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May 22, 2016

INFLUX automates your Instagram marketing efforts with REAL results

Social media management is important for your brand

We’ve all know automation sites for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that can make managing social media 100 times more effective. But what about automation sites for the social media heavy hitter: Instagram? 
For brands, it’s just as important as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in communicating with consumers everywhere, so it came as no surprise when automation for Instagram gained popularity. One in particular is Influx Social, an automation site that allows users to automatically like photos, follow people based on hashtag or another accounts followers, and schedule posts.

Influx helps you gain followers without the bots

Influx is the best instagram automation site, by helping users attract attention to their page. many people buy followers, which ultimately does nothing for likes and comments, since those are typically robot accounts. Now, with Influx you can increase followers, likes and comments as well, making a page more visible than before.
In order to begin increasing visibility, users must first create an account and give Influx permission to access their Instagram. Once set up, customers have immediate access to some pretty awesome features.

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Automate your likes and comments based on #hashtags

First is the option to automate Likes, Comments, or Following, based on specific hashtags and other specified Instagram accounts. Automation can be further customized with all of the various control settings, ranging from activity speed (how fast your account works) to auto-stop, which allows users to set limits for when they want automation to stop.

Follow the people who follow the people you follow

But the best feature, especially for business owners, is their monumental Super-targeting option. With this new option, people can target a relevant audience by following, liking and commenting on the photo or video, of people who follow pages that are similar to yours. 
Let’s say someone wanted to start a real estate business, instead of finding random people online, Influx would allow them to select any real estate firm, executive, or agent, and target everyone that follows them, or that they follow. Instead of wasting time trying to find the right people, the people who care about real estate in the first place, Influx does the hard work for you and puts them at your fingertips.
Fantastic marketing tool.

 Less then .99 /day for marketing?

Once the selections have been customized, the only thing left is to press the start button, where it begins to run for the allotted amount of time, tracking the number of likes, comments, follows and unfollows Influx has done on your behalf. Users can stop automation at any point.

5 Day Free Trial

Excellent site for business owners, startups or anyone  who doesn't have the time to manually increase traffic, but value their brand. See what Influx can do for your social media branding, and check out their 5-day trial. I’ve been using it for 2 months now, and have gained 6,800 followers, and I’m not even selling anything! 

SIGN UP HERE for a FREE 5 day Free trial run of Influx Social!