Apr 1, 2018

Start Remarketing on Twitter

Start Remarketing on Twitter

Sometimes I forget to tell people YOU CAN UPLOAD YOUR DATA LIST INTO TWITTER!

Someone who has already shown interest in your brand or previously purchased is
obviously more likely to engage with your marketing messages.

Did you know how you can you find, and reach this audience on Twitter?

SIMPLE...Tailored Audiences are a great way to create relevant re-marketing campaigns.
With Tailored Audiences, a mobile app can re-market to users who have not engaged
with their app recently. Perhaps they simply forgot and this is a reminder.  A software
company can reach people that attended a recent webinar and get them to purchase the
product. And a fitness brand @escapefitness targets people that recently visited their website.

Three ways to use Tailored Audiences:


Use lists to target specific users, whether you want to reach your existing customers by
uploading a list of their email addresses or use Twitter usernames (@handles) to target
specific influencers in your space.


Not to give away all my secrets here but let's just say it has been giving me and edge
over the competition.

Website Traffic

Target people that have visited your website. Just like with Facebook the same rule applies
here You can collect this data using Twitter’s website tag (available through Twitter Ads),
or you can use Twitter’s Official Partner Program.

Similar to the Facebook tracking pixel.

Mobile apps

Reach groups of people who have installed or signed up for your app.
Collect data on who uses your mobile app with conversion tracking.

How do Tailored Audiences work?

Log into Twitter Ads, click on the Tools drop down in the top navigation,
select Audience manager and then click on Create new list audience.

Be sure to give it a descriptive name and select the type of data file you are uploading
(such as email addresses, Twitter usernames or mobile advertising IDs).

When you have uploaded your list of contacts, you can choose to either include or
exclude them from your campaign targeting, depending on your strategy.

Connect with A Relevant Audience

Advertising on twitter enables you to get your business in front of the right audience.

Whether you want to reach a niche group or connect with people around the world,
you will have plenty of targeting options to help you hit your business goals.

Targeting best practices

Cover the basics. Start with location language and optional device targeting options before
selecting additional targeting criteria.

Select one audience targeting type for each campaign. Choose from follower, keyword,
behavior, interest or Tailored Audiences targeting to get great data for your campaign.

My favorite..experiment over and over.  Test different targeting approaches to understand
which audience is the best fit and which messages get results with different groups.
You may be surprised by what’s most effective for you.


An audience is a personalized group of users that you want to analyse and/or target
in a Twitter Ads or DM campaign.

All of your audiences are visible on the homepage in the Twitter audiences section.

Click the default [+] panel to open the Audience Manager to create a new audience.
Alternatively, access the Audience Manager from the target drop-down menu
on the top menu bar.

Create a new audience, or add users to an existing audience, using the add to audience
tool on drop-up menus of the community bottom bar.

If you are viewing those users who belong to an audience you have added as a source on the community wall then you have the option to remove users from that specific audience.

Each existing audience is represented by a panel on the homepage. Audience panels
function just like other account and source panels. Click the top half to go to the
dashboard or click the bottom half to go to the community wall and browse the users.

Audience panels have a connect with Twitter Ads button. If the audience has less than
1000 users the button is disabled, but if the audience is large enough to connect
click the button and, once synchronized with Twitter Ads, you’ll see the available

in Twitter Ads message.

Audience panels also have more options. Click on the three vertical dots to open the menu.

The three options are:

Audience modifications –

Create a new audience using the original data – Click the copy button to open the
Audience Manager where you can modify the original criteria to create a new audience.

Download – Click this to prepare and then download a Twitter Ads friendly file which
you can then upload to Twitter Ads. See connect an audience with Twitter Ads for details.

Connect an audience with Twitter Ads. Many ways to do this.

You can connect an audience with Twitter Ads directly from the Audience Manager
during the creation of the audience. Select the account using the drop-down menu.
Be sure the account you select is active and has valid funds available.

You can connect an audience with Twitter Ads directly from the add to audience
tool available on the all criteria and selected drop-up menus on the community bottom bar.
Select the account using the drop-down menu. Ensure the account you select is active
and has valid funds available.

If you don’t connect as above, once the audience has been created, you have two
options to connect the audience with Twitter Ads from the homepage:

1.  Connect directly with Twitter Ads

Click the connect with Twitter Ads button on the audience panel and select an active
Twitter Ads account with sufficient funds to use in the campaign.

2. Download a file and then send to Twitter Ads

Click the three dot menu button in the top left of the panel and then the download
button to prepare a Twitter Ads friendly file.

You will see the panel below. Click the download file button to download the .CSV file to your computer.

You can then upload your data file to your Twitter Ads account to create a Tailored Audience.
Select the data file, check the box that the file is already normalized and hashed,
agree to the terms of use and then click the create list audience button.

