Dec 22, 2012

Teach You To Make 20,000 A Month On Fiverr

        Teach You To Make 20,000 A Month On Fiverr
I MAKE 240,000 a year on fiverr with proof
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Aren't you sick of busting butt online to make 3 bucks?
Do you want to know how to JUMPSTART AND WAKE UP!!!

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Don't you want the freedom to trave

I will show you how I make 19,400 a month working for myself 30-45 hrs a week. Thats a QTR MILLION  WHO ELSE MAKES THAT 

Just go to the beach...

I bring you the Fiverr Massacre
not via ebook but one on one phone call.

I have had 100 such calls thus far and each and everyone has been extremely happy I should charge 10 fold actually.

                                          LET ME TEACH YOU OR ENJOY 9 to 5
Thaw out!!
Money does help I have to say!

The first ever phone course teaching you how to make money with Fiverr Oh I have seen it all and it is garbage! They even say we will show you how to make 800 a month!! Well I will show you how to make 20 THOUSAND how bout that

Selling on Fiverr is something that can really difficult without a mentor. I have spent 8 months  offering quality products and services and it paid off didn't get lucky once all 20 gigs the max you can make all sell total 300 a week 1200 a month... Obviously I know something....

 Right now is the BEST time to be on Fiverr. I am making $20000+ each month using  methods I will TEACH you personally on the phone not in some book you talk to me!
I am giving you the ENTIRE formula. I want you to do well.

                                LET ME TEACH YOU OR ENJOY 9 to 5             

It beats any guide as you cant ask a guide questions can you...
I will offer tips 99 percent of sellers never thought about.

I'm not going to offer you a long and boring sales thread, I don't need one.

Teach you how to set sites like this up

If you don't know what Fiverr is, then look me up

I am putting myself out there

You will have my personal blueprint that I use to make 800 dollars a day on fiverr

Just 6 Month 80 percent made the last 2 months 60k so end up around 18k first year 250k 2nd year THAT'S YOUR PROOF
Here are a few hundred client testimonials

I will basically take you through the process of making money online step by step.
Grow into a lion not a cub

Complete access to myself for 1 full hour I do 4-8 calls a week and many are selling 3-400 a day now. I will coach you through each and every step of the way.

Once again clients speak for me over 8,000 orders
Justin Matthew

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