Apr 8, 2017

UK entrepreneurs top 100: The most influential business founders in the UK on social media

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Racing To Take Number 7 Spot Is American Justin Matthew (JMHHACKER)

From Richard Branson to Justin Matthew (JMHHACKER)

These are the most influential business founders in the UK on social media

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or have spent years building a business, 

you could do worse than to hear the stories of those who've been through it all before.

So we've put together a list of the UK's best and brightest at building businesses to

 get you inspired - from those who are near the beginning of the process, to some of

 the UK's most experienced entrepreneurs.Our entrepreneurs list is based on active

 users of Twitter and their Klout scores, which takes into account various metrics

 from Twitter, FacebookGoogle Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare and 



Justin Matthew founded international social media marketing firm Checkmate Social Media agency in 2016. We handle corporate clients in every industry and small business owners.
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