You can limit your campaign to those audiences you have selected and also target
additional users. If you want to expand reach by targeting similar users check that box.
You can exclude any audiences and only target similar users in the limit targeting
by excluding audiences section in Twitter Ads.

Or expand or reach as seen below.

The process of connecting to Twitter Ads may take some time depending on the size
of your file.

New users you add to an existing audience, which is already synced with 
Twitter Ads, are also automatically synced with Twitter Ads.

Tailored Audiences File Data

TON Upload
Web Audiences
Tailored Audiences File Data
This document outlines the file format for Tailored Audience files.

File format
Each file may only contain a single data type, such as device ids, emails, etc.
More on file format includes:

1 hashed value per line
line separated, terminated with either LF (\n) or CRLF (\r\n)
txt or csv file extension
Data normalization
Device IDs:

IDFA - lower-cased with dashes; ex: 4b61639e-47cc-4056-a16a-c8217e029462
AdID - original format on device is required, not capitalized with dashes;
ex: 2f5f5391-3e45-4d02-b645-4575a08f86e

Android id - original format on device is required, not capitalized without dashes or spaces; ex: af3802a465767e36
Email Addresses:

lowercase, remove leading and trailing spaces; ex: support@twitter.com
Phone Numbers:

Include country (no preceding zeroes e.g. for US use 1 instead of 001) and area code
No characters like +, - ( or )
Examples: 14083008000, 454083008000
Twitter Usernames:

no @, lowercased and leading and trailing spaces trimmed; ex: jack
Twitter User IDs:

Standard integer; ex: 143567
Data hashing
The data for each line must be hashed using SHA256, without a salt.

Code samples for hashing can be found at github.com/twitterdev/ads-platform-tools.

#SimplyPerfect: how Patrón Tequila drove interest in its Bot-Tender chatbot
Key results 2.6% clickthrough rate using the Direct Message Card
2X more recipes served compared to brand’s goal
39% clickthrough to website for full recipe details

The opportunity

Need a mixologist? Say no more.

Patrón Tequila (‎@Patron), a leading spirits brand, was looking for new ways to reach
the elusive legal drinking age (LDA) millennial audience and showcase its versatility
in cocktail trends and recipes around the world. People on Twitter in particular have a
discovery mindset and are accustomed to engaging with brands. With this in mind,
Patrón created the “Bot-Tender” — a chatbot spin-off of the “bartender” that exists
in Patrón’s Direct Messages with all of the cocktail prowess of a real mixologist.

Based on the occasion (pool party or cookout), flavors, or ingredients selected, the
chatbot served up summer cocktail recommendations tailored to the consumer’s preferences.
By providing consumers with opportunities for personalized, one-on-one conversations
with the brand, the Bot-Tender offered deeper engagement than traditional tactics.
From there, Patrón wanted to bring awareness of its chatbot to a wider audience.

The strategy
Patrón used the Direct Message Card to drive awareness of its chatbot among its
hard-to-reach LDA millennial audience. The Direct Message Card is an ad format
with customizable calls to action that can lead consumers into a personalized,
one-on-one brand experience with chatbots. Using inviting and visually
eye-catching creatives, Patrón grabbed people’s attention and made it easy
for consumers to curate the perfect summer cocktail. With instant access to
new and existing recipes directly on Twitter, Patrón differentiated its brand
through its fun and novel Bot-Tender.

Patrón Tequila Twitter verified user @Patron

Small-batch tequila, #SimplyPerfect tweets. Imported from Mexico by
The Patrón Spirits Company. Las Vegas, NV. Must be legal drinking age to follow.

Alcohol  Case Study  Creative Canvas  Expanding Reach United States

The success

Your preferences, coming right up: Promoting the Bot-Tender chatbot using the
Direct Message Card was a resounding success that drove awareness and deepened
engagement with consumers. Out of everyone who interacted with the Bot-Tender
across several different chatbot platforms, 67% of total conversations happened on Twitter.
The best-performing Direct Message Card ad garnered an impressive 2.6% clickthrough rate.
The number of recipes served by the chatbot exceeded Patrón’s goal by over 2X.

In addition, Patrón saw that 39% of recipes served in Direct Messages led to website
views where consumers could go even deeper into Patrón’s content, showing that the
chatbot served up increased interest in the brand’s content overall. The launch of the
Bot-Tender chatbot and Direct Message Card led to an 11,000% increase in
Direct Messages on Twitter since summer 2016.

We launched the Bot-Tender to provide fans with a unique way to have more one-on-one conversations with our brand. The Direct Message Card successfully drove awareness
of the Bot-Tender. We exceeded our goal for the number of recipes served by more than 2x and increased Direct Messages by 40X per week, on average.

Take a look below for exactly how this unfolded for this client.

Provide curated access to existing and new recipes.

As conversations with Patrón live in Direct Messages, consumers could easily keep track of their favorite recipes and find new ones simply by re-engaging with the chatbot from their Direct Message inbox.


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