Apr 5, 2018

Infographic On How To use LinkedIn For Marketing.

Check out this infographic on LinkedIn on how to use LinkedIn for marketing.

Here is an update with fantastic new tips and ideas that highlight how the marketers at LinkedIn use their own platform for marketing their company. I have had great success with this and wanted to share.

You will learn how to use marketing features like Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and Dynamic Ads.

They also supply many answers people ask me all the time.

Which types of InMails drive more opens and responses?
What makes an attention-grabbing headline for my Sponsored Content posts?
How can I make my Dynamic Ads stand out?
How long is too long for caption copy accompanying my LinkedIn ad?
What is the impact of including statistics in my posts?

Justin Matthew Is Owner at Checkmate Social Media and has been mentioned in Forbes, Huff post,, multiple podcasts and is a pioneer in the social media industry.

Contact Justin if you have a social media monthly budget of $3,000 &  Up Per Month

If you want to be LinkedIn Elite then check out the the infographic below & be sure to Pin, Tweet, Post Or Reblog it!


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