Sep 20, 2013

How To Get Viral Traffic Using Gplus

How to get Viral Traffic Using GPLUS

By Justin Matthew
UPDATE in the last 15 hrs since this was written the post below almost doubled in traffic.

One of my favorite methods or strategies whatever you want to call it has been posting a great photo on google+ then adding in the caption and url of my choice. 
I have been doing this ever since I joined and I have mentioned it 100 times. That being said WHY?
Upload an image and place the link in the description.
Now if the post is big it may get 1800 plus 1's 400 shares 300 comments etc. I get posts with over 200,000 views. I have others with 300,000 even 400,000. 
So what is the point of all that if it is not doing anything for you or your website?
Well I manage many clients and found creative ways to make it count. The CTR varies 10 percent to 20 percent always in that range which is just fine by me. 10% of 250,000 is 25,000 hits to the site. Out of 25,000 think maybe there may be a buyer in there? Or 2 or 40? 

It rocketed my KLOUT score 4 points 

So this post for example done today so far let's say 16,500 views it is a photo of the product I am trying to get interest to. I didn't use a photo of a beautiful river and slide in a link that made no sense.

 This post HERE is a world record for public shares.

 View Ripples HERE

Well we know minimum CTR is 10% ideally 20% so lets say 15% that is 2500 hits to the desired site in the caption. Now does that mean 2500 people bought? NO!! Does it mean maybe 10 people did? Sure!! Does it mean 10 more may come back later YES!

Now I can do this all day this is just 1 post for 1 client on 1 day.

Over 205,000 views. I could have easily threw that image up on a blog post or pin and put a url in there but I really didn't care. 
The fact is I got 205,000 views on 1 post. I would be amazed but that happens a few times a week. More importantly I do this for clients on a post that is relevant.

It is all right here! Google+

Is this a magic answer to everything NO but I will say this having an extra 2000 to 15000 hits a day come in to a desired website certainly doesn't hurt. Now could I have popped in any url in the post above? 

So using this method I was able to get the world record in reshares.

Look for yourself HERE
Yes I could have. Let's say I put up a travel company client. Well the sites gets 30,000 hits from the post. Do you think out of 30,000 we have some sales?

I would say yes we do. The point is once you have earned power you must respect power. I hope this helps some of you once again nothing new to me or anyone that knows me been doing this since I joined gplus. 

As I said updated stats on post from 16,000 to 25,000 views.

Fun times in social media! 

Justin Matthew

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