Jan 10, 2016

Explode Your Twitter With Massive Engagement & Followers

If you love incredibly targeted traffic, gaining tons of new followers and record engagement on your Twitter account then simply read below and be sure to view the examples to back it all up!

Twitter Audit: Find Out If Your Followers Are Real

Are your followers on Twitter a bunch of bots? 

What is the point of having a ton of followers if they never engage or ever see your posts?

Twitter Audit will scan your followers & find out what percentage of them are real people. 

You may have an old Twitter account with many followers that no longer use twitter. 

Also this comes in handy to show a prospective client if you are trying to earn their business or validate your relationship with current clients.

Here how to tell if twitter followers are real!
Simply authorize Twitter Audit to get access to your Twitter account. 

Then it will choose 5,000 random followers and scan them. 

As an example I have used my personal account @jmhhacker and my firm @iboommedia
Also two celebrities Kim Kardashian & Justin Beiber

After it’s finished you will see the percentage of your followers that are real.

It will also tell you how real it thinks you are. 
This is a great tool for people who use their Twitter account to promote something.

If it thinks you are a bot, you can then go over your current method.

As you can see below my personal account which is 4 years old is looking great at 98% real followers

iBoom Media's account is also at 98% real followers 

When you run Twitter Audit on Kim Kardashian's profile you find only 48% of her followers are actually real people. 

Surprised? Don't be as this is quite common for many larger accounts.

Justin Bieber's account came in even lower at only 42% real.

Try Twitter Audit for yourself! Twitter Audit

The next tool PeakFeed keeps me on top of all my social media accounts and even networks by emailing me once a week important stats on followers, engagement rate and even new posts made.

Also before the primary use of peakfeed they also offer a report on how many of your Twitter followers are active accounts. Active is defined as made a tweet within the last 30 days.

So based on the results of this report from Peakfeed you can then make the necessary changes to either eliminate them or plan to prevent this the best you can in the future. 

I just ran my personal account to see how it fared and the results were great to see!

83.6% of my followers were active in the last 30 days in fact 51.7% were active in the last 24 hours which is even better.

Peakfeed can analyze up to 21,200 of your followers so that will be enough to give you an idea of all your followers if your account is larger.

This data tells me that I have an incredibly engaged and real audience and that my current methods used to build and target are working perfectly. 

Get this information for yourself HERE

Get all your brand's key social stats in one weekly email.



Start by adding your brand's profiles from Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. 


Then  add up to two competitors. That way you can make sure you are keeping up or give yourself a way to measure your own growth. All you need is the URL to their profiles.


Every week they will email you a simple, concise report that shows your key performance metrics right next to your competitors for all your accounts. 


What sets Peakfeed apart is that they let their users name a price that matches how useful the tool is to you! 
So if it is $3/mo or $30/mo that is your choice! Crazy right? I thought so to until I did it myself. 
Get your Twitter Data below.

Recently I was interviewed on the Create Your Own Life Podcast and I share all the methods I used to go from creating my 1st social media accounts to founding a social media firm with 20 staff and 100 clients! I think you you want to listen to this one!

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