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Nov 9, 2016

Influx Instagram Review

Don't Get Banned Buying Instagram Followers!
There are endless services out there offering free Instagram followers or likes even comments. It may be enticing for a new business that is having trouble gaining a following to try some of these services but in the end it will only lead to heartache. So with this Influx Instagram Review we will discuss why Influx Social is the REAL ANSWER for followers and leads to REAL RESULTS!
What these companies do is create 100,s of thousands of FAKE Instagram profiles with made up names and bios and when a customer buys followers they are delivered these bot accts. Sure your follower total will go up but not a single one of them will ever engage or buy anything making them useless. Instagram may also BAN your acct as this practice is against terms of service.

Putting Your Reputation on the Line 
There have been multiple reviews of Buy Instagram Followers websites recently and the results show it does not end well for those who purchase these services. It’s easy to fall prey to a site that’s guaranteeing you likes and followers if you enter your Instagram login credentials, but be warned – sites that ask for this sensitive information are sure to be using it in ways they aren’t telling you up front. Check out Influx Instagram Review to get the latest benefits and tricks to grow your acct by over 5,000 targeted followers per month.

A Deterrent For Real Followers
If you’re using Instagram for your business, your reputation is the most important thing going for you when trying to establish a name for yourself. Most Instagram users are savvy to the fact that you can buy fake followers and will be on the lookout for fake profiles littering your page. They will notice a post that has 54 likes and 0 comments yet the account has 13,000 followers. These stand out like a sore thumb and believe me people notice these things and make decisions based on them. A possible customer may say to themselves "if they are willing to buy fake followers for Instagram what else may be a facade behind the scenes?"

Losing Followers During a Purge
Instagram has run purges in the past with the intent to delete all of the fake profiles. This results in the expulsion of millions of fake followers. So those who built up fake followers wake up one morning and notice the 20,000 followers they had is now showing 300. Plummeting to their organic number, a tiny fraction of the inflated following they’d grown used to, and they lost the money they’d spent.

Permanently Banning your Account
The biggest risk factor of buying fakes is having your Instagram channel that you love and have worked so hard building for yourself or your business, PERMANENTLY banned! According to Instagram rules, if you buy fake followers to appear bigger than you really are, you are in violation of the terms and conditions set for by Instagram. Also, you are in jeopardy of walking the line of false advertisement which could have you face all sorts of other issues. More people are falling victim to scams and more users are wising up to the deceit. If your Instagram profile is riddled with zombie bot followers, you need to start building real followers before the next Instagram purge. The best way to do this is with Influx Social and be sure to read the Influx Instagram Review