Apr 9, 2018

Instagram Hashtag Guide For 2018

Instagram Hashtag Guide For 2018

It is real simple an Instagram post with just a single hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than a post without one.

The real purpose of a hashtag is that they can help your post reach a target audience
in your niche which then increases engagement which leads to more relevant followers

The problem is if used too frequently or without a strategy they become inefficient.
For example  #goodday #sohappy #funny #tree #instalove #foodie etc

You want your business’s Instagram posts to receive optimal engagement, so here is a small guide for 2018 that will attract the right followers.

Why Are Hashtags So Important For My Business?

More or less with around 95 million photos posted
on Instagram every day, hashtags have become a way to sort through them all.
If you want the right people to find your posts then hashtags are essential.

Hashtags are like a funnel. If you just use the hashtag #advertising that is much to broad
& attracts all types of posts. I have found #digitalmarketing or #socialmediamarketing
gives a more specific, targeted reach.

The audience searching for these hashtags are actually looking for those posts so
you will reach more of the right people.

Hashtags are virtually the only way to categorize your posts. They help you reach a target
audience equally important they help your target audience find you.

These are the people that engage with your post because it is what they were looking for.

Top Instagram Hashtags


If you add the most popular Instagram hashtags to your post it doesn’t mean you'll see more
interaction. You need to remember they are being used by millions of people so there will be
WAY to many for the yours to be found. This is where you will want to narrow your hashtag topic.

How to Use Hashtags for Your Business

1. Keep Your Hashtags Organized

Use an Instagram analytics tool.

A tool like Keyhole, AgoraPulse, Brandwatch, Collecto, Hootsuite , Iconosquare, Instagram Insights, Minter.io, Rival IQ, Socialbakers, Sprout Social or Unmetric.

2. How Many Hashtags Should I Post?

91% of brands -- use seven or fewer hashtags per post, so it seems reasonable to think that
maybe the right number to use on your posts.

No one really knows how many hashtags work best for you until you test it.
Do a little trial and error until you see which work best through the analytics tool you use.

3. Narrow Your Hashtags

More specific, smaller-volume hashtags are better for your brand:
first, you can compete in a smaller pool. Checkmate Social Media usually does not use
the #advertising hashtag because if you search #marketing, you’ll find pictures
of virtually everything from animals to restaurants or even inspirational quotes.

The randomness of #advertising hashtag means it is pretty much useless and as a
user, I’m more likely to find what I need if I search for something specific, perhaps #facebookadvertising
would bring in a much better result and the user will likely be happy with what they found.

A good way to think of this is with the hashtag #casino but it has a wide demographic. What if
you searched for #roulette instead. That way the user finds a post more likley to engage with
because it’s exactly what they wanted.

4. Research What Your Competitors Are Using

Make a list of your competitors and research what they’re hashtagging on their posts.
Or influencers in your industry are hashtagging as typically they have a large following
and know what they are doing.

5. Test Out Related Hashtags

When you type a hashtag into Instagram’s search bar,
Instagram shows you related hashtags in the scroll-down menu.
Instagram also delivers related hashtags on the next page after you click on a hashtag.
This is a simple way to create a longer list of hashtags to try out.

6. Follow Your Own Hashtag

Another way to use Instagram hashtags for your marketing purposes is to follow your
own hashtag.

I  follow the hashtag #jmhhacker & #checkmatesocialmedia so I can find anyone who talks
about me or my brand and connect with them.

Following your own hashtag is an effective way to engage with other people
talking about your brand and develop better relationships with them.

How to Use Instagram Search Within the App

Also how to use the search function to find related ideas.

Simply follow the process below

Tap and enter a general search term
Scroll through related terms
Choose hashtag that has decent search size and relates to your post
Look at related hashtags that Instagram gives you on the hashtag’s page
Click on a top trending photo for that hashtag
Look at a related hashtag on that post for more ideas

For more info Check out Checkmate Social Media.


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