Proposing To My Girlfriend ROUND 2

A kind-of expert answers your pressing questions!
But in the years since I made a fatal error I waited to long to get married I had so many questions about the whole process — and couldn’t find many places to go for good answers. The good news I have another Chance and am doing it right!

Where do you even propose? 

Should it be in public or private?

NO DOUBT You’re going to be a little nervous. And as soon as you pull the ring out, your significant other is going to react, too. (Hopefully well!) So find a place where you feel comfortable. If that’s a restaurant, great! If it’s a public space, and your sweetheart’s family and friends are there, great! If that’s at home on the couch, great!

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Wait, can I really propose at home on the couch?

The bigger thing is that you should know what your fiance wants in a proposal. This is an amazing moment that you get to create just for the two of you. Figure out what your partner wants and try to deliver something worthy of your relationship. It can be as big as you want — but it can also be low-key and still super memorable.

What kind of proposal my Girl wants?
Use a friend’s proposal to figure out what your partner wants (and doesn’t want). The next time a friend gets engaged, ask them how they did it. And when you go home, ask your future fiancĂ© about that proposal. Did they like it? Was there anything your partner would have done differently? 

 I’m still not sure what to do.

What’s the first thing your lover is going to want to do after you get engaged? If your partner would be comfortable and happy with either a public or private proposal, then pick the place that’ll give you both the chance to do whatever you really want to do in the first hour after you get engaged.

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Anything else that should sway my decision?
If you propose at home or at a 5 star hotel you can have Engagement Sex RIGHT AWAY.
 You’ve just done one of the most romantic things you’ll ever do. Your partner can’t believe how good the ring looks. And…well, you get the idea.

Propose AT Night
I personally love the evening proposal and while I am at it perhaps on a cruise to Cuba It’s an amazing feeling.The nighttime engagement is super classy! Again: Up to you. 

That’s all I get? No??

Don’t propose at a game. You’re better than that.

How much should I spend on an ring?

Forget anything the jewelry companies try to tell you about spending a few month’s salary. They’re the diamond sellers! Of course they want you to spend a lot! Luckily a client of mine INDY FACETS HOOKED ME UP! So Call Shaun!
OK, a longer story now: Here’s how it happened for me:
My finance had a particular diamond in mind. The diamond was from a very famous store that is very famous for selling diamonds. I won’t mention their name,  they sell their signature cut diamond on a platinum band. It’s a beautiful ring. It is what she wanted a custom double band about 2.5 carats.
This ring costs about $45,000.

I was not going to spend $45,000 on a ring. So this is where negiating came into play. First off I was able to get an 8k trade in from my 1st proposal and 2nd was able to provide social media services that knocked off another 20k over 6 months.
So 45k down to 17k Now we are talking!
Bottom line: do your research, talk with your partner, and pay what you’re comfortable paying.

Once we’re engaged, who should I tell?
 You get to choose how you tell your family and friends, and that’s REALLY fun. Sure, you can throw a quick photo on Instagram or send a mass text, but there’s something special about making a ton of phone calls to the people you care about it. Every person you talk to is going to be excited for you — and flattered that you took the time to call. 

Do You Want To BLAST it On Social Media?

I am not saying pull a Tom Cruise Oprah Winfrey couch fiasco but it is Up to you! If you’re the kind of person who knows exactly how many likes your most-liked Instagram has and you’re looking to shatter that record, go for it. 

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My family is weird — everyone’s family is at least a little bit wacky, honestly — and wedding planning brings out the crazy in everyone. 

This is Scary. Should I really get engaged? 

Am I ready for this? Is this even worth it?

Do you LOVE HER? Are you happiest when this person is around? Do you miss them when they’re not? Are you ready commit to them for the rest of your life? And most importantly: Have you taken a really big trip to somewhere unfamiliar with them?
If you said “yes” to all of that, then forget about everything else and just GO FOR IT. You both deserve it.

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