Jun 29, 2014

How You Can Get 10 Million Views On YouTube Using Pinterest

 How You Can Get 10 Million Views On YouTube Using Pinterest

Ever wonder how some Youtubers always go viral....and I am talking EVERY SINGLE TIME!!?

Well as I was business manager of one of the largest channels in the world for nearly 3 years I can offer you some tips.

If you think you are simply going to upload a video of you and your buddy shooting each other with a potato gun and it is the next big thing on the internet you might as well pack it up.

 View Video    2.5 million Views

What I am about to share with you is simply 2% of the overall work involved to help get the edge over everyone else and possibly hit the front page of Youtube or get on the front page of Reddit.

You see while I was business manager I was also the social media manger and writer. So it was my job to come up with the perfect title, keywords and make CERTAIN that once that video was uploaded it was everywhere on the net.

WHY? The more places you post it the more chance you have for it to be found then shared so on and so forth.

Not to long ago we did a 6 piece set on one of our smaller channels HOUSEHOLDGAMER which at the time only had 25,000 subs. Keep in mind HOUSEHOLDHACKER has 2.5 million subs.

So we didn't have the automatic firepower to go viral.

This is one example of what you can do to help get that extra push!

 View Video
 1.3 million Views

So if you don't have Pinterest by now number 1...WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!! Pinterest has brought us at least a few million views lifetime maybe 20 million. 

I remember 1 particular video was repinned 4,000 times and had 1,300 likes it roughly equated to 800,000 views. SO GET PINTEREST!

This is a small example of what I am talking about

Follow IBoom Media's board Social Media Tips on Pinterest.

We did a 6 video SkyRim set that ended up getting 10 million views on a channel that had 30,000 subs at the time. A big part of that was using Pinterest (and many other networks) to help launch those videos right off the bat.

Be sure once you upload you Pin, Post to Reddit, Embed in a blog, Tweet, Post to Google+, share to your Facebook page, post to LinkedIn, Scoop-it heck even Stumbleupon DON'T HOLD BACK!

Take a look below for yourself and never underestimate a single network. With all the competition these days you need to use every network you can! GL

I would like to thank IBoom Media for all the back office support and SEO/Social Media teamwork on all our projects. If you are ever in need IBOOM is the company to see.!

I wish you luck in finding social media success like I have!

Justin Matthew
Partner IBoom Media

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