Mar 6, 2016

Masters of Ingenuity

Successful entrepreneurs are masters of ingenuity.

Time and time again, successful companies and brands come up with creative ideas and solutions in order to keep the dream alive.

Using ingenuity results in being a innovator no matter what field your in or what your role is.

When it comes to business and especially marketing these are traits that make the difference between a good company and an exceptional one.

Try to inspire ingenuity not telling someone how to do something but show them what to do and encourage creative ideas

Nearly every idea requires a multitude of things to go right.

That is why ingenuity is probably the one single best

asset you can have.

If I had the choice between startup money or even a world-class education, I would still choose ingenuity over all else. 

Because without it, you cannot navigate in the ever-changing business climate and be responsive and with it, you can outsmart and out-innovate your competitors.

You can't put a value on imagination or creative skill.

Those are the attributes that help innovators find solutions 

where everyone else calls it quits. 

Like James Dyson who invented the industry-crushing Dyson vacuum cleaner. Few people realize he worked 5 years and developed 5,127 prototypes to get his concept to work. 
That is ingenuity, not just at the start but thought the process.

When a company faces a crisis it forces you to come up with brilliant ideas and move forward.

There is always hope when ingenuity is present.

I come across many business owners who have one

way of thinking or that their way is the only way.

That eliminates other possibilities that may be more

profitable or effective from being discovered.

It can create an environment of negativity or prevent creative thought. Having a surplus of money may actually cut you

off from other possibilities.

The key is to not only be ingenious when things are challenging

but to figure out how to also inspire ingenuity when things are great.

If you remember where you came from and stay grounded ingenuity will be alive and well!


Justin Matthew heads up iBoom Media providing leadership, perseverance, dedication, 
competence and entrepreneurial expertise.

Justin has the rare honor of being recognized by industry insiders as well as leading CEOs, brands, entrepreneurs and startups. Specifically:

Business manager, director & creator Of YouTube content for channel  
Householdhacker with nearly 4 million subscribers.  
#4 on the top 100 UK entrepreneurs (along with Richard Branson) Via City A.M.
#1 power user on the Digital Marketing Shows Power 100 
KRED Featured Influencer 
Recognized as one of the top 23 most influential leaders in business today 
Ranked 83 on Klout and #5 expert worldwide
Recognized by social media guru Jeff Bullas as one of the   
TOP social media Instagram accounts to follow 
Featured Social Media Influencer for CoPromote

Coming from the venture capital world as an enviable and successful rainmaker, Justin’s entrepreneurial restlessness led him to become a top seller on Fiverr and then managing one of the top YouTube companies in the world (21st most subscribed channel) with over 3.7 million subscribers today.

A pioneer in the Social Media industry, Justin has over thousands individuals and corporations. Owner of JM Consulting Inc with 5-10 employees. Blessed with a talent for overseeing things, Justin played a critical role in Managing a YouTube channel for 2 years and closed huge contracts, not to mention he wrote and made videos and even promoted them.

In Justin’s own words, “Taking my experience from corporate sales, the discipline necessary for playing—and winning—the competitive sport of tennis, to helping manage a leading YouTube channel and all their social media puts me in a very unique position for our business model and our clients.