your website
The Page Loading Info feature lets you know if Google can properly access all the resources on a particular page and what to do if it can’t. 

If you have been in the online space the last decade you have certainly heard of Yoast SEO. The plugin has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines. This WordPress SEO plugin helps you with your search engine optimisation. 
What is special about this plugin’s users range from a mom and pop store to some of the most popular sites on the planet.
Yoast SEO does everything you could ask for as a dedicated team of developers, testers, architects and SEO experts work daily to improve the plugin with every release. 
  • Title and meta description templating for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results.
  • Helps search engines make sense of your site 
  • The most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality at the push of a button.
  • Full control over your site’s breadcrumbs.
  • Automatically set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content.


Content is king and that’s why Yoast SEO's readability analysis and its SEO analysis are incredible.
  • The SEO analysis: helps you to write SEO-friendly texts with the right (focus) keyword research
  • The readability analysis will make sure that you are writing easy, engaging content for both visitors and search engines.
  • The snippet preview shows you how your post or page will look in the search results.
  • An FAQ and HowTo block so search engines know when you are serving an FAQ page or HowTo guides.
  • [Premium] Previews to show how your content will be shown on Twitter and Facebook.
  • [Premium] The Insights tool that shows you what your text focuses on. 
  • [Premium] The ability to optimize for synonyms and related keyphrases.
  • [Premium]  It helps you improve your text in a more natural way.
  • [Premium] Automatic internal linking suggestions: write your article and automatically get suggested posts to link to!

Whether you are a business owner or blogger, a content creator, a developer or an SEO expert: Yoast SEO helps you keep your website in perfect shape. 
  • Constantly tuning your website so you can focus on creating content.
  • Gives you top notch content and internal linking features to help you rank for the right keywords with the right pages..
  • Has a bulk editor, so you can make large-scale edits to the titles and meta descriptions of your website.
  • Translates your content to structured data, where possible, to help search engines understand your website.
  • It gives you the option to have synonyms and related keyphrases.
  • redirect manager that f.i. helps you prevent 404 Page Not Found errors.
  • Internal linking suggestions while you write.
  • Point search engines to your main pages.

referring domains

Comprehensive link analysis

The free version of Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker shows the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL, along with the total number of backlinks and referring domains (links from unique sites), Domain Rating (DR), and URL Rating (UR) where applicable.

Pro tip: Paste in a competitors website to find instant link opportunities.

See all websites linking to your target with domain-wide metrics

Check the Referring domains report to see every linking domain, along with useful SEO metrics.

500 million keyword suggestions, all the most accurate volume ranges in the industry. You also get Moz's famous Keyword Difficulty Score along with CTR data. Moz's free community account gives you access to 10 queries a month, with each query literally giving you up to 1000 keyword suggestions along with SERP analysis.
Explore by site to uncover competitive opportunities and find seed keywords. Explore by keyword for related suggestions, SERP analysis, and performance metrics.Create Keyword Lists to manage your topics and prioritize keywords by metrics and SERP features.
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