Mar 3, 2016

The Top 100 in Influencer Marketing

Social Media Marketing is not for everyone. It takes creativity, patience, research and most of all results! From the beginning social and influencer marketing have been used to raise awareness for your brand or topic and has been measured using reach, engagement along with impressions.
A customer while searching for a certain product or topic will eventually come across influencer content. An influencer is someone who has a certain expertise in a given topic with a highly engaged and sometimes very large audience.
Many brands now work with these influencers to help influence the reputation, awareness and ultimately sales for the company.
Marketers for the longest time usually bombarded consumers with paid ads, promotions and more to try to get conversions. With the explosion of the internet and social media consumers can now rely on online reviews, testimonials and word-of-mouth from others before making a decision.
Today brands really need to know who their target audience actually is then find influencers within that topic. For example say there is a YouTube channel with 4 million subscribers and the topic is D.I.Y. or Do it yourself videos. It would then make sense for a brand like Home Depot to partner with that influencer and come up with creative ways to promote a certain product or the company itself through the channels content.
Over the last few years influencer marketing has exploded and along with that so have new ways of measuring who the influencers are within any given topic. The influencers are based on content, engagement, credibility and expertise.
Recently Forbes made news with the following release 

Forbes Pushes Into Influencer Marketing

You can view that article in its entirety here: FORBES 

Many tools are now available to connect brands with these influencers and one of the best is Little Bird.

Here is a background on how Little Bird arrived on the scene.

In 2011, founders hatched a plan to help businesses unlock the valuable information in complex social data and create a new company from the ground up that helped businesses identify social media influencers.

In 2012,  Little Bird took flight with seed funding from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and other tech industry leaders. 

In 2016 Little Bird partnered with businesses everywhere that want to discover social media influencers and leverage social data for more efficient and effective marketing. 

Thanks to Forbes contributor and CEO of Fanatics Media, Mark Fidelman I found my way to Little Bird to test it out myself.

One of the features is being able to Map a New Network from a Topic using the following metrics: From a topic, a particular hash tag even twitter usernames or lists.

Little Bird then maps out the top results based on all that data, content and engagement with up to 2,000 influencers.

Here are the top 100 results for the Topic Influnencer Marketing using Little Birds technology.

Based on mu daily activities you get to recognize or even more so become friends with many that are experts in your topic of focus. That being said I can say the top results are definitely people I highly respect and deserve the given results.

From Neal Schaffer, Jeff Bullas and Ann Tran it is definitely exciting to be listed #7 along with my firm iBoom Media at #43!

So take a look at the top 100 people in Influencer Marketing and be sure to follow them on social media or add them to your twitter lists as the information they provide will help you stay updated on the latest and most important news in social media today!

